Christilynn Guerin & Tyler Neely

Christilynn Guerin & Tyler Neely



Christilynn Guerin --> Christilynn has been singing since she was five years of age. It's been fiffteen years of growing up in the presence of a stage which has lead her to creating her second CD. Now, the eclectic performer is ready for whatever the world of music has to offer her.
Christilynn has performed at many events and places with many great reviews.Christilynn first started her vocal career by performing in pagents.
Pagents shaped Christilynn's love for the stage and built her confidence.
She has sang at many charity events such as Dreams Take Flight, The KC Lynn Foundation,
Toys For Tots (Goldwing) and The Special Olympics. She has performed at many of the Special
Olympic charity events including the closing ceremonies of the 2005 Special Olympic Games.
Christilynn has sang at events for the past mayor and performed at the ribbon cutting and bbq. She
was honoured to sing Happy Birthday for Niagara Falls's 100th birthday down at the falls.
Christilynn has also opened for The Friendship Festival singing both American and Canadian National
Anythems and her own song Niagara for four years straight. She has also performed at many more events.

Tyler Neely --> Tyler started writing poetry only a few years ago at the age of 13. A year later after recognizing that his mother kept guitars around the house he decided to try to learn. Tyler has now written over 400 songs at the subtle age of 16. Tyler didn’t start performing until his last year in elementary school at a talent show. Stage fright used to be a big issue for him but he has now grown away from that fear. Tyler has performed at several events and locations including a local Memorial Day Assembly, Mulligan’s Bar & Grill, Spring Picnic and Relay for Life. Tyler’s passion for music and interest in understand himself and his world through this art form will always be important in his life, along with the people that inspire it.


Christilynn Guerin:

CD 1 - Niagara
4)Over The Rainbow - cover song

CD 2- Christilynn
1)So Tell Me
2)The Moon Hold's Itself In Place
3)Goodbye Today
5)Over The Rainbow- cover song
6)Concrete Angel- cover song
7)Last Kiss- cover song


Tyler Neely:

CD 1 - Tyler
1)Strawberry Heart
2)Flawless Imperfection
3)You Are The Way You Are
4)Red-Feathered Bird
5)Hold On Tightly
6)Funny Money
7)You Are The Way You Are