Don't Call Me Tina
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Don't Call Me Tina

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Rock Blues




"Don't Call Me Tina"

*article in issue release only* - Unclear Magazine

"Hey! I Need A Friend by DON’T CALL ME TINA: Review"

Sweep yourself away on a rollercoaster of emotions with “Hey! I Need A Friend” by the sensational rocker, “Don’t Call Me Tina”! This electrifying track bursts out of the gates with rhythm guitar riffs that beckon you closer, and before you know it, you’re caught in the whirlwind of driving guitars and drums pattering down.

“Hey! I Need A Friend,” with its cute giraffe cover photo, surprises with a soul-baring confession of navigating the treacherous waters of friendships gone awry. Front and center of this moody mist is the incredible talent of Christina Brennan, the powerhouse behind “Don’t Call Me Tina.” With a voice that can only be described as a force of nature, Brennan’s vocals plunge to soul-stirring depths and soar, maintaining the cherry richness with mesmerizing ease. Her raw and sassy delivery brings a fiery edge to the song, perfectly capturing the essence of the story she’s weaving.

Drawing inspiration from legendary icons like Grace Potter, Sheryl Crow, and the indomitable Dave Grohl, “Don’t Call Me Tina” crafts a sound that’s uniquely her own—a perfect fusion of rock’s grit and soul’s fervor. In the studio, the magic happens with the help of producer Tyler Ripley at Little Brother Studios in Philadelphia.

This ain’t your run-of-the-mill artist; “Don’t Call Me Tina” has been making waves with her electrifying performance at prestigious venues like World Cafe Live, Milkboy, and Berklee College of Music’s Cafe 939. Her music has even graced the airwaves of WXPN.

“Hey! I Need A Friend” by “Don’t Call Me Tina” is a high-octane journey into the heart and soul of an artist on the rise. Follow her on Spotify to keep getting surprises. - Naomi Joan

"I’m Not Human by Don’t Call Me Tina"

When Blues marries Rock, outstanding vocal abilities meet raw emotions, and sincere writing joins intense musicality, all of which results in Don’t Call Me Tina’s “I’m Not Human.”

Don’t Call Me Tina is the musical project of the genuine singer-songwriter and guitarist Christina Brennan. In her latest release, “I’m Not Human,” she unleashes her musical power and utilizes her moving sensitivities to make one sympathize with a person who’s not-so-victim, but rather a person whose love is risky and driven by dangerous desires.

“I’m Not Human” is filled with complex emotions of affection and guilt, conveyed by poignant storytelling, sensational vocals, and passionate instrumentals. All of the elements work together to make you pity someone responsible for making their partner leave everything behind just to be with them. Showing sympathy here is not because of the story itself; it’s because of how it’s told, and that demonstrates Brennan’s musical prowess and authentic artistry.

Right from the start, the combination of the heartwarming instrumentation and the soul-stirring, soulful vocals instantly captures attention and melts one’s heart. As the song progresses, we witness a blend of Blues, Rock, and Folky Country that offers warm, dynamic vibes. The driven guitar makes an excellent duo with marvelous vocals; both of them sing along, creating a fiery ambiance.

The musical composition portrays the lyrical topic intensely and makes one seamlessly engage. However, the component that shows the emotional depths of the song and makes one addicted to it is the masterful vocal performance. Christina Brennan has such a powerful voice with the ability to sound vulnerable, melancholic, and affectionate. Her voice lures one in for endless repeats.

You may not have experienced guilty love before, but Don’t Call Me Tina will make you feel as you did and leave you touched. - Viola Karmy

"Hey! I Need A Friend is Don’t Call Me Tina’s Single Out Now"

Good Day Noir Family,
Don’t Call Me Tina, the enigmatic artist who unapologetically winks at the 90s, has just unleashed a scorching new single titled “Hey! I Need A Friend.”

Hey! I Need A Friend is Don’t Call Me Tina’s Single Out Now
With a distinctive sound that pays homage to the sacred fire of rock, this track draws listeners in with its unique blend of grunge and classic rock elements, particularly the unmistakable nuance of the 70s era.
Undoubtedly, it’s this peculiarity that allows “Hey! I Need A Friend” to rise above the crowd and captivate the ears of rock enthusiasts.
From the first chord, you can feel the energy crackling in the air, like a fuse igniting. Don’t Call Me Tina’s vocal prowess is in full force, delivering a powerful and emotive performance that is nothing short of infectious.
The fiery passion in her voice instantly grabs your attention and sets the stage for what’s to come.
The song’s instrumentation seamlessly intertwines the raw power of 90s rock with the nostalgia-inducing melodies of classic 70s rock. The result is an intoxicating fusion that transcends generations, appealing to both seasoned rock aficionados and newcomers alike.
It’s a masterful achievement to blend these influences, creating a sonic experience that is both familiar and refreshing.
The true standout of “Hey! I Need A Friend” lies in its epic chorus. Bursting with anthemic grandeur.
In “Hey! I Need A Friend,” Don’t Call Me Tina proves that she is more than just a nostalgic nod to rock’s golden eras – she’s a true force to be reckoned with in the modern music scene.
Her ability to channel the timeless spirit of classic rock while infusing it with a contemporary edge is nothing short of impressive.
Hey! I Need A Friend is Don’t Call Me Tina’s Single Out Now! - Edgar Allan Poets

"Mama by DON’T CALL ME TINA: Review"

Don’t Call Me Tina’s “Mama” is a raw, blues-rock heart-render of rebellion and self-discovery.

The shimmering, cyclical guitars loop like barbed wire around a heart struggling to break free. They build layer upon layer, morphing from delicate whispers to gnarled riffs that mirror the internal conflict brewing within the protagonist.

But the true weapon of this song is Christina Brennan’s voice. Deep, thick, and brimming with emotion, it resonates with every word sung. The lyrics, Brennan’s own creation, bear the scars of an upbringing confined by an oppressive institution(or so thought by the writer). We hear the frustration of a girl constantly judged as “a little wrong,” the yearning for guidance denied by a distant religious figure.

Yet, “Mama” isn’t simply a cry of despair. It’s a defiant stomp, a middle finger raised to stifling expectations. As the protagonist realizes she must carve her own path, the music surges. The guitars gnarl, drums pound, and Brennan’s voice deepens trying to break free. The line “you are not here/You are some fake truth” becomes a declaration of self-acceptance, while defying the truths established by unknown forces.

This is where “Mama” transcends the realm of personal experience. It becomes an anthem for anyone who has ever felt trapped, judged, or misunderstood. The song reminds that sometimes, breaking the mold is the only way to truly build yourself. Listen to “Mama” by Don’t Call Me Tina on Spotify. - Illustrate Magazine


'Born to Sin'