Christina Crosby

Christina Crosby

 Clevedon, England, GBR

Solo singer-songwriter. Acoustic folk/country crossover. Plaintive, haunting vocals and lyrics at once popular yet profound. Delicate fingerstyle guitar accompaniments. Traditional ballads to lullabies. Soothing and sweet!


Started writing songs at age 14. Mainly lyrics til I learned guitar 20 years later! James Taylor and Joni Mitchell massive classic influences; in later years Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin etc. Have played arts cafes and campsites in the South West, acoustic solo gigs at the Regent Cellar bar Clevedon, Swindon Festival of Literature 'Songs That Tell Stories' 2003 and 2005. Busker when necessary!


Sleep Against The Night

Written By: Christina Crosby

“Sleep Against The Night”

Sleep against the night and I will hold you
Rest inside the Light; let it enfold you
In my arms, no fear or pain will harm you
Lay down your arms and my sweet songs will calm you
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

There’s no need to fight this Love that’s found you;
Carried on its tide, let its warmth surround you
Don’t ask how or why we came to be here;
Trust – somehow the meaning will become clear
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

Love just wants to know; Love seeks understanding
Love is letting go; Love is undemanding
Every breath can make it that much clearer
Every step will take us that much nearer
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

(I thank the angel who has brought me to you;
Bringing joy and peace to me, through you ...)

I can never go where you are bound to
But Michael’s sword will glow; draw its halo round you
Just the stars and silver moon to guide you
But my heart is riding right beside you
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

May no demons or dark dreams distress you;
Only freedom’s door open wide to bless you
Far and wide your sacred quest may send you:
Michael’s mighty sword and shield defend you
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

Then, when morning comes, back from where you’ve gone to
Michael’s glorious sun shine once more upon you
Find your way; your truth is waiting for you;
‘Til the day, I’ll stay right here, once more to
Hold you through the night and sleep against you
Sleep against the night and I will hold you

(Music & Lyrics ©2002 Christina Crosby;
Performed by Christina Crosby)
All Rights Reserved
The copyright in this music & lyrics is owned by Christina Crosby

Never Been To Nashville

Written By: Christina Crosby

She’s out at eight each morning
Walks her kid to school
Comes home to wash the dishes
She always works to rule
Hangs the laundry on the line
And hopes that it’ll dry
Another day of drudgery
Enough to make a grown-up woman cry.

She sits down with her Martin
Begins to pick a tune
No-one’s there to hear her
She plays the empty room
It’s not the Grand Ol Opry
That’s a million miles away
And she knows the way that this thing goes
So she’ll close her eyes and pray:


Cos she’s never been to Nashville
But she hopes someday she will
It’s always been her life’s one dream
A need she must fulfil
But she’s never left old England
She never got that far
Though she’d take Tennessee by storm
The girl and her guitar.

Now a semi in a suburb
Ain’t a country girl’s domain
Cos she needs trees for her heart’s ease
And green to soothe her pain
But the everyday is holy
Here and now is where it’s real
So she’ll never trade those true-life blues she’s played
For a pair of cowgirl heels.

Now she plays guitar in a cellar bar
The warm applause and tears
As she plies her arts and touches hearts
Are music to her ears
She’s known around her own home town
Folks call her by her name
Her picture in the local paper
Is her only claim to fame:


Cos she’s never been to Nashville
Now she knows she never will
(1) All the same, a dream remains/ (2) [her dream remains but it’s not the same]
(1) The need is with her still/
(2) [her need has been fulfilled]
But she’ll never leave old England
She’ll never get that far
Though she’d take Tennessee by storm
The girl and her guitar.

Open Doors

Written By: Christina Crosby

Fully clothed and at a distance
We've been naked with each other
And though our bodies never twined
We've been close as lovers.

It doesn't have to be that way
Craving skin is not a crime
I want it too and if that's why you stay
I don't mind.

But I can't promise not to love you -
that prerogative stays mine
But if you don't want love, or skin,
or any other thing
I guess that's fine

Cos love's a gift - like all my others
but I won't press this one on you
But if you'll take it - here, it's yours
That's all you gotta do.

I only need to know your doors
are open, as are mine
And whether we walk through
Is up to you - and Time.

And I don't know about you
But I have Time
So whether we walk through
Is up to you.

Tanabata (The Weaver & The Herder)

Written By: Christina Crosby

It’s every age’s story: lovers, kept apart
Love a morning glory blooming briefly in the heart
Briefer by far than a falling star; crossed right from the start
But Love’s everlasting spark will never be lost inside the dark.

The wheel of Heaven’s turning and above the world tonight
Two stars – one blue, one green – are burning, with the clearest light
Embroidered on the velvet jet, in Indra’s jewelled net
The Weaver and the Herder: I’ll tell you how they met.

Alongside Heaven’s river waits the Weaver, who must cry –
Green as willows – weeping til the seventh of July
Haunted by a voice, she reaches out to touch its source
Stretches out her hands towards the river’s distant shores.

Upon the farther bank, alone, a misty figure stands
No way to slow this milky flow, quick as sinking sands
She sees him silhouetted, dark shadows hide his face
Her cheeks with tears are wetted while she cannot cross this space.

No continental drift can ever bring her to his side
But see how constellations shift, mirrored in his eyes
He’s a lone stargazer, waiting for a sign: studying the skies until the planets are aligned.
About his neck there lies a stone - a bright blue pendant hangs:
Lapis lazuli – bluer than the tone as his reed sang -
His heart – a circle – pierced with pain; its centre just a void
She’ll enter, fill it if he wills it – she’ll be overjoyed.

No bead or charm is strung on a binding leather thong
around her naked throat – she wears no necklace but her song.
Her voice and her guitar are her lover’s loom;
The warp is fashioned from her words, and for the weft, her tune.

Her filaments of sound are soft as gossamer, yet strong
It is a rope she’s spinning through the seasons long
A lifeline, not a tie or noose – no web to trap him in
She keeps the lie of her threads loosened even as she reels him in.

He presses her against his lips, and - covering every hole –
Caresses her with fingertips, blows breath right through her soul
She’s his clarinet – and at the same time every year –
Those with ears to listen hear the music of the spheres.

The thread must soon unravel – it’s destined, pre-ordained –
Return him to his travels when the west wind blows again.
She cannot hold him here – he’s a shooting star, unchained –
Like echoes of her song’s refrain, they’ll come around again.
But now the day is dawning, cold and bleak, with yellow light
Like iron pyrites - just Fool’s Gold – it streaks the fading night.
For stars and weavers do grow old – and, through her foolish dreams,
Lazuli, shot with tints of gold, a hint of blue still gleams.

And, drifting deeply in her sleep, like plum-blossom’s winter cream
A memory of their crossing, swift as flotsam, sweeps downstream
And as remembered hunger haunts her through another year
A stronger undertow by far, it’s still his voice she’ll hear.

It’s every age’s story: lovers, kept apart
Love a morning-glory blooming briefly in the heart
Embroidered on the velvet jet, in Indra’s jewelled net
The Weaver and the Herder – that is how they met.

Not Entitled

Written By: Christina Crosby


I can tell, you think you understand
The hurts that drive my needy heart’s demands
And my desire’s ebbs and flows
Well, take it from the one who knows,
It’s all and none o’ those.

Untimely feelings, unsought, unplanned
I’m takin’ off; you’re comin’ in to land
Well, Time is on your side
While half my life’s spent, on one side o’ this Great Divide.

Hope, woken from its sleep
But promises come pretty cheap
Have you never heard, “you shouldn’t sow what you cannot reap”?

This may sound crazy
Yeah, it’s strange, yet true
I’m glad there’s someone who you say loves you
Still, I wish that it were me
Cos there can never ever be
Another chance like this for me.

Lyrics & music © Christina Crosby 1999. All rights reserved.
Copyright resides with the artist Christina Crosby

Set List

A blend of original songs and covers. Artists covered include Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Janis Ian, James Taylor, Steve Earle, Joan Baez. Solo acoustic gig usually 2 x 45 minute sets. Typical set repertoire 30 songs.