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Christina Grimm

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Santa Barbara, California, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Christina Grimm's No Time to Be Blue"

To launch a music career as a mature female songwriter is no easy feat. And it’s this fact that makes S.B. singer/songwriter Christina Grimm’s debut full-length release a bold and uncompromising statement. Ranging from soft ’70s-sounding love songs to blues and folk influenced tunes, No Time to Be Blue sums up Grimm’s energy and spirit as a performer and songwriter. Grimm is determined not to allow the tragedies of life bring her down, as evidenced on “The Crossroads Come,” and her sense of humor shines especially bright on songs like “The Vegetable Man.” However, the humor and sultry vibe tend to undermine the poignancy of Blue’s more serious moments, which deal with issues of loss and spiritual questioning. With plenty of passion, sex appeal, and unstoppable spirit, we surely will be hearing Grimm’s name for quite some time. - Santa Barbara Independent of Oct. 30, 2008

"Christina Grimm"

“Christina Grimm’s name is deceptive because her music is anything but. With a sweet but powerful voice, this part-time vocal coach plays a collection of folk-infused pop, rock, and blues that are more than just mere songs – they’re short stories set to music.” - Santa Barbara Independent of Sept. 18, 2008

"ON Song by Steven Libowitz"

October 9,2008
No Time to Be Blue
If it’s true there are no accidents in life, no wonder Christina Grimm was riffling through the organic greens in Lazy Acres’ vegetable department after a chance meeting with fellow local singer-songwriter Peter Gallway when I reached her earlier this week.
“Vegetable Man” is one of the songs on her brand new CD, her debut solo effort since she came to town back in 2000 to get her son into a good public school. Grimm, who created and produces the Santa Barbara Songwriter Showcase at Jensens Guitar Mainstage, has put a dozen of her favorite compositions on “No Time to Be Blue,” her mostly upbeat album that shows offer warm, strong vocals on a variety of styles.
After 18 months of presenting a bevy of local talent on stage as producer, Grimm – who had a career as a country-rock singer in Germany in the 1990s – headlines at Jensens for the first time at 7 pm next Thursday, Oct. 16. Tickets are $10 general, $5 for those under 21 and free for 12 and under.
Q. You started the Songwriter Showcase in 2007. What led to that?
A. I’d already organized song circles and concert series in the past. When I moved here, I got involved with SummerSongs and hooked up even more with local singer-songwriters. All those connections gave me the idea of doing a monthly series, especially after I did a single benefit concert two years ago. The idea was to do something like McCabe’s in Santa Monica. It worked out great, but it’s a lot of work. So now it’s down to once a month and I’m still looking for a co-producer to help out.
We have a very vibrant songwriting community. We get together and give each other feedback, encouragement and support, which makes it easier to carry through and record the CDs. I have people over to my house once a month for dinner, and we share food and then play our new songs.
Why now for your debut solo CD?
It’s more like now or never. I had all these songs I’ve been working on all these years and a burning desire to have it all in one place on a CD. Also, I want to start performing more, and maybe do some more tours. You need to have a CD to do that, plus it gives fans something to take home with them.
It’s called “No Time to Be Blue.” What was your chief inspiration?
That life is short, and we all go through troubles and challenges. But you can’t get mired down. You just have to let go and get through it and enjoy life anyway. That’s my basic life philosophy. I’ve been through it myself. I was the unwanted child of two 17 year olds who didn’t speak the same language. He was an American GI in Germany who got a local girl pregnant. He came back to America and became rock ‘n’ roller Ray Smith. By the time I found him, he was already dead. He’d committed suicide at 44, so I have had those challenges too…There is a lot of suffering and terrible things happen in this world, but I don’t subscribe to letting little things get you down. Don’t hang on to the pain. Look for a solution to get out of it.
The CD has a local flavor, particularly in “Veggie Man.”
I love Santa Barbara and local institutions like the Farmers’ Market. It’s a great place to go to flirt and enjoy life. That song is based on a real character, but it’s just fun. Some of my songs are very serious, like “Beautiful Soul,” which is about what happened to a little girl I knew who was so badly abused. She’s the daughter in the Lynette Harms case, and I taught her at Kindermusik. Her body was broken but there was still a beautiful soul inside. So I need some levity, like “Dog and Cat Blues,” to balance out the dark side.
Why did you move to Montecito earlier this year”?
I’ve loved it here since my son and I went hiking on Cold Springs Trail nine years ago when we still lived in Ventura. I found a perfect house and I absolutely love it. I ride my back all the time up Mountain Drive to the trail. It’s like it’s all come full circle from 1999.

- Montecito Journal


No Time to Be Blue - LP (2008)
Lead into Gold by The Christine Smith Band - EP (1997)



Christina Grimm performs a collection of folk-infused pop, rock, and blues that are more than just mere songs – they’re short stories set to music. Her "Vegetable Man" song just placed in the Top 20 Finalists for Acoustic/Folk in the International Unisong Songwriting Context.
Together with producer Jack Lee on piano, guitar, and harmonies, Christina Grimm plays songs from her new CD. Ranging from soft ‘70s-sounding love songs to blues and folk-influenced tunes, No Time to Be Blue sums up Christina Grimm’s energy and spirit as a performer and songwriter with plenty of passion, sex appeal, humor, and unstoppable spirit (Santa Barbara Independent).
Rooted in the folk-rock tradition, Christina Grimm began playing and recording her own music while at UCLA Film School. After a stint as a screenwriter, she moved to Germany and performed there with her bands Herstory, The Risk, and the Christine Smith Band. The latter group received radio play with "We Don't Love Here Anymore" from the 5-song Lead Into Gold CD. During the 1990s, several Dutch artists recorded her song, "Heart to Heart."
At the end of the 1990s, Christina returned to Central Coast of California. Since that time, she has produced the monthly Santa Barbara Songwriter Showcase at Jensen Guitar, the Santa Barbara Songwriter TV Show on Channel 17, and the Durango Songwriter Expo Showcases in Santa Barbara as a staff member of the DSE.
According to Santa Barbara artist Jon Ortner:
“Christina’s voice sweetly lays within a beautiful tone that ranges from the wonderful sound of Feist to the loungey soulfulness of Madeleine Peyroux, yet with her own fantastic depth and style.”