Draw Me Naked

Draw Me Naked

 Springfield, Missouri, USA

Draw Me Naked has become an exception to a world of pop simplicity versus indie inaccessibility. Finding truly good music is a challenge for music lovers, and creating it is even harder, but blending strong melodies and a power voice with heartfelt lyrics is the forte of this up and coming duo.


When you grow up in a town with one stop light, you make entertainment for yourself. You either hang out at Wal-Mart or you learn to play guitar. This is how Christina Herzog and Jonathan Cain became Draw Me Naked. In 2006, Christina met Jonathan through a mutual friend, and by 2008 they were creating music together in what became the band Draw Me Naked. In January 2009 they recorded their first EP in Nashville, TN. Self released later that year, the Draw Me Naked EP features an eclectic mix of styles and substance. With a unique sound and songwriting style delivered by Christina's remarkably strong and smooth voice, Draw Me Naked has developed into a simultaneously unique and accessible band with a lot of promise.


2009: The Darkhorse EP