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Christina Tripoli


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Keys To My Heart

Written By: Christina Tripoli

The way a flower blooms
You unfold
A brand new side of me
The way the dust falls away
And lets the treasure gleam
You make me complete
Like the brightest fireworks
I’ve ever come upon
It’s so electric
How you turn me on

'Cause there’s no greater love
Than what you give to me
I could search a lifetime
And still never find
Something that swells and floods
Every single part
As long as I live on this earth
You’ll make the sweetest song
That could ever be
For the rest of my life
You’ll always be
Playin’ on the keys
To my heart.

As long as rivers run
My love will flow
Like the deepest flood
The way a diamond shines
There’s the brightest twinkle
Beaming in my eyes
My love will always glow
Like the brightest gold
When I’m in your arms
There's no better home
Chorus 2x