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"Äs chönnti alls ganz anders sii..."

Refreshing like cold water bubbling from a mountain well: Christina Zurbrügg sings, raps and yodels on her new CD – straight to the heart of her audience. (Concerto)

Paragliding over alpine landscapes.
Clear as ice, like a penguin on a south pole ice-floe, or a Swiss girl yodeling down from the Eiger mountain … it immediately takes to your blood. (Wiener Zeitung)

The most refreshing alpine yodels to be heard for a long while! (oneworld.print)

... from Ethno-Jazz, Rock and Hip-Hop to Folk Hits, brilliantly mastered ... this just has to be eulogized and praised up to the skies. (Folker)
Listen to it again and again … incredibly perfect … varied, clever and charming. (Schallplattenmann)

Zurbrügg impresses us most of all with her voice, her eloquent sense of humor and her brilliant yodeling, that has the power to lend wings to herself (and to her audience)... (FF, Die Südtiroler Wochenzeitung) - Concerto/Wiener Zeitung/oneworld.print/Folker/Schallplattenmann/Südtiroler Wochenzeitung


2010 «registerwechsel» - zurbrügg.hudecek.novotny
«Christina Zurbrügg offers a completely modern and decidedly contemporary way of yodeling, far apart from the clichés and mannerism of that genre.»
complete radio airplay

2009 zurbrügg «best of yodel 99-09» - Compilation
complete radio airplay, also on itunes a.o. streaming platforms

2007 zurbrügg «jetzt» - twelve songs & one yodel
«First class pop music between traditional and modern styles.» (press)
complete radio airplay, also on itunes a.o. streaming platforms

2005 zurbrügg «lorca & more»
best of spanish 1990 – 2005 - Compilation
complete radio airplay, also on itunes a.o. streaming platforms

2002 «Christl’s Wunderwelt» - the solo program cd
« album full of memories, that provides an insight into her real home – ethno pop.»
complete radio airplay, also on itunes a.o. streaming platforms

2002 «tai chill» zurbrügg & hudecek - Soundtrack CD of the film IN OUT
«A journey of movement, dance and silence.»
radio airplay & tv, also on itunes a.o. streaming platforms

1999 «Äs chönnti alls ganz anders sii...» - New Yodels and Songs
«Paragliding over alpine landscapes. » Wiener Zeitung
«The most refreshing alpine yodels for a long time!»

1995 «Ciudad sin sueño» Christina Zurbrügg Quartett
Music set to poetry from the works of F.G. Lorca - «Nobody’s asleep in heaven»
«Magical like the early deceased poet’s words, which were interpreted by Christina Zurbrügg with wonderful intuition. »

1992 «Sonnenuntergang» with «Café de Chinitas»
On occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of America’s indigenous cultures
«Very beautiful interpretations, soft and melancholy, reminding us of times forever lost, a culture maliciously destroyed and hope shattered.»

1991 «Erschrocken» with the Orchestra Rudi Fuchs - Songs
«... a very peculiar mixture of words and music, a dazzling up and down between drama and comedy, between delicacy and burlesque.»

1990 «A back-basket full of kids, a snotty old husband»
Folksongs of women life
«... a critical, sly, melancholy mucical social history of women’s everyday life.»

1990 Spanish songs from the folksong-collection of F.G. Lorca with "Café de Chinitas"
«Without shrill sounds, without fake folklore: Here the real Spain is performed in the heart.»




Raised in the Berner Oberland, Christina Zurbrügg came to Vienna after a long stay in South America and studied acting and classical singing. She became well known through her music theatre productions about the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. Zurbrügg studied and played folk music, shot the documentary film “Orvuse on Oanwe” about Vienna’s last doodlers (doodling is a Viennese version of alpine yodelling) and and in doing so rediscovered her own roots.

Next was her solo program “Christl’s Wonderworld”. The film “Staying/Leaving” by zurbrügg & hudecek was awarded the “Golden Dragon”, her song album “now” was reviewed as a first class work between tradition and modernity and the film “Half Time” was nominated for the “Golden Rose 2009”. Last was her CD “best of yodel 99-09“ and "change of register".