Christine Anthrop

Christine Anthrop


Thoughtfully written and passionately performed acoustic Folk Rock inspired by life's little ups and downs...


Born on Independence Day, Hoosier singer/songwriter Christine Anthrop has labored meticulously to establish her sovereignty from the cookie-cutter nation of her musical peers. Christine began performing at age ten, and has since experienced tremendous growth personally as well as musically. Songs born of the heart and mind of an adolescent girl now reveal the soulful expression of a gifted and multifaceted young woman coming full-circle to discover her own distinct musical voice.

Christine’s straightforward compositions offer moving, memorable melodies infused with the innocence and optimism of youth and paired with the evocative, insightful, mature lyrics of a seasoned songwriter. Her demure disposition belies the powerful and provocative vocal talent which Christine possesses, which she has worked so diligently to develop, and which she now exploits with such professionalism and prowess.

Crafted in a style reminiscent of a young Jewel Kilcher, the music of Christine Anthrop paints a complex portrait of her own life from a varied palate of sundry experiences. Carefully constructed verses and skillfully executed yet simple instrumentation are the hallmark of her style. Christine is a promising young artist who possesses an ideal blend of beauty and intelligence, of emerging femininity and refined musical skill.


Goin' 60 In a 45
Once You Told Me
Right Here With You
I Don't Care
Last June
Our Love
Set Me Free
Let Him Breathe

Set List

Original songs mixed with current cover tunes by such popular artists as Jewel, Sheryl Crow, and Sarah McLachlan.