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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
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"Radio Canada International"

Reportage vidéo sur Christine : - Nadia Zouaoui

"Montreal band performs Latin Music like any native Spanish speakers, even better."

Here is a question for you: Do you have to be Latin to play Latin?

Of course not! To prove my point I am dedicating this post to a group from Montreal who performs Latin music like any native Spanish speaker. Maybe even better…

I am talking about Christine Ann & The Bassalindos, an acoustic world pop multilingual gem from Montreal, Canada. They have gotten rave reviews from OurStage fans by mingling pop, folk and sometimes jazz with Arabic and Latin elements. Their music has been described as rhythmic, exotic and sexy. No wonder they’ve been dominating the OurStage Latin and World Charts during the past few months.

So who are the Bassalindos anyway?

Lead singer and founder Christine Ann Atallah describes herself as “a Mediterranean Diva of the snowy North.” The truth is, there is nothing cold about this star, who fluently speaks and performs in four languages, and made her first television appearance at the young age of four-years-old.

Danny McLaughlin is the brilliant francophone guitarist of the Bassalindos. Along with Christine, he is the main songwriter for the band, and the pair collaborate on the creation of material for the albums and live shows. A native of New Brunswick, he also co-arranged and co-produced the Bassalindo’s album Escapades, which is featured in a permanent exhibit at the International Peace Museum in Samarkand for the Peace song “Salam”.

François Lalonde is the bass master and one of the original members of the Bassalindos. He plays both the acoustic bass and electric bass with equal ease and virtuosity, and is involved in the musical direction of the band. Along with Lalonde there is drummer Mathieu Tessier, an energetic and dynamic player continuously in demand in the four corners of the globe. He plays in varied styles ranging from: jazz, blues, funk and pop.

Last but not least is percussionist, Oud, eastern flute and back up vocalist Firas Haddad—who also plays a variety of instruments like the tabla, the rek and dahola among others. The multitalented Firas has composed alongside Christine and is a skilled studio programmer. He comprises the major element of the eastern composing and arranging team for the Bassalindos.

You see? Who said you needed to be born in Panama or Costa Rica to perform original songs with a deep Latin touch? Multiculturalism is, in fact, one of the main characteristics of our music, so let’s celebrate our differences and enjoy together the delicious mixture of flavors that is la música Latina. ¡Provecho! - Ourstage

"Album review"

Christine Atallah - The Bassalindos Escapades 4/3
O's Notes: We welcome the festive Latin ballads of The Bassalindos. Atallah's voice is pleasant and inviting. The music is upbeat and supports the mood. The addition of brass accents on "Alrededor" makes it pop. It bounces along from song to song, mostly Spanish lyrics that are translated in the liner notes. We liked "Desert Caravan", the gentle rhythm of "Susurro" and the salsa beat of "Taa, Ya Habibee" with dazzling work on violin from Rabih Yazbek. Well done.

D. Oscar Groomes
O's Place Jazz Newsletter
P.O. Box 2437
Naperville, IL 60567-2437

- D. Oscar Groomes

"Critics Quotations"

Press Blurbs:
“ No wonder they’ve been dominating the OurStage Latin and World Charts during the past few months.”
— Ariela, Ourstage magazine

“We welcome the festive Latin ballads of The Bassalindos. Atallah's voice is pleasant and inviting...Well done. ”
— D. Oscar Groomes , O's Place Jazz Newsletter

“You'll find yourself seduced as Atallah and her band sizzle, groove, and sway with a mix of unique Arabic, Latin, and jazz flavors”
— Jonathan Widran, All music review

“Ms. Atallah's trained voice was an exquisite piece of tapestry set off by the wonderful fringe of Mr. McLaughlin's powerful strumming ”
— Laila Boulos, The Live Music Report - Various

"Junior's Cave Magazine"

The Canadian Band Christine Atallah and the Bassalindos has created a beautiful sound with their music that incorporates elements of Pop and Jazz into melodious tunes. Christine’s voice, mesmerizing, enchanting, and intoxicating, is the perfect instrument to the band’s overall style. Other elements that can be heard in the band’s music are Latin and Arabic. One of my favorite single from the band is titled Sometimes which is a smooth Jazzy track that showcases the wonderful style of this band’s music. - Isaac J Davis

"La Passion de Chanter de Christine"

Le magazine Internet pour les gens qui veulent tout savoir...partout dans le monde- 3 octobre 2005

La passion de chanter habite entièrement l'âme de Christine Atallah. L'artiste qui vit à Montréal a d'abord chanté de l'opéra et de la musique de film. Très jeune, elle s'est fait remarquer au Québec dans le film de Denis Arcand: Jésus de Montréal, alors qu'elle a interprété la bande originale du film, trois mouvements du Stabat Mater de Pergolesi. Christine a récemment créé son propre groupe musical, Les Bassalindos et celui-ci lancera prochainement un album CD sur lequel Chrisitine chantera en solo en 4 langues langues. Bien que la saveur musicale sera très près de la culture arabe et latine, l'on retrouvera des nuances de jazz et de chansons modernes. Christine Atallah chante en français, anglais, arabe, espagnol, et italien. La talentueuse chanteuse aime décrire ses chansons comme une expérience où la voix enveloppe l'auditoire et mène le public là où les rêves et le bonheur sont retrouvés.
- Le Studio

"Find Yourself Seduced-Review of Escapdes"

by Jonathan Widran

Even if you don't speak any of the five languages that the sensuous-voiced Christine Atallah sings on this magical, multi-ethnic kaleidoscope of a collection, you'll find yourself seduced as Atallah and her band sizzle, groove, and sway with a mix of unique Arabic, Latin, and jazz flavors. The classically trained Quebec-based singer has an incredible pedigree, which includes singing in the Academy Award-nominated film Jesus de Montreal, being discovered during a tour of Verdi's Aida, and touring the world as a featured soloist. Those world travels inform the exciting jazz scales, pop sensibilities, and global grooves on this multifaceted collection, which begins with the swaying flamenco/Arabic fusion on "Taa, Ya Habibee" (the title has something to do with harem nights, but who really knows?) and continues with the loping Egyptian charms of "Idman" and the dreamy violin and conga-spiced Latin gem "Me Voy." Beyond Atallah's always appealing lead vocals, there's a general emphasis on polyrhythmic textures provided by Arabic percussion and instruments like the oud. One of the more dramatic and hypnotic tracks is "Salam," which mixes snappy acoustic guitar lines, an inspirational English lead vocal, and the explosive chantings of the Montreal Mass Gospel Choir. In the midst of the very danceable party, she provides a happily dreamy oasis in the tender sunswept "M'Envoler." These only scratch the surface of the numerous exotic treasures on this exciting CD from the label that introduced the brilliant nuevo flamenco guitarist Armik to the world.


* Summery
* Sentimental
* Sensual
* Rousing
* Romantic
* Reflective
* Earthy
* Earnest
* Atmospheric
* Amiable/ Good-Natured

* Summertime
* New Love
* Affirmation
* Affection/ Fondne -

"Duo Review of Live Show at the Lula Lounge"

Routes to Peace
March 4, 2009 • Lula Lounge • Toronto
The Musical Road to Peace, Salam, Paix, Shalom, Pace...
by Laila Boulos with photos by Mike Colyer
Leaving Lula Lounge after a heart and soul awakening evening filled with inspiring music, the crash to reality arrived harshly upon being confronted with a TTC bus shelter advertisement encouraging people (you and I?) to fight (fight?!) with The Canadian Forces.
There are many ways to promote peace. And as Charlie Roby mentioned in his interview with Ken Stowar on Global Rhythms (CIUT89.5FM) "If people would put down their weapons and pick up musical instruments, the world would be a better place". This was Mel M'rabet's vision when he created this evening.
Draped across the stage, artist Xian's dove-adorned shawl appropriately created a heavenly ambiance. Tonight, the goal was to promote peace and, as each musician began their set, the message was clearly delivered in a variety of ways.
Jowi Taylor, most recently of CBC's Nightstream and previously of the sadly missed Global Village, and the impetus behind the Six String Nation guitar** was the impromptu host of the evening and his warmth and sense of humour set the tone for a room of people with the same vision.
From the moment that Bassalindo members, Christine Atallah and Danny McLaughlin arrived on stage, the image of earnest warrior with heart filled the room. Ms. Atallah's operatic-trained voice was an exquisite piece of tapestry set off by the wonderful fringe of Mr. McLaughlin's powerful strumming and succinct tapping on the guitar's body on their opening piece "Crushed".

Similar to Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" in its lightness and innocence, "V.I.P." drew images of dancing in fields of daisies with its blissful, jazzy guitar riffs.

Although the music was light, Ms. Atallah was not messing around with her message as she informed, "We're here to talk about peace... think about people whose lives are harrowing on an everyday basis," and quoting activist Howard Zinn with "You can't be neutral on a moving train".

"Taa Ya Habibee" (Come here sweetheart) exuded exoticism with its Arabic and French lyrics and the lively guitar effects In addition, Ms. Atallah's voice transmitted through the microphone's 'echo chamber' and its sudden blast of an ending were pearls to her listener's ears.

Christine Atallah, relating her interview on CKLN 88.1FM's Kan Ya Makan, this captivating vocalist mentioned that the earnest hosts advised: watch the news with the sound off. It is a transforming experience when you are not manipulated by the media. Just watch, and feel with your heart.

The performance became more animated with the song "Susurro", as the melody caressed our hearts and her whispered vocals breezed over the room. "Don't think an issue doesn't touch you" Ms. Atallah warned. At this point, those of us in the audience were ready to follow this gifted and passionate singer to the ends of the earth carrying banners and spreading the message of peace.

This duo of Christine Atallah and Danny McLaughlin was very similar to that of Tuck & Patti with intertwining vocals and instrumentals that worked like puzzle pieces to effortlessly fill each other's gaps.

Dedicating songs to anyone and everyone in the world who do not know freedom and wishing for the safe return of Omar Khadr, this duo then launched into "Kaboom" which was similar to Little Willie John's "Fever" — light. Their simpler than simple arrangement of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" with sultry guitar riff solos and intermittent growling vocals, was a gorgeous, emotional rendition of this classic.

Introducing their final piece, "Quietly Waiting" Ms. Atallah wished, "Let's wait quietly for all our dreams to come true". With urgent, at times rapping, vocals and snappy, sharp chords, the effect was anything but quiet on the audience. - The Live Music Report


EP : Aqua Aura : Digital release (2011)

Come on and Dance - Bossa Nova Vol. 03 [Compilation] (2011) Label:

Soundial Loftesque Compilation - Label : Soundial (2011)

Latin Music - Spanish Vol. 1 [Compilation] (2011) Label: Rosenklang

Beautiful Latin Music - Easy Listening Vol. 4 [Compilation] (2011) Label: Rosenklang

European Rock and Pop 1 [Compilation] (2011) Label: Rosenklang

Volume Up & Dance - Latino Pop Vol. 1 [Compilation] (2011) Label: Rosenklang

Volume Up & Dance - Latino Pop Vol. 4 [Compilation] (2011) Label: Rosenklang

Album: Escapades: Bolero Records USA (2006)

Remixes: Night of Secrets Golem Records 2006
(original plus two remixes).



Christine Atallah and the Bassalindos are a Canadian band out of Montreal. Christine has been described as the Rebel Diva, having left home at a tender age to persue her music and rebelling from a traditional family. The music is a cosmopolitan blend of East and West: multilingual pop/world music with Latin and Arabic roots soul, and nuances of jazz. The music has been described as: “Rhythmic, exotic and sexy music- intelligent and acoustic; with sensitive and stirring lyrics, melodies and arrangements.” Christine has been compared to Natcha Atlas, Souad Massi, Pink Martini and even Garabe. Her musical adventures have taken her from Opera in early days, jazz divahood to guest vocals on Metal albums..

Their album: Escapades included the participation of many gifted artists: such as Jesus El Niño Perez: (“Roberto Torres”, “Oscar D'Leon”, “Ricardo Lemvo” & “Makina Loca”/Miami Sound) as guest arranger and player in Susurro, Alrededor and Me Voy. They also feature Hussein El Imam, renowned Egyptian musician and TV and film personality as lyricist and vocalist on the Egyptian track titled, Idman. The mix of the album was done in New York by Chuck Zwicky who has mixed “Prince”, “Delirious”, “Chantal Kreviazuk” and “Soul Asylum.”

Album two is on the drawing board and sounding more pop than Escapdes and is mostly in English... percussion and exotic instruments do still invoke other far away places inner and outer.

Christine could be described as a rebellious belly dancing Diva- Diana Krall, blended with Fairuz, a French Sade meeting Souad Massi along with a fair dose of Shakira mixed in. She makes no apologies for the variety of styles she incorporates in her absorbing, coloful work. The band has been compared to Pink Martini and the Gypsy Kings, but do not sound quite like anyone else. Christine and the Bassalindos create and celebrate innovative Canadian Arabic-world pop with Eastern sonorities scales and instrumentation, pop lyrics and chords changes, Jazz chords and flavor and hot Latin grooves in a vital and exhilarating union of styles.

Christine’s velvety vocal beauty, inspiring poetry in several languages, on plaintive Middle Eastern melodies collide beautifully with Western jazz scales and pop chords to soar and surprise. The melodies are unforgettable and the tempi evocative of the percussion of hot countries; unlike the image of the cold North where she lives. To the unique instrumentation add a thrilling percussion section of both traditions in migrating drum styles from Bossa, to Arabic, to Latin through to pop and jazz and you have the Bassalindos. The chemistry is fantastic as these fine performers traverse each other’s musical terrain in a union that speaks of amity, harmony and concord. In whichever of the many languages Christine sings in- the yearning and passion you will understand. You will be conveyed to a place where cares cannot reach, fantasies unfold and dreams bestirred. A musical magic carpet ride.