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Christine Campbell


Songwriter - Folk, Roots, Country, Blues

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When the Rain Came Down

Written By: Christine Campbell

When the Rain Came Down
Composed by: Christine Campbell

I am A simple Man, lived here all my life
Built a humble home, with my kids and wife
Warnings I had heard before, but I could not believe
‘Cause this was where I belonged, Why would I want to leave
Then the water rose and made the levees break
When we tried to go it was too late (Chorus)

When the rain came down, washed our world away
There was no where to run all I could do was pray
Pray for deliverance, prayed for high dry ground
What else could I do, when the rain came down

Thought about my family, thought about Noah too
How the Lord had shown him the signs and told him what to do
And I wondered why, I had not believed
I guess I did not think that he would talk to me
Now our children lie in Mississippi mud
And there’s no ark to save us from this flood (Chorus)

Mothers watch their babies die
Lifeless bodies floating by
Can’t you see us when you close your eyes
In your warm bed tonight

So if you hear me now, Do you read the signs
If you reach out your hands, then we won’t have to die
We’re all God’s creatures here, I hope you’re listening too
‘Cause this time the Lord may be talking to you
Unto your hands our lives we entrust
So please don’t you forget about us

Smoke and Flames

Written By: Christine Campbell

Smoke and Flames
Composed by: Christine Campbell

Ducked into a nearby coffee shop
To find some shelter from the rain
When it hit me this was where we used to come
Thought I'd never come back here again

Sat down in that old familiar spot
Sunday paper opened to page three
Pictures of the mayhem that just wouldn't stop
They were this war's first casualties (Chorus)

Thought time would bury all that pain, but it all came back again
The world was altered on that day, when will it break free from it's chains
Swore that you wouldn't die in vain, but not that much has changed
Saw your face in the smoke and flames, and it all came back again
And again and again

Recall the morning just five years ago
Images the world could not believe
While time's moved on for me it's gone so slow
Now it seems to stand still on it's eve (Chorus)

Hatred only begets hatred
Eye for an eye and soon noone can see
If we kill each other who will save the world
While the innocent burn like an effigy

Will all the bombs and guns help keep us safe
Do barricades help keep us free
If we put up fences to have peace of mind
Then at peace will we ever be