Christine Dominguez

Christine Dominguez


Acoustic.....well, almost.


Christine Dominguez is a singer/songwriter from Newburgh, N.Y. Her style is a combination of R&B, Jazz, and Rock, but mainly falls into the category of Top 40 Popular Music. Growing up in a major city has also pulled Christine’s music in a hip-hop direction; several of her songs include beat boxing or rhyming. While she is a solo artist, Christine frequently performs with a back-up band, depending on the venue.

Christine has been playing the guitar and performing for nearly a decade, and her diverse sounds consistently draw in large audiences. Her largest audience to date exceeded 750 people, in the critically acclaimed ‘Sosnoff Theater’ at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts in Annandale, N.Y. She’s had two radio appearances on WXBC Bard College Radio Show including a live performance and interviews, which were followed by a few spins of songs on her first CD Rap It Up, and her self promoted CD Release/Senior Concert of April 06’ was a huge success. The event attracted over 200 people, and many fans drove several hours from other states to attend.

Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Recording from Bard College, where she recorded and produced her latest CD, Almost Acoustic, released April 28, 2006. Christine currently performs in bars, clubs, coffee houses and festivals in N.Y.C., as well as in various regions throughout N.Y. State. She’s currently expanding her regional fan base throughout NY, NJ, CT, MA and ME.

Past Venues:
Woodstock Reunion(Yasgur Farm-Bethel,NY)
Newburgh (NY) Water Front Festival
Lake Huntington (NY) Nutshell Arts Center
East Coast Bar and Grill/The Wreck Room (Walden, NY) numerous times
The Bowery Poetry Club (NYC)
Backstage Studio Productions (Kingston, NY)
The Lion's Den(NYC)
Spring Fling Festival (Bard College- NY)
Gloria’s Bar and Grill (Newburgh, NY)
Sosnoff Theater- Fisher Center for the Performing Arts (Annandale, NY)
Narrowsville (PA) River Festival
Chadwick Lake “Feed the Hungry” Festival (Newburgh, NY)
Red Hook Community Festival (NY)
Manor Mansion Café (Annandale, NY) numerous times headlining and open mic nights
Outdoor Children’s Benefit Concert (Coxsackie, NY)
Down the Road Café (Bard College) headlining and open mic nights
Multi-Purpose Room (Bard College)headlining, opening for other shows and/or hosting an event


Growing up in a major city has pulled Christine's music in hip-hop direction, (which explains the beat-boxing and occational rhyming), but her roots run deep in Rock/Alternative as well.
Her influences range from Michael Jackson, Jack Johnson, Coldplay and Jeff Buckley to Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill and Eminem.

**I thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my press kit. Any help or criticism you’re willing to offer is greatly appreciated.**

Christine Dominguez



Written By: Christine Dominguez

Well hello, I know I know you but it kinda feels
Like I’ve been waiting here for a hundred years
Just to get to know you better, better yeah
Well I can’t call you a stranger but I know in my head
I’ll never get to know you the way I wanted
And I, I guess that sucks just a little

Well, every time we go out for a ride
I get so damn excited I can’t stop smiling
But that’s cause your voice, it tickles
I uncontrollably giggle
Well hey! Anytime you can test drive me
As long as you promise to drive slowly
Because I, I’m kind of fragile in the middle
Well if we get too close I know that
It might cause a problem and I
I’m not trying to hurt you at all but I
I can’t help feeling like I
Like I can’t live without you and I
I don’t know how that’s possible
Oh if I never had you at all
I never had you at all

Can’t we play until we get just one more hack
I’m not tryin to leave you just yet
Did I mention you’re sexy when you’re sweaty
Well there you go I said it
And when you bend over I try not to stare too hard
But that’s damn sure easier said then done
Well now it’s no big secret so
Why should I try to keep it?
I love it when you tease me but if you’re
Doing it accidently you should
Know that when you stare at me
Go ahead and ask if I’m infatuated
I would be happy to admit it to you
I’ll stick around and let you torture me more
Oh if I only had you at all
I’d be the happiest girl that you’d ever know

Oh well, you and me sitting comfortably
I would be lying if I said that wasn’t my fantasy
Strawberries or whatever you please
I’d settle for some blueberries
Then top it all off with whipped cream
Would you help me fulfil my dreams
Oh if you would let me have you at all
I’d be the happiest girl
Ooooo sitting comfortably
I would be lying if I told you that wasn’t my fantasy
Strawberries or whatever you please
And I promise not to get picky
Did I ever tell you you’re the man of my dreams
And I can’t wait to go back to sleep

Just think about it...
How pleasant strawberries could be
Oh would you think about it
How pleasant strawberries could be


Written By: Christine Dominguez

Like a centipede
Inching slowly across my mind takes a century
For you to reach the other side and it always seems
We’ve got more to say
When we part our separate ways
Oh why can’t we just hang around

I’ve tried to talk about it
But all my doctors think I’m crazy
I refuse to live without you
But I will only if I have to

Don’t make it obvious
That’s what they say to us
But honestly what’s the fuss?
They’re actin like they never been in-love
Never felt the touch
Of the smoothness of your skin
Well that sucks for them

And I’ve tried to talk about it
But all my doctors think I’m crazy
I refuse to live without you
And I....
Well I’ve tried to talk about
But nobody wants to hear me out Oh I just wanna have you
And I will


'Almost Acoustic' 2006
'Rap It Up' 2004

Set List

Most sets range from 30-90 minutes, depending on the venue. Backup band = longer set. Mostly original music, and a personal touch is added to any cover songs.
Some songs I've been known to cover :
The Distance- Cake
Burn- Usher
If I Ain't Got You- Alicia Keys
Billie Jean-MJ
I Got What You Want- Nicole Ray
On and On- Jack Johnson
Welcome to Jamrock- Damian Marley
I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness