Christine Donovan

Christine Donovan


Original. Dynamic. Edgy. Soft. Unique. Songwriter. Musician. Beauty. Voice. Chemistry. Talent. Real. Sensual. Playful. Fearless. Soul. Sound interesting?


********Please refer to christine myspace site for more tunes and also a more indepth look at Christine's talent. Christine's voice is what you term - "unique"...."original". Its definitely powerful thats for sure --having been well grounded in singing technique with a classical base and then applying that training to rock, pop, R&B music in a large variety of live performance .
Christine's other particular strength besides her songwriting skills is her musicianship-- piano, guitar and harmonica.
Known as DJ Christine at an indie internet radio station ( she hosts four shows a week, seeking out other indie talent to submit music to her playlist and writing skits, comedy and uses various "other personalities" to entertain on her Nooner Show and Mental Monday show.
She has been blessed with a great smile, sparkling blue eyes and vibrant personality.

Christine is in the process of recording some of her new songs - she utilized the Bathouse Studios in Bath Ontario owned by the Tragically Hip - and will be independently releasing her self produced album in June 2007.

Just recently her song Something Mysterious was chosen by Desert Highway Records internet radio for airplay through sonicbids!


Love is What We Need

Written By: Christine Donovan

Have you ever felt forgotten?
In a world of constant strain?
That you've got something in common
With a dog left out in the rain?
I Never got sent flowers
I Never got any awards
Watch the TV there for hours
Played guitar and wrote down these words....

Love is what we need
Love is what we need

So I walked along the sidewalk
Saw a man without a home
Saw the way that his eyes told me
That he felt so alone
So I gave the man a some dollars
Just so he could buy some bread
Stopped a while just to talk to him
This is what he said....

Love is what we need
Love is what we need

Went into a church to pray
A couple temples too
Now I dont care about religion
I'm just looking for the light and the truth
Saw a mother as I was leavin
She lived in her car with all her kids
She saw me standin; there watchin her
Then she told me this...

Love is what we need
Love is what we need
Love is what we need
Love is what we need

is what
We need.


Rain Down On Me (2002) - 12 tracks, (11 originals )by C. Donovan
recorded at Pinnacle Studio, Belleville with Ken Harnden,
"Christine Donovan" - 3 song EP (2003)
three originals by C. Donovan
recorded in Mill Valley, California (just outside San Francisco) at Tiki Town Studios with Scott Mathews, grammy award producer (Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt etc.)
"Lucky Me" (2004)- 10 originals by C. Donovan
recorded mainly at Long Shot studios in Kingston, Ontario with my then band -- MVP.
In process of recording original songs for new indie CD to release in June 2007. Recording at Bathouse Studios, Bath Ontario.

Set List

Focus on original songs first but mix it up with cover...usually an eclectic mix of folk, blues, roots
Like to cover songs by Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow... but lots of others too...long as it really can be done from my heart