Christine Ghezzo

Christine Ghezzo


A lush and ethereal journey through the musical traditions of Romania, Hungary, Cuba, India and beyond. A voice that warms the heart and lifts the soul.



Christine Ghezzo is a singer and emerging artist who specializes in various ethnic repertoires. Usually considered a mezzo soprano, she fully exploits her vocal range of 3 octaves. Her voice is often described as “lush, mesmerizing and ethereal”.

Christine sings traditional and ritual songs from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Greece, as well as Ragas and Bhajans of Northern India. She is the apprentice of Pandit Kamal Mishra, who is a Master of Northern Indian Vocal Repertoire and Violin. She has also studied and performed with Lia Lungu, who is a specialist in Romanian folk music. She began performing at the age of seven, and has sung in a multitude of concerts and festivals throughout the United States, Italy, Romania and Hungary.

Christine was born in Queens, NY - the most diverse place in the world, which remains an important source of inspiration in her exploration of world cultures and music. She is the daughter of two musicians who also influence and guide her: Dinu Ghezzo (Composer/Conductor/Pianist) and Marta Ghezzo (Musicologist/Theoritician).

The Music:

Christine Ghezzo's music explores the crossroads of world, classical and folk music. It has a depth and earthiness often associated with world music, the meditative and spiritual quality of ritual music, and the technical and harmonic brilliance of classical music. It is music for the heart, spirit and mind.

The songs come from a variety of sources: folk song collections, popular recordings and oral traditions. Christine then brings them to her father (Dinu Ghezzo) to be (re)composed for voice, piano, instruments & electronics; or she rearranges them for herself in layers of voices and sounds.

Her performances are riveting, moving the audience into a deeply meditative, reflective and uplifted space.


Edes Anyam

Written By: Dinu Ghezzo

Edes Anyam rosza faja
En voltam az legszepp aga
De egy gonosz lesza kasztott
Kezekoszott elher vasztott


I was once the most beautiful rose in my mother's rose garden.
But now he has plucked me,
and in his hands I am wilting.

(This is a traditional Hungarian bridal lament in which the young bride is mourning the departure from her parent's home).

Rag Bageshree - Alap

Written By: Christine Ghezzo, Dinu Ghezzo

This piece has no specific lyrics.
It is based on a traditional Indian classical Raga, in which the words (sa, re, ga, ma, pa, da, ni, sa) are actually the words of the specific notes (i.e. do, re, mi).

Rag Bageshree is an Indian Raga which is sung late at night, and is considered one of the most romantic and evocative Ragas.

This song was composed and arranged by Christine and Dinu Ghezzo, and is based on the scale of Rag Bageshree.


CD Release: "Songs of the Heart - A Journey Through World Music"

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