Christine Knodle

Christine Knodle


Peppered with romance, heartbreaks and abstraction, Christine's music authentically displays the natural spices of life. Piano driven melodies express her emotion as contemplative lyrics dance around. She considers her music to be an unconventional fusion of classical, pop and jazz.


As a violinist from the age of two, performing arts have always been near to Christine. Music evolved from a habitual task to a natural and sincere passion. After countless private lessons, rehearsals and performances, the fundamentals of music deeply ingrained themselves in Christine. Childhood allowed her to experiment with different instruments such as the French horn, trumpet, guitar and piano to understand the richness that music could offer. And then she found it. Her sincere passion of music was found through the piano. At the keys and playing for hours, Christine creates meticulous melodies, delicate harmonies and honest lyrics to form her art. Christine considers music to be an expression of herself and a remedial delight for the audience. Her satisfaction lies in others' interpretation for her music and the experience they receive. She advocates the necessity of art for a healthy welfare and hopes her contribution might impel others to appreciate the authentic beauty


Our Paths Crossed

Written By: Christine Knodle

Did I cross your path or did you cross mine?
Our lives merged again over time.
But you will go and I will stay.
Unless we meet again another day.

Your sun rises before mine.
And you beat me to the finish line.
But somehow our paths crossed again
And gave my thoughts a slight bend.


• What More Can I Say? (Performed, 2004; Recorded, 2006)
• He’s My Lord (Performed, 2004; Recorded, 2004)
• Sometimes I Wonder (Performed, 2004; Recorded 2006)
• The Moment (Performed, 2005; Notated, 2005, Recorded, 2006)
• Raindrops (Performed, 2005; Notated, 2005; Recorded 2005)
• Reason for the Season (Performed, 2005; Notated, 2005; Recorded 2005)
• We have to Say Goodbye (Notated, 2005; Recorded 2005)
• Story (Performed, 2006;Recorded; 2006)
• Every Now and Then (Notated 2005)
• Café (Performed, 2005; Notated, 2005; Recorded 2006)
• Celebrate (Performed, 2005; Notated, 2005; Recorded, 2005)
• Somethin’ About You (Performed, 2005; Recorded, 2005; Notated, 2005)
• Reason for the Season (Performed, 2005; Recorded, 2005; Notated, 2005)
• Raindrops (Performed, 2006; Recorded, 2006; Notated, 2006)
• City Lights (Performed, 2006; Recorded, 2006)
• What I Love About You (Performed, 2006; Recorded, 2006)
• Life (Performed, 2006; Recorded, 2006; Notated, 2007)
• Ordinary Day (Performed, 2006; Recorded, 2006)
• The Man That Walks (Performed, 2006)
• I Walk a Line (Performed, 2007)
• White Snow (Performed, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Notated, 2007)
• Baby, My Sweet (Performed, 2007; Notated, 2007; Recorded, 2007)
• All People (Performed, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Notated 2007)
• You and Me (Performed, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Notated, 2007)
• More Beautiful (Performed, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Notated, 2007)
• All Alone (Performed, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Notated, 2007)
• Our Paths Crossed (Notated, 2007; Recorded, 2007; Performed, 2007)
• Mysterious Beings (Notated, 2007)
• Changing of the Seasons (Notated, 2007)