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Whipped Cream

Written By: Christine Lavin

Whipped Cream

by Christine Lavin ?0„8 2006 Christine Lavin Music ASCAP/administered by Bug Music


Everyone thinks I'm serious
complicated perhaps aloof
but I am not mysterious
If you like, I'll give you proof

You see, the truth is I'm old fashioned
it's not just a cocktail I like to drink
what fuels my deepest passion
is not what you might think . . .


Whipped cream
piled high on pie or on ice cream
the shiny satiny silky peaks
how they gleam

Whipped cream . . .
the culinary equivalent of
moon beams
last night I had the most delicious dream
I dreamed I saw Julia Child floating on a cloud of whipped cream [bon appetit!]


The first time I went to Paris
the first thing I learned to say
was not"Ou est L'atour Eiffel?" uh-uh
it was 'frambois avec creme fraish, si vous plait'

whipped cream
takes the word 'scrumptious' to extremes
when I get too rambunctious nothing seems
to soothe my nerves
like a serving of . . .

Whipped cream . . . I admit
this song is nothing but a desperate scheme
to get one of you to order ice cream . . . topped
with a luscious dollop of whipped cream

[instrumental break here] below is what I normally say, but I would change this:

. . . Here's your chance to catch the waiter's eye . . . if they don't have ice cream, pie is nice . . . it would be so helpful if it was one of you front tables so I can just lean down and eat a smidge between songs . . . want to buy me a drink after the show? . . . don't bother . . . unless of course it's a drink topped with whipped cream . . .


Now some of you might think that low-fat
is the modern way to go
well Julia Child had three words for low-fat whipped cream
No . . . no . . . no

whipped cream
just thinking of it boosts my self esteem
I'd even cheer this crooked Republican regime (kidding)
if they would bribe me with a big bowl of . . .

Whipped cream
God bless the cow whose milk begat this theme
don't say Cool Whip unless you mean
to blaspheme the original . . . the glorious . . .
the fattening . . .the notorious . . .
the bows and flows of angel hair
oops that's another song . . . but I don't care
about anything . . . but
whipped cream
[please sir, can I have some more?]


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