Christine Marie

Christine Marie

 San Diego, California, USA

Country. Appeals to young and young at heart. Fresh and fun! California to Country! If Keith Urban married Carrie Underwood and they had a child who made music....that would be me!


I began my musical journey when I was six years old. I joined a local
youth theater organization and got involved in musical theater. It
wasn't until I was about 10 that I decided that I wanted to be a country
musician (because of Leann Rimes!) and ever since then I have been working on
making it as a country artist. I taught myself the guitar when I was 13
and have been writing ever since.

I am based in San Diego, CA but I hope to be moving to Nashville, TN in
about a year and a half, after I graduate from high school.

The biggest influence on my music is and has always been Keith Urban.
His talent is absolutely incredible. He has amazing stage presence, rocks
His guitar, and seems to be a genuinely nice person. I always look to him
For inspiration first. Plenty of other country musicians have influenced my
style like Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, Leann Rimes,
Shania Twain, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and tons of
others. I am consistently influenced by both the changing and the
traditional sounds of country music. I am also influenced by my own
personal experiences, using those to inspire new songs, music, and
lyrics to bring to the table.

I have always described my sound as the child that would be born if
Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood got married. :) It's a blend of true southern
rock and modern country twang. Those are my two biggest influences and I
draw musical and lyrical inspiration from the both of them.


Boy Behind the Radio

Written By: Christine Marie, Ken and Becky Rash

Verse 1
The first time I saw you, not long ago
You were singing in your video
And I couldn’t believe my eyes
You had me mesmerized

Verse 2
Its a few years later and I’m driving home
I decide to turn on the radio
Then I hear your voice
It’s like I don’t have a choice ‘cause

My heart starts beating a mile a minute
Scream out loud every time I hear it
Wait in line 10 hours for tickets to see your show
My friends tell me that I’m wishful thinking
But I’m never gonna stop believing
Someday I’m gonna know
The Boy behind the Radio

Verse 3
Then I heard you were coming to my town and I couldn’t wait
It was so hard for me to concentrate
My dream was coming true
I’d be staring up at you

Verse 4
My seats were in the very back on the lawn
Still every song I would sing along
And when the chance came
I couldn’t help but scream your name ‘cause

Repeat chorus
You don’t know this now but
One day you’ll hear me singing out loud on the radio
When you first hear this song
You’ll have to sing along and then you’ll know it’s your turn

Last chorus
Your heart starts beating a mile a minute
Then you’ll smile every time you hear it
And you’ll pay big money for tickets to see my show
Come backstage ‘cause you wanna meet me
Then you’ll smile so sweetly
Then I’ll finally know the Boy Behind the Radio

It Starts Today

Written By: Christine Marie, Ken and Becky Rash

Verse 1
Until this moment I’ve been too afraid to try
Making up excuses for letting chances pass me by

Now I’m ready for what life throws me
I’m gonna toss my worries in the back seat
All I need’s my favorite jeans
Got my Taylor on my shoulder and I’m on my way

I’m gonna take each moment by the hand
Live every dream I’ve ever planned
Everyone will know where I stand
Today, I’m living my way
Not tomorrow or someday
It Starts Today

Verse 2
Beyond just living I wanna feel alive
I’m gonna pack my bags, fill the tank,
Put the top down and just drive

There’s no telling what’s around the bend
The open road will become my best friend
It’s gonna take a little faith and a lot of phone calls to my mama telling me to keep going and…

Repeat chorus

I used to keep my feelings to myself
Give up my dreams to someone else
I was satisfied with “good enough”
I’d run and hide when the goin’ get tough
I wanna get a little dirt on my hands
Feel the wind in my hair
I wanna sing in front of a band
But all this talk won’t get me there

Let's Do Somethin' About It

Written By: Christine Marie, Ken and Becky Rash

Verse 1
I’ve noticed every time I look at you you’re looking back at me
And then you turn away trying to hide a smile
Have you noticed every time you come around I talk uncontrollably
We’ve been playing these games for quite a while

Pre chorus
Here’s a suggestion to get things moving
This is a great opportunity you’re losing
So come on and tell me what you’re thinking

Why are you denying it?
Why are you hiding it?
I know how you feel, so let’s see the big reveal
Why won’t you confess
When you know that I’ll say yes
I’m tired of waiting for it
Let’s do something about it!

Verse 2
Don’t give me that look like you’re innocent; your eyes give you away
You’re not as hard to figure out as you believe
I’ve done the hard part; I’ve poured out my heart and put my feelings on display
Now it’s your turn to wear your heart on your sleeve

Pre chorus
Don’t you know you shouldn’t keep a girl waiting?
This runaround is so frustrating
Stop pretending you don’t get what I’m saying

Are you playing hard to get baby?
Well, I won’t play along
You’d better take your shot while you got the chance
‘Cause sooner or later I’ll be gone


My EP is self titled, "Christine Marie". The EP can be purchased on my web-site, the songs can be purchased on I-Tunes; they can also be heard on and My website is

Set List

Three original songs, "Boy Behind the Radio", "Let's Do Somethin' About It" and "It Starts Today" I do a variety of country covers: Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Martina McBride!