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My Way

Written By: Christine Martucci, Patrick Ruh, Charles Ribaudo

She's from a small town
With stars in her eyes
She dreams of making it to paradise
She got a one way ticket to Nashville, Tennesee
Her mama and papa said you're still a baby
With tears in their good-byes
She looks at them and smiles

It's a long way
Maybe it's the wrong way
I got to go away
It's my time
It's the right way
Maybe I don't know a way
But I gotta find a way
Cuz it's my life
It's my life

He worked for his daddy
Ever since he could walk
He never complained
It's what he's meant to do
But when Uncle Sam called him
He didn't hesitate
He traded in his hammer for an army green suit
With tears in their goodbyes
He looked at them and smiled


You got one chance to make it in this word, baby
What are you going to do?
You got one chance to live your life to the fullest, baby
What are you gonna do?



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