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Christine Olivier’s music is classic pop, edged with glam and techno. She bridges American pop with Euro pop. Her take comes from a large pool of inspiration. She is deeply influenced by her beloved pop queens Blondie and Madonna, as well as her favorite Band’s ABBA, No Doubt and Fleetwood Mac. She has been able to meld these influences into her own style. “My ambition is very straightforward. I write and sing music that has both energy and soul. My songs will take people to places in their own lives, places that only they can interpret and imagine for themselves. I want my music to literally “move” them, whether they even dance or not”.

Christine does not remember a time without music. Her father is a pastor who actively sings and writes music. Christine and her brother, Nico, frequently sang special music during the church services and on occasion the entire family would sing four part harmonies. Her mother was in a Jazz dance troupe and acted in her younger years, which carried on to teaching at home. Christine remembers practicing the newest dance moves with her mom and brother.

Christine spent her growing up years between California and the Midwest, first in the Bay Area, then Cincinnati, Ohio. During her elementary school years, she performed at the local talent shows for her school. When she was 11 years old she auditioned for her first musical and landed the lead role, Mabel, in “Pirates of Penzance.” To her surprise and everyone else’s, Christine’s voice filled the big theater, carrying the role and commanding the audience. “This was a moment of challenge and excitement for me. I remember thinking to myself, YES, I CAN DO THIS! I will never forget studying my part and feeling the absolute thrill when that curtain went up for the first time. Even at this young age, I had already acquired a respect and love for the musical and performing arts, a feeling that has never left me.” Christine's parents continued supporting her gifts, giving her vocal coaching and dance lessons. She sang in select choirs and competitions. She continually landed leads in the high school musicals. She played as Kim MacAfee in “Bye Bye Birdie” and Liesel in “Sound of Music”.

Christine attended Hanover College, a liberal arts college in Southwestern Indiana. She majored in communications and sociology, focusing on PR and Marketing. After graduation, she landed a position for a multinational corporation in San Antonio, TX. Her brother joined her in the trek south. He was excited about the San Antonio and Austin music scene, and launched his music career there, forming his act “Nico Adams”. In short order, Christine realized that the corporate world was not for her. She found the environment far too restrictive. She longed to develop her own business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. Though it was risky, Christine checked out of the corporate scene altogether and gave herself the freedom to develop her own path in business. She found herself led right back to music. A perfect opportunity stood right in front of her and her brother. She approached Nico with the idea of managing his music career. The two were excited about this prospect, but knew that success would require arduous work, great dedication and a very long-term commitment. They also knew they were up to the endeavor.

Christine moved to Los Angeles to acquire as much knowledge as she could about the music business. For over a year, she was an assistant to music producer, which allowed her to build a network while learning the nuts and bolts of the industry in the largest, most active and demanding music market in the western United States.

Christine realized that she could not work as an assistant for long, as her focus needed to be more concentrated on managing her brother full time. This experience challenged her to take off the training wheels and launch her own company, GraceNote Management. Two years going strong, she has been able to support herself while actively developing, promoting and booking her brother. Having moved from Texas to L.A., Nico has since formed his new band, and is playing weekly venues throughout southern California.

Through this journey, Nico encouraged Christine to sing and dance again. Together they have written music for her first album, which was just released in August 2011. “My brother and I have made an awesome team, because as I raise him up and help him navigate the business side of things, he, on the other hand, has lifted me up and brought me back to the creative side, allowing me to explore music again and express myself as an artist. I am proud and excited to perform and tour with my brother, Nico Adams." Christine is all set with, DJ Orio and Lorne Ahmed, her drummer by her side.