Christine Santelli

Christine Santelli


Just back from a tour of Switzerland and Germany Christine Santelli is getting her roots music out there, with her strong vocals, songwriting and astonishing stage presence . She couldn't have a better band. This band is meant to see live. 0ther tours, France, So. Africa, Russia, Norway, Spain, US


What a rarity it is to find an artist who can blend elements of folk, rock, country and roots into one unique expressive form of music they can call their own. The music of CHRISTINE SANTELLI is an art she can truly call her own, as is the interesting story of her talent in musical evolution. A born music lover from Albany, Christine Santelli began singing, playing, writing and performing at a very young age. Her talents lead to form her first professional band, the now defunct christine and the Dickens, while still in her teens then came the touring. After performing extensively throughout the northeast with the Dickens, Christine Santelli moved the group to New York City. In 1994, Christine wrote and recorded her first CD,"24 Hours", and soon booked her first international tour in France. Recordings of these performances are now well known as "Live in Paris", Christine's second release. The CD led to tours across South Africa, Spain, and Russia. Subsequently, recordings surfaced from performances in Moscow. The content was so strong, that it was soon released as "Moscow Live". After several more overseas tours, Christine completed writing and recording her fourth album, "SEASON OF A CHILD". This album led to two Scandinavian tours along with major radio play and recognition. Soon, she found herself headlining major festivals and sharing stages with many well-known. After touring had settled down, at least for a little while, Christine found the time to write and record her fifth album, "CHRISTINE SANTELLI". The record release was followed by tours throughout Norway and Switzerland, during which Christine performed two shows at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, where she shared the bill with revered blues woman, Bonnie Raitt and guitar legend, Steve Cropper. Christine's latest CD, "TALES FROM THE RED ROOM", is considered by fans and critics to be her best work yet. The album, inspired by Christine's solo acoustic work, has been well received and showcases her versatility within the realms of singing and songwriting. Singer Universe Magazine selected Christine as the "Best Vocalist of the Month" in late 2006 for her song "One More Day". Christine has since toured in Switzerland and Germany, and has been developing the beginnings of her next project. Today, Christine has a growing legion of devoted fans who can't get enough of her seemingly endless on-stage energy, and her powerful vocal delivery. It is Christine Santelli's golden voice that has dept the twenty-years-worth of fans she has garnered coming back for more. The soulful, gritty, honest and emotive sounds that come out of this petite powerhouse when she sings are unique, moving and instantly familiar and appealing. Her latest CD "Any Better Time" has been receiving rave reviews and is featured on satellite and americana radio. "Solid Roots Rock Winner" All Music Guide.



Written By: Christine Santelli

Constance oh Constance where have you gone
Its more than ten days that have passed
Constance oh Constance I've been up since dawn
Why did you leave here so fast

You were here on a leg up You were here on a dream
I can't wait so show yourself please
Constance oh Constance where have you gone
I'm praying down on my knees

Constance oh Constance did you find out the truth
Its quite a long way from home
Constance oh Constance your'e long in the tooth
They've probably been dead for so long


Constance oh Constance you fought the wrong fight
It's more than the past that is wrong
Constance oh Constance we'll sit up all night
We'll put it down in a song


Constance oh Constance we'll have a party for you
We'll break out the beer and get stoned
Conscience oh Conscience be tried and be true
Get up and find your way home

Let time stand still

Written By: Christine Santelli

Come with me alone
Trust me for a while
We may only have one more day
Follow me beside
Hold my hand don't cry
We may only have one more day

Babies cry, The smell of trees in bloom
Commuter trains in the afternoon
Simple pleasures and hardened times
Faded pictures in your mind
Let time stand still for a while

Kiss my lips again
longer than a dream
We may only have one more day
Sit with me and then
save your breath mid-stream
We may only have one more day


Smile with me and then
the sun may soon go down
We may only have one more day
Sleep with me and save
all there is today
We may only have one more day



"24 Hours", "Live in Paris", "Moscow Live", "Season of a Child", "Christine Santelli" "Tales from the Red Room" "Any Better Time"

Set List

Set list changes with each performance. Sets from 45minutes-2hrs.