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Life Is Good

Written By: Christine VanHoy / Jimmy Ashley

LIFE IS GOOD Christine VanHoy/Jimmy Ashley 3/3/07

1. I’ve seen the better side of 40. Learned a lot along the way.

Like you have to have north to get south, work real hard to enjoy play.

And to make the best of everything, don’t let mad get in your way.

You have to know wrong to do right, have nighttime to get day.

Chorus Life is good. It’s as good as you make it. Life is good.

When you make a little time, make it good.

Give back what you have taken, and be sure, to leave a little sign. Life is good.

2. Teach patience to a little child, say I love you to your friends.

There’s always new beginnings, every time there is an end.

Can’t have a gorgeous sunset, if the sun don’t ever rise.

Can’t know if you’ve been foolish, without ever being wise.


Bridge All we have is just this day. Maybe just this moment in time.

Choose to fill it up with love, and be sure, to leave a little sign.

Instrument Solo

3. I count my blessings not my years, and I always knock on wood.

I have faith all will be fine, and turn out like it should.

I’m thankful for the things I get, cuz you know I love to give.

Can’t choose the way that I will die, I choose how I will live.