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"DMX Music 7/05"

"I'm always on the search for new 'secret weapons' and CHRISTIÓN is my new atom bomb! Take a look at the people behind this project and you'll be joining me at this party!"

Mark "In The Dark" Shands
Music Director
Los Angeles
- Mark


Album: Project Plato
Label: The Mint Records
Genre: Neo Soul
Release Date: 9/13/05
Posted: 12/08/2005

By: Jason Kordich

If there is any genre of music that has suffered from commercialization more than Hip-Hop, it is R&B. Real R&B is soulful and exhibits talented songwriters and singers. Just as Hip-Hop and Pop blended together, R&B was abducted by its less intelligent counterpart. Thankfully, there are some that still appreciate everything that made the singers of the great R&B generation great. Enter T. Ross and Kenni Ski of Christion.

The Oakland based group is back with their latest album, Project Plato. The album is divided into five chapters (The streets, The Relationships, The Love, The Journal, The Juke Joint). Unlike R. Kelly’s concept driven ghetto-opera, the chapters provide a chance to isolate subject matter while showing that they are able to effectively sing about everything from trying to survive the streets and racial stereotypes to the complexity of relationships and love to finally getting your party on.

Within each of the chapters, there is a refreshingly original element. Their singing, song writing, and production is never stagnate or repetitive. Echoing such legends as Johnny Gill (particularly on “My Reason”), Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Al Green, this duo has modeled themselves after the very best without merely duplicating them.

Breathing new life into a forgotten genre, Christion continues to provide soul-driven music that uniquely blends the best of the old with the best of the new.

- Jason Kordich

" 7/05"

Let 'Em Know:
"Optimistic, energetic, fresh, and fun are a few choice words that best describe this upbeat celebration of relationships gone good."

I've Grown:
"A sonic proclamation of personal achievement, self-confidence, emotional maturation and total control. In other words, a stunningly mackalicious manifesto from the heart."

Do Ya Dance! (Dedicated to Mr. Wonder):
"Infused with excitement, free spirit, tasty vocals, and an undeniably rhythmic groove, this home-cooked throwback of a jam is the one to be bumped at the clubs, dancehalls, on the radio, and at every neighborhood summer block party. No sleeping allowed on this one!"

Presidential Suite:
"Not since LL Cool J's "I'm That Type Of Guy" has an up-tempo track this seductive managed to creep out the speakers as mischievously as this one. Ladies beware, because the Christión fellas definitely aren't playing around on this fantasmically libidinous ode to palatial hotel accommodations."

Let 'Em Know feat. Twisted (D-Maq's Cali Mix):
"The hip-hop remix of "Let 'Em Know" delivers hefty west coast beats with bounce and a lengthy rap verse that slides right in with the rest of the track. This is definitely the club edition."

That's Wut's Up:
"Christión's fiercest party anthem yet - complete with chants, megaphone rants, rap verses, and a 'hyphy' beat that keeps the whole thing going. Turn this up, because that's what's up!"

- New Jack Swing 4 Ever-Andrew Knyte

"CityFlight Magazine 7/05"

“Project Plato”
The Mint Records
Airwaves: R&B

Smooth, cool, street-wise urban appeal with a dash of funk, Christión comprised of duo, Kenni Ski and T. Ross of Oakland, California is generously gracing us again with their unmistakable vocal and song writing talents. After a hiatus from the entertainment spotlight, their long awaited sophomore debut album is appropriately titled, “Project Plato”. From their first successful album, “Ghetto Cyrano”, released back in 97’, “Project Plato” leads us to the next chapter of maturity and open expressions of love and dedication. Now don’t get Christión wrong, they have not strayed too far from that inner city street-wise realism that they are so known for. In the track, “Let ‘Em Know”, that undoubtedly appeals to the club scene, this track will not only tempt you to do a little one two step on your living room floor, but will also have you curiously pondering the message of the kind of man who stands by his woman’s side. Christión talents comes from the fact that their songs are written and sung often from personal experience. “I’ve Grown”, passionately tells the story of a man who is trying to convince his woman that he has matured despite his shortcomings in the past. Christión also creatively hits us with a positive message in the track, “No Place”, in which they proclaim there is a better place to strive for besides the street corner or a jail cell. If you have always been a true fan of Christión, you should count on making a well worth it trip to your nearby record store to pick up your copy of “Project Plato”, you won’t be disappointed. Promise!

- Natalie Newman


Christion are the only modern-day coolies with enough game to be invited to the Player's Ball, and the only new kids who could out-mack Goldie and earn the title SuperDuperFly.

Without ignoring the date on today's calendar, Christion roll back the pages to the era of blaxploitation films, Curtis Mayfield, mellow Soul and Marvin Gaye. While not getting lost in the hazy retro reminiscing about it all, they nonetheless have the rare ability to fill songs with smoothed-out falsettos, keyboards masquerading as strings, weighty bass that drops and settles like sediment, and floating wahs that echo until they fade.

When you start to worry that the whole thing's got its head screwed on backwards and is myopically staring at the past, they give you a blast from the present with a dusting of here-and-now hip-hop and Neo-Soul. - Review


IT'S THE ROC...well, it used to be. Now, the duo known as Christion are doing the indie thing with impressive results. Their latest album is separated into chapters, covering everything from street life to relationships. "It's Gonna Rain" and "Presidential Suite" are two strong cuts on an LP rooted in Hip-Hop/R&B. - Review



In a time when R&B was transforming from the New Jack Swing to more of a hip-hop influenced sound, a few vocalist emerged and really helped to elevate or maintain the integrity of real soul music. Christion, formerly of Roc-a-fella Records, brought the true grit and soul that is reminiscent of some of soul music’s greatest artists including Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Willie Hutch. Their first single “Full of Smoke” proved that the audience is still listening that can appreciate real music. Now on The Mint records, Christion releases their sophomore release “Project Plato” which redefines their music, themselves, and an era.

WHO?MAG: How did Christion first get involved in the music industry?

Christion: It was a long time ago, about 10 years ago. We were real young in the game, just really trying to make our name known. When you’re young, you may not be in it for all the right reasons. We always had a political state of mind coming from the Oakland & Bay area and being raised in Berkley and we were always in this liberal type struggle. Our parents went through a lot coming up in a different time when the Black Panthers movement was going on over here in Oakland. They were into freedom of speech and the real talk. So that’s where we get a lot of our foundation from, lyrically and spiritually. We came up in a church and listening to old soul music. Our parents really put us really thick. We owe our parents for that because we were getting caught up in the new school of straight R&B. R&B to us is really just a fad type thing to us.

WHO?MAG: Why should an unfamiliar consumer go out and buy your new CD?

Christion: If you want to listen to a well rounded album that you can get a little bit of everything, like we just don’t do what we consider a style of music, we actually have just have a style that we call the Christion style and that’s bringing back not just the soul, but were bringing back all different styles and elements of music where it could be reggae, hip-hop, a little pop involved, and it’s just a wide range of style and you can take those styles and pretty much figure out where we get our inspirations from past and present singers that have been around for a long time.

WHO?MAG: Your first album seemed highly influenced by Marvin Gaye while this album seems more influenced by Curtis Mayfield and Willie Hutch. Do you feel that music needs to come back from that error?

Christion: That era will always be here for me and for Ski. This is where all the music evolved. Some of the old soul music. That’s where the music evolved from now. Now where did it go, I cant say it all went in the same direction, but I think that everyone says that our music reminds them of Marvin Gaye, and Curtis Mayfield, but we also take a lot of Sam Cooke, Sly and The Family Stone, The Beatles, and the Police, and all those influences are almost like a melting pot, a big ol’ pot of gumbo is what I like to call it which we blended together into our own sound. We feel that we created our own sound, but we know that if you listen to all these artists in the past that they had their major influence on it. To be compared to the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and all these wonderfully talented musicians of the past, we like to take that and just run with it. We love the fact that we are being compared to those types of music. We also want to continue to put out the music that people want to hear. I think people really want to hear music with a foundation, with really good lyrics and just actual music. With actual guitar licks, bass lines, everything.

WHO?MAG: Your first album was critically acclaimed by some of the biggest media, what is going to make this new album stand out from your previous release?

Christion: I think this new album we added a chapter and it’s the jook joint. I think it has even more so of a well roundedness to it. The last album, we tried to perfect whatever we do and we try to master our trade as much as possible, but what we try to do is add new elements to the this album which we are very proud of, especially the Jook Joint section. Not only does it show that we can do a smoothed out melodic type music, but we can also go up-tempo on them and really get the crowd pumping. And this album right here is something that I like to call the icing on the cake because we put a little more on this album and a lot of time on not only to keep our sound, but to create a new sound also. And I think you guys are really going to enjoy this album because a lot of stories on this album, and I call them stories because we get a lot of the subject matter for our songs from actual events that have happened to us or to friends and family, or just folks we know from the streets. If something happened down the street, we are going to put it down on wax and you’re going to get that from Christion.

WHO?MAG: In a time when Roc-a-fella Records had quite a few R&B artists signed to them, you guys were pretty much the only release they put out. Can you talk about your situation with Roc-a-fella?

Christion: What went down with Roc-a-fella was what happens to a lot of families and friends. Sometimes it starts out real good and then you have your little bumps along the way. Just to let you know, we still have a really good relationship with Damon and everyone pretty much at Roc-a-fella, and we still have contact with some of the people over there. What happened was that there were a couple of situations that didn’t go as well and we decided it was time to part ways. That doesn’t mean that in the future that we won’t be still business partners in some aspects, but it’s just a couple of bumpy things that happened along the way (KEN).

WHO?MAG: How did you get down with The Mint Records?

Christion: The Mint Records, Phaethon Devlin Brown, Cookie Cook, Came to Ski and I and said we need to bring back what we are doing. Because we were still doing our Christion: project and Alan was doing his solo project, I was doing a solo project, Ski was producing for a couple of folks and we all decided to go ahead and put this project together and we pretty much owe it all to Cookie Cook and Phaethon Brown because they had the faith that Christion would come back and just really lay down the foundation of what was really missing in the entertainment industry. That was the old souls with the knocking beats. Those cats brought us together.

WHO?MAG: Majority of your songs on your album pertain to street life and hustling. How has the street influenced your song writing and production?

Christion: Everything that happens in the street and in my hood that we have been through even the hard times whether it happened relationship wise or something that happened to them through experience or the police, or whatever, we put it down in song format and we got so many songs that we did that some didn’t even make it onto the album. Tons and tons of songs. We also have been blessed by actually being able to dream songs. I’m not sure if it has something to do with our family traits because some of them were psychic, but I don’t know about that (haha). We dream songs, we think of songs. Whenever we have a subject matter that we talk about that’s a serious issue in the studio, we fill it through our beats. Ken will get on the drum machine and that’s it. We just take it from there. We just come up with our concepts from there.

WHO?MAG: So what advice would you give an upcoming artist trying to break into the entertainment industry?

Christion: Just keep working hard and don’t give up your side hustle until you’re totally ready because in this game you have to be committed 100% and not only that. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time. Your money and whatever is inside of you because you have to bring it out and be able to put it on CD. If you don’t have that drive in you, then you won’t be able to survive in this industry. The best advice I could give is to be resilient and be good to everyone because you never know; you never might step on the wrong feet in the long run. Don’t go out there just thinking you’re the bomb and Mr. It. Be confident, but not cocky.

WHO?MAG: If you could fix one flaw in the music industry, what would that be?

Christion: The music industry is cutthroat. People will take your concepts and run with them and not give any credit. You need to always give credit to the people that you came up listening and that you admire. Without any role model or anyone to look up to, I’m not sure what you have to look up to; I don’t know what you are looking for. You’re just going to be out there with no soul, just out there making music

WHO?MAG: What’s next for Christion?

Christion: More videos, more tours, more giving to the people what we like to give them which is our music. We have a lot of stuff up and coming right now. We will be hitting a city near you, and if it’s not near you, give us a couple of months and we’ll be there soon. So we have some pretty thick things popping up right now!

- Interview

"Project Plato-Customer Reviews"


A Breathe of Fresh Air, October 6, 2005
Ralph (Voorhees, N.J.) - See all my reviews

I have to admit, I was not sure what to expect when picking up this album. A majority of the music that has been released over the last ten years has lost it's substance and grip on reality. Most artists of the R&B/Soul/HipHop Genre today glorify nothing but themselves and the things of this world, not to mention the total lack of respect for the "Ladies". It is now to the point where it's hard to differentiate between them all. "Project Plato " has the elements that have been forgotten by recent artists. Each chapter tells a different story, but stories of real life, real love, the struggles, and how those struggles help you grow. It was also nice to find a full album without hearing women referred to as an object. Christion has flavors and influences on this album that make you reminisce of what great music use to be and what is missing today. "Project Plato has filled that void. I hope and pray for their success and look forward to another masterpiece in the future.

Chapter IV - The Journal: A CLASSIC MASTERPIECE, October 6, 2005
Cat (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews

I love this album, has something for everyone, but my favorites:
* Chapter IV - The Journal. A classic masterpiece.
* Broken Streets - amazingly lovely, brilliantly written, you will cry
* Farrah - I want to be Farrah in a fantasy
* Do Ya Dance - this song will be playing 50 years from now, timeless
* My Reason - woo your woman with this one. . . you'll win her over.
* Never Seen You Before - fresh.
* No Place - gives me hope
* Let 'Em Know & Just Move - will get your ass on the dance floor.
* Where Yo Girlfriend At? - clever
* Blackmail - even more clever
PICK UP THE ALBUM. More soulful and not as smoothed out as GHETTO CYRANO, but A CLASSIC, just like GHETTO CYRANO. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.
A MUST HAVE !!!!!!!!!, October 1, 2005

K.C. (Philadelphia, PA) - See all my reviews

Just when I thought that music lost it's "heartbeat"...there was Project Plato. This album is slammin'!!! The writing and production on this album is sick!!! Christion delivers a spritual journey of emotion and relationship. Each song paints a picture on my soul. Wrap your head around this will draw you in. From it's bangin' club beats to it's heartfelt ballads; Project Plato has something for everyone. "My Reason" is definately the next breakout ballad that will be a must in everyone's slow jams mix. Props to Christion for keeping it real. Project Plato is a no-brainer
Awesome!!!!!, September 30, 2005

S. Beaty - See all my reviews

This is a must have album. Every song has a purpose and in this day and age of music it's about time. Ski's lyrics are tight and with T. Ross, Ezra, Allen Anthony and Cookie mixing it up, it's an Album I could listen to over and over again and again. The knockout blow is "Just Move". Man you all hit it big with this album. Great job! All the blood sweat and tears were definetly worth it.

Hustlers...Fall In love 2, September 29, 2005
Reviewer: YPoetAct (North Park, CA) - See all my reviews

Through journeys in life the uniqueness of that journey is that it's your own. The bonus is if you can put it in words and then pour a blend of sweet melodies and street confessions. Christion has "Grown" with Project Plato. Ghetto Cyrano told us fans where they were from. Project Plato explains the journey and complexities of Love. Of a man loving a woman in all ways possible and so much more. The dance track "Let em know" funky base and beats is a club banger. I personally like the "010 deeplak mix". Every girl wants a Superman out there working hard, who can't wait to come home to her. Hey.. "I've Grown" was the soundtrack to my weekend a couple weeks ago.. I played that song like 10 times. The hook is "Can't you see it baby, Can you feel me, like I feel you babe". Also my favorites are "No Place", "Broken Streets" love the melodies and stories of searching. "My Reason" & "Slow Motion" are sexy tracks to turn on this winter. Christion vocals and lyrics are rich with Awesome Productions. The wah wah guitar, serenading boards , deep bass grooves and smooth sweet vocals are there signature. The family continues to grow. Pick it up for the winter fireplace gatherings.

Da bomb, September 25, 2005
The Streets "pimpin" (Phoenix, AZ USA) - See all my reviews

This cats are the bomb! I picked up the there first cd and was impressed. I don't really listen to RnB, but they had that old school sound I like locked. I picked up the new cd, they picked up were they left off. The remixs (Let um Know) is off the hook, Homeboy Twisted Killed those rhymes, and my girl won't let me play anything eles in my ride...

The cd is a winner...
THE RETURN OF TRUE SOUL, September 24, 2005

DJ Cool Breeze (Atlanta, GA) - See all my reviews

In 1997 I picked up an album by the name of "Ghetto Cyrano" which featured two cats from Oakland, CA named Christion. The first single, "Full of Smoke", prompted my purchase, but the CD sollidified my appetite for a "true" ALBUM indeed. Out of all the Soul/R&B cats who were out at the time, (Maxwell, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Chico DeBarge, Jon B.), Christion was the ONLY ones who actually sang about something real. The album flowed from chapter to chapter, and basically shutdown any other album out then, or now.

After waiting for sooooo long for these brothas to come back out, I can finally say... THANK GOD FOR CHRISTION! Beginning with "No Place", Christion recaptures the eseence of what Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown sang before them... real life issues.

Songs like "It's Gonna Rain", "Save My Baby" and "Blackmail" are instant soul classics. Continue forward with "Let 'Em Know", "Just Move", "I've Grown", "My Reason", "Farrah", "Grandma's Grove" and "Broken Streets", and you just my pass out from too much good music.

And unlike before, this time Christion adds THE JUKE JOINT! Any fans of Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Cameo are going to LOVE this new addition of Christion flavor!

Have I sold you on it yet? Trust me... there are hundreds of CD's coming out each month, and thousands coming out each year, and the only one you're gonna need is titled "PROJECT PLATO".
Buy this album, and please, please, please make sure you request these songs on the radio, so the world can discover the genius of Christion!

Exceeded Expectations!!, September 23, 2005
Nicole Nakano (Oakland, CA) - See all my reviews

I must admit, when hearing that a second cd was going to be released I was afraid that it would not sound as rich and soulful as the first. As time passed and the 2nd cd never dropped, I was beginning to feel doubt that it would even happen. To my suprise, the cd has arrived with a destiny to leave it's mark on our souls and minds.
They have songs that make you think like No Place, Save my Baby and Blackmail, songs that make you groove like Let 'Em Know, I'm Grown, and songs that make your soul smile like Slow Motion, and Grandma's Grove. This cd is worth buying. I look forward to future releases, hopefully that will showcase your true vocal talents. Good Luck!!
I Jumped On It, September 23, 2005

KC "KC" (LA, CA) - See all my reviews

Okay, I got Christion's cd-single fo' free , when me and my boys were at a club.
Let 'em Know was the cool joint. The remixes on the cd-single were kinda okay.
But Twisted{He Gotta Get A New Name} kinda did it for me, pushed it over da top.
So when the album drop, picked it up, and the CD had better songs on it.
Haven't heard the songs on the radio though, but I hope I do.
From 1-2-10, I give it a 7 or 8.
All they need is a major to pick them up, then they'll be rollin'.
Cus, I had never heard of " The Mint Records " as a record label.
I looked it up on the Internet and it's an independent record company.
I'm just into find out what liable people are on, who wrote what, and who produced the music. From the CD, they have young up_&_coming producers.
I wish them luck. Cus, the last cd was da bomb!


Welcome back my brothas!, September 22, 2005
Reviewer: Willie Hustle "BigWil" (Houston, Texas) - See all my reviews

Thank you for taking us on another soulful journey. I love this album! If you love deep lyrics, great melodies, and soul singing, then this album is for you. Songs like "No Place" & "Save my Baby" tell it like it is and rep the hood right. And the ladies will love when you put on "Slow Motion" & "My Reason". People slept on these dudes 1st album Ghetto Cyrano, don't sleep again, buy this record now!


5 STARS - Reviewer: anthony
what can i say , complete album , love the whole concepts of the chapters , highly recommended . love it

5 STARS - "Street Sexy"
Reviewer: Shalondra
My sister and I heve been longtime fans of Christion. I was very pleased to hear some real music in my ears. Thank you for blessing us once again....Sin Cities sistas.

Reviewer: Hattijoe
This C.D. was well worth the wait. They stuck with the same storyline and and soulfulness that I expected from Christion. Its refreshing to hear real raw talent from the streets. This C.D. is definetly a must have.

5 STARS - Excellent
Reviewer: Gary F
I rate this Album as more accomplished and polished than the first Album, Ghetto cyrano. You can definately hear the musical development and the lyrics are on point as with the first album. I'm putting this alongside the Raheem Devaughn as one of the Albums of the year for me, this is how 'real' soul music should be i.e. the love,the consciousness and reality being song with passion and flowing freely! Keep up the good work Christion? we've been waiting a long time to hear back from you,but it was worth the wait.

5 STARS - Wonderfully Poetic
Reviewer: Staci W. Concord, CA
Wonderfully poetic, with a burst of sensuality, each song brings forth a story that the listener will relate to. The voices are strong, and very SOULFUL. I can't wait to catch these 2 fine black brotha's in concert in the Bay Area. Keep up the fabulous work gentlemen! Staci

5 STARS - From the street to the soul
Reviewer: CHIEF UK
A very refreshing cd that brings neo soul face to face with real street issues. Couple this with phat beats and slick production and you are served a treat. A retro yet contemporary vibe throughout. A real grower. CLASSIC

- Amazon & CD Baby


Full of Smoke (Single) (Roc-A-Fella/Priority, 1/97)
Bring Back Your Love (Single) (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 9/97)
Ghetto Cyrano (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 11/97)
I Wanna Get Next To You (Single) (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 4/98)
The Streets Is Watching-Soundtrack - {Platinum} (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 1998)
Backstage-Soundtrack - {Gold} (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 2000)
The ROC Files-Compilation (Roc-A-Fella/DefJam, 2003)
Project Plato (THE MINT, 9/05)
Let 'Em Know (THE MINT, 5/06)



XXL MAGAZINE (Album Rating - XL) - "Christión’s listeners are treated to a languid soulfulness that is an alternative to radio fluff without being soft or pretentious."

RADIO & RECORDS - "Christión’s ‘Ghetto Cyrano’ is a journey traveled down different paths: society's effect on us; the mysticism of sexuality; the purity and strength of love; and finally ending with our effect on society."

Next level Neo-Soul? Hip-Hop evolved? Pop infused Adult-Contemporaries? Street conscious soul music? Whatever you choose to call Christión’s dynamic blend of Hip-Hop/Soul, you will find yourself listening over and over again. Hailing from Oakland, CA, Kenni Ski & T. Ross is the dynamic duo known throughout the world as Christión ('97, Roc-A-Fella/Def Soul). Christión sold over 560,000 units while gaining critical acclaim as "the next heirs to the Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield throne (Oakland Tribune).” Kenni Ski's songwriting and production skills quickly became legendary after the release of Christión’s first single, ‘Full of Smoke.’"

The song, a chilling tale of a street hustler coming to grips with his lifestyle, struck a chord with millions of R&B and Hip Hop fans in the inner cities throughout the world. It was obvious to anyone who heard the song that there was a major new talent emerging in the R&B music scene. After the success of their first CD, "Ghetto Cyrano," Christión is finally back with their next soulful offering, "Project Plato." T. Ross replaces the departing Allen Anthony, stepping to the forefront after singing background for the dynamic duo. Ross puts a hold on his solo debut to add his unique flavor to the Christión sound.

When asked the reason for such a long delay for their sophomore album, Kenni Ski responds, "All good things come in time. I know it sounds cliché, but I truly believe there’s a season for everything. I want to thank all the fans who’ve patiently waited for our return. We had the privilege of being the first group signed and released on Roc-A-Fella. After being a part of two Roc-A-Fella soundtracks, “Streets is Watching” and “DJ Clue Presents,” I know it’s been a minute since ya’ll heard from us. Allen decided to release his solo album with the Roc while I wanted to pursue more avenues of the business. I've been producing for cats ever since. Last year I co-founded THE MINT with Phaethon Devlin Brown (President & CEO), and Sean ‘Cookie’ Cook (Chief Marketing Officer) and we inked our distribution deal with Navarre Corporation. I look forward to the new path of the group and I hope the fans of our music will join us on our journey.”

During Christión’s hiatus, the group appeared on the Backstage-movie soundtrack (2000) and The Roc Files-compilation (2003). Ski has been producing tracks for Aftermath Records, DJ Clue, Sky Balla’, Frank Stickums, Young Jet, Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), his brother Allen Anthony, Cat Kim, Reign (to name a few), as well as numerous film and television projects. Ski has also been producing and fine-tuning an innovative sound he describes as Hip-Rock-Soul. On any given night, you may catch Ski in the midst of the L.A. grass- roots scene, campaigning for the return of authentic soul music.

Ski's song lyrics have been quoted by numerous Hip Hop/R&B icons, including Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Nas, who all have chosen to incorporate Ski’s words into their own incredible brand of music. "I'm a huge fan of all those cats so it's extremely flattering to have them use any of my lines in their songs," says Ski. "I’ve always regarded Jay-Z as one of the greatest street poets of our time, so to have him diggin’ my vibe is an honor. I got into the music game to make a difference, and make a statement. I told Damon Dash that I didn't care if our CD went double platinum or double plastic, my goal was to reach the streets, and talk to the people."

Christión did just that with the release of their critically acclaimed and self produced Roc-A-Fella/Def Soul debut album, "Ghetto Cyrano." The album became a Soul & Hip-Hop classic and set the bar as well as influenced the entire Neo-Soul movement while garnering 4 to 5 star reviews in VIBE, Rolling Stone, Billboard, SPIN, XXL, Radio & Records, Black Radio Exclusive, People, Source, GAVIN and Urban Network. "The cats are genius B, crazy hot, you can't touch 'em...,” a statement made by multi-platinum rapper/CEO and Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z. "Real talent, that dude writes real shit," comments super producer/rapper/CEO and Hip-Hop icon Dr. Dre. While working on Christión’s current LP "Project Plato," T. Ross was asked his opinion on the current state of the Hip Hop/R&B market. T. Ross comments, "Shit has got to change; it's appalling the amount of brain poisoning crap they have on TV and radio, compared to the lack of anything symbolizing real life and real issues. I'm not trying to put anyone down, but what happened to the soul? We need fantasy and reality in today's music, the kids got a right to know."

Reality i