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My name is Doc Watson. I have released 4 Christian Hip Hop albums that have really made an impact. I have Kingston, and Pro on the Label. I have produced for Kingston, Pro, Japhia Life, Soul P, Willie Will, Brothatone, Andale, Midnyte Sun, and others. Our Mission is to bring God to the streets.


Christ Like Ent. is set apart from many others becuase we focus on ministry. We work really hard at making music that will influence the streets. We are active in servicing our neighborhoods with free product and promo. We love to hand out free cd's and to talk to the youth. Our music is aggressive and on the cutting edge of where Christian Hip Hop is going. We are focused on raising the bar and being a part of the growth of the Holy Hip Hop industry. We want to see a better world. Our music is described as "The first Christian hip hop artist ever listened to" Many say this to us becuase we have a good sound with a different message. We are interested in hearing that statement made by many more.


Our LP's to this point are

Click Rightous (The Beginning of a Movement)
Kingston (Absolute Truth)
Kame Up (Volume 1)
Kingston (In the City)
Pro (Black Out) Comming soon

Singles that have been getting play are:

The Devil is Dope
Shining Like Im Shining
Get no where
Put your hands up
Life in the city
Pray for me
Cant Stop
Speaking Murder
Run they mouth

Set List

Our normal set list for Kingston is

Shining like I'm Shining
Absolute Truth
One of these Nights

We normally use up 15 minutes sets.