Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Christoph is the solo project of Christopher Martin. His debut Never Been in Love EP is a lo-fi collection of acoustic pop songs that feature tales of suburban despair and unrequited affections. Featuring the vocal and instrumental talents of Sue Nickerson and Out of Habit.


Christoph's first set was when he was five years old. It was mostly Whitney Houston songs sung into a plastic spoon. Photographic evidence exists. Since then he went to several schools, completed all of them, and found himself with an education but nothing to do with it. So obviously he used it to write music. The Never Been in Love EP is fueled by those long late night writing sessions in between episodes of Gilmore Girls on dvd and diet coke raids from the fridge. The songs are imperfect and messy sometimes, but they have character born from a resistance to do things the "right" way. Recorded in a sauna in the middle of nowhere with a duo of heavenly backing vocalists and the music skills of Nicole Berkowitz from Out of Habit who will be joining him live for the foreseeable future.


Never Been in Love EP-2009

Set List

Can play 45 minute to one hour set, mostly originals, probably a few covers by bands like Eisley, Tegan and Sara, Jenny Lewis