Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Acoustic Outlaw Country infused with Hardcore Punk.


The Hardcore Troubadour, Christophe, is a small town Okie Boy with a passion and prowess for the guitar. He has been writing and playing all styles of music since the early nineties, covering genres ranging from goth, punk, and electronica to folk, country, and blues. Traveling the road with his guitar, he’s found himself more at home playing his “roots” inspired music to other road weary travelers. In his wandering he’s been known to play anything from street corners, bus stations, and train stations to bars, punk rock shows, and honky tonks. With the blood of the country coursing through his veins, the style of rural folk comes pretty natural these days. His most recent project is simply solo. Touring as himself with an acoustic guitar, Christophe is currently playing country music with a hardcore twist to fans all over this great nation. He is featured on radio stations in both his native Oklahoma and Colorado and is included as a regularly played artist on streaming radio shows. In addition to radio, he has appeared on national television channels including CMT and GAC. Christophe’s style has been likened to a cross between Merle Haggard and The Misfits. There’s something about this wandering outlaw that everyone can enjoy.


SmacOne - Bootleg This (2010)

Christophe - Crossroads (2010)

Christophe - Fear the Dead b/w If The Sun Don't Shine (2009)

Christophe - SoonerCon '09 Demo (2009)

Christophe - Ten Necromantic Classics: A Collection Of Love Songs For The Dead (2008)

Christophe - Covers (2008)

Christophe - The Life Of An Outlaw: 1-17-08 Demos (2008)

V/A - Radio Free Satan's 666-6 6th Birthday CD Spectacular (2006)

V/A - The Rot n' Roll Horror Comp. From Hell (2005)

V/A - Horrorpunk Comp. Vol. 2: The Resurrection (2005)

V/A - The Horror Of It All: Volume 1 (2005)

V/A - Random Infliction: Volume 2 (2005)

V/A - The Harder, The Better: Volume 8 (2005)

V/A - Your Friendly Neighborhood Louis Presents... Do They Know It's Hallowe'en??? Louis' 2005 Halloween Mix (2005)

V/A - Too Much Horror Business 1977-1983 A Tribute To The Misfits (2004)

Mockingbird Lane - 2003 Demo (2003)

Mockingbird Lane - Taken Under (2003)

Set List

I have about 40 originals songs I variate through and about 10 covers. I can do a full set of country or a full set of punk, or mix it up between the two.