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"Quote from Rob Grogan, Operations Manager KIRC/KSLE/KWSH"

"If Johnny Cash, Elvis, Glen Danzig, and Johnny Rotten were to have a baby...and that baby grew up to be a musician...he would absofreakinlutely be Christophe." - Rob Grogan, Operations Manager KIRC/KSLE/KWSH

"Quote from Tommy Cash, Musician"

"Well, he's about big enough to be anybody he wants to be, isn't he?" - Tommy Cash, Musician

"Quote from Danny Trashville, Musician"

"Christophe was Christophe before being Christophe was cool." - Danny Trashville, Musician

"Quote from Danny Trashville, Musician"

"Christophe was Christophe before being Christophe was cool." - Danny Trashville, Musician

"Reviews: Christophe - Crossroads"

"Christophe takes a large dose of Country, add some Cowpunk, and leaven it with Rock n Roll, and has come up with..well…Christophe!" - Midnight Calling

"Album Reviews: Christophe - Crossroads"

"The final track, "The Life of an Outlaw" is the testimony of a road weary traveler who has "been called a bruiser..." How often do you hear anyone use the word "bruiser" in song? Not very, which is another good reason to check this ep out!" - Punk Globe

"DAMAGED Hearing Top 20 Records of 2008"

"DAMAGED Hearing: The Top 20 Records of 2008!!! "9. Christophe - THE LIFE OF AN OUTLAW: 1-17-08 DEMOS Straight outta Lawton, Oklahoma, is the brutally exciting first outlaw country record from OKC horrorpunk legend Christophe. Sure, his punk stuff was good, but his country stuff is GREAT. This self-released disc, stripped bare, with a quivering voice and a resonate acoustic guitar, is full of that small-town spite’n’quiet anger that singers like Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr. had, but with a sleek little evil edge to it. Listen to: “The Life of an Outlaw” "" - DAMAGED Hearing Blogspot

"Music Spotlight: Christophe Murdock"

"His music rolled in like a thunderstorm and was the perfect accompaniment for the ominous grey skies coming in over Moore." - Moore Monthly

"Murdock and Prairie Fire set to scorch Deli"

"Christophe Murdock has never been a musician bound by convention when it comes to blending genres. He’s continuing that artistic irreverence with a new project called Prairie Fire." - POP

"Album Review: The Damaged Hearing Sessions"

"With The Damaged Hearing Sessions, Christophe has again done what he does so well and produced an album of dark outlaw country songs that conjure images and moods of the classic country of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and the classic horror films of the 1950s." - Dave Brown


Select Discography:
(CD 2012) Christophe Murdock - The DAMAGED Hearing Sessions
(CD 2010) Christophe Murdock - Crossroads
(Vinyl 2009) Christophe Murdock - Fear The Dead

Christophe Also Appears On:
(CD 2013) Casper McWade - It Didn't Used To Be This Way
(CD 2012) Frost - Dickies and KD's
(Digital 2012) Various Artists - The Music Of Vol. II: The Halloween 2011 Compilation
(Digital 2011) Christophe Murdock- Live 7/23/11 Cookies and Cards Farewell Fundraiser
(Digital 2011) Various Artists - I Think Of The Demon: A Tribute To Roky Erickson
(CD 2011) Various Artists - Mr. Leghorn Presents Music: Vol. 2
(Digital 2011) Christophe Murdock - Live 3/11/11 Downtown Sound Grand Opening
(CD 2011) Christophe Murdock - Unpaid Fines
(CD 2010) SmacOne - Bootleg This
(Independent Film 2010) THEM
(CD 2009) Christophe Murdock - SoonerCon '09 Demo
(CD 2008) THomas Gun/Christophe Murdock - Ten Necromantic Classics: A Collection Of Love Songs For The Dead
(CD 2008) Christophe Murdock - Covers
(CD 2008) Christophe Murdock - The Life Of An Outlaw: 1-17-08 Demos
(CD 2006) Various Artists - Radio Free Satan's 666-6 6th Birthday CD Spectacular
(CD 2006) Various Artists - Novacaine Sampler Vol. 1
(CD 2005) Various Artists - Do They Know It's Hallowe'en??? Louis' 2005 Halloween Mix
(CD 2005) Various Artists - Horrorpunk Comp. Vol. 2: The Resurrection
(CD 2005) Various Artists - The Horror Of It All Vol. 1
(CD 2005) Various Artists - Random Infliction Vol. 2
(CD 2005) Various Artists - The Harder, The Better Vol. 8
(CD 2005) Various Artists - The Rot n' Roll Horror Comp. From Hell
(Independent Film 2005) I Know What You Need
(CD 2004) Various Artists - Too Much Horror Business 1977 - 1983: A Tribute To The Misfits
(CD 2003) Mockingbird Lane - 2003 Demo
(CD 2003) Mockingbird Lane - Taken Under
(VCD 2003) Xtoph - Information Is Power



Christophe Murdock earned the moniker of the Hardcore Troubadour by relentlessly playing anywhere, anytime he could… from street corners, bus stations, and train stations to biker bars, punk rock shows, and honky tonks. He has been writing and playing all styles of music since the early nineties, covering genres ranging from goth , punk , and electronica to folk , country , and blues . Traveling the road with his guitar he’s found to be more at home playing his “roots” inspired music to other road weary travelers. He has rubbed elbows with legends and has songwriters blood in his veins. Be sure to catch him somewhere pickin’ his guitar solo or with one of his bands.