Montgomery, Alabama, USA


After spending the last two years writing what he describes as his evidence of his new walk in God Christopher is finally ready give the world a glimpse of who he is.

Adding the flavors of R&B, Pop - Rock, Funk and Praise Inspired Music to his repertoire Christopher feels that his sound sets him apart from any other artist currently available.

His latest project, Focused - marks a transition in his musical and comedic journey by expanding upon his roots as an alternative singer / songwriter/ poet and performer. Not willing to rest on his past achievements this seasoned performer now presents a melting pot of Christian music for the world to enjoy.

His mellow vocalizations add a sense of calm and style that is rare in the music world today. Intent on forging a new path Christopher refuses to box his work into one genre. Having worked with and opened for such star quality performers as Jodeci, Dee Harvey, and Donnell Jones it is clear that Christopher has what it takes to succeed.

Armed with his love of God, Desire for Ministry and God given talents in the arts, Christopher’s ultimate goal is to make each listener think as they listen to his work. It is his hope that each listener finds themselves in the music and that it becomes a doorway to a true relationship with Jesus Christ!

Christopher is centered on promoting "Focused" and has started working on his second album, "I am", to be released in 2011.....MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE!