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Liverpool, New York, United States | INDIE

Liverpool, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Christian


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"Christopher Ames: Believing Beyond The Shadows"

Christopher Ames, a featured performer at retreats, camps and coffeehouses across the Midwest and beyond, rarely touches an electric guitar on Believing Beyond The Shadows. While the added texture wouldn’t hurt, one must concede the singer-songwriter pulls considerable energy out of a simple acoustic six-string. The CD’s stronger cuts - and there are more than a few - manage to succeed on the strength of Ames’ guitar and spirited vocals, with only minimal bass and percussion accompaniment. His pared-down java-room vibe is an ideal match for "Get Some Coffee And Wait," a contemporary and novel translation of Christ’s invitation to find rest in Him even as the winds and waves of anxiety ripple and rage. Food for the soul is abundant in songs that acknowledge God’s abiding power and presence and the relief of hiding under His wings. Ames combines these depictions of the Lord with a slant gained from personal experience, bringing them alive with meaning. In "Complete Surrender," for instance, he confesses "it’s too hard to self-manage my hopes and dreams" - a realization likely to have come, of course, only through attempting to manage them.

Refreshingly, Ames looks not only at devotional matters, but he also observes daily life through faith-colored glasses. The result is songs such as "May Snow," a nugget of Anglo-styled pop that warns of unexpected curves along the way and implies the importance of prudent living. The melodically tantalizing track survives its skeletal arrangement with liquid guitar fills and Ames’ crystalline falsetto leaps, but its sheer quality cries out for more flesh on its bones than is offered here. Select cuts address the topic of family, including spiritual lineage ("Ready To Go"), the need for extended fellowship ("The Remnant, Part One") and assorted takes on fatherhood. In the recurring pattern of paternal references, the listener can connect the dots between God’s immense "father heart" and the capacity of a man - once he’s experienced that giant-sized love - to care for his children in a manner that mirrors his creator’s. In the jubilant country-pop of "Bilbo And The Boys," it’s hard to tell who is more eager to play - the little ones or their doting dad, who is all too aware of elapsing time. "Hold Me" finds the adult as child, vulnerably asking to be embraced while he weeps out his hurt. The song’s brisk tempo creates a curiously effective contrast, communicating the promised joy of having big shoulders waiting to be cried on. "When She’s Free," meanwhile, anticipates the day when a struggling loved one becomes a new creation: "she’s gonna see her Father without the guilt and the bother/ she’s gonna know he’s held her all through these times."

Believing Beyond The Shadows would benefit from - and deserves - more varied arrangements and fuller production, but it’s an appealing effort that captures the flavor of a potent live performance by a promising talent.

Steve Morley is a free-lance journalist living in College Grove, Tenn.

This review was developed by, the official online ministry of The United Methodist Church.


"Christopher Ames_Officially Unauthorized Bootleg (2001)"

You'll want to pick up a copy of Christopher Ames' "Officially Unauthorized Bootleg" CD. This project was recorded live at the Coffee Grove in Grove City, PA. This is a totally acoustic project showcasing Christopher's awesome talent not only vocally, but instrumentally as well. He grabs your attention right away starting out the project with an a cappella version of "The Lord's Prayer" going immediately into "Feeble Yes." This song talks about with all God's holiness and majesty He still pursue us, people who are sinful, and all we can give Him in return is our feeble "yes." He then leads right into "Our Little Boy" which is every parent's prayer on raising their kids to follow Jesus. Both of these songs are great toe tappers as well as many of the songs on this project. Christopher weaves from song to song so skillfully mixing a variety of styles and tempos from contemporary to blues to instrumentals. His ballad "Prayer For You" is beautiful which again speaks to so many people. He even brings his own sense of humor into this recording with his song "Revenge of the Pinata People." All I can say is, you've got to hear it to believe it! Christopher keeps his audience, both live and listening to the recording, engaged in his music. They identify, clap along, laugh and greatly enjoy his music - and so did I. I think you'll enjoy it too. Christopher Ames is a very talented artist; so pick up a copy of his project "Officially Unauthorized Bootleg" from
DeAnne Arnold
KC Christian Music

"TAKE IT IN Review"

Christopher Ames - Take It In

Instrumental Christian music will always have a place for the person who wants to pause and reflect. Christopher Ames demonstrates that he understands this fact by offering “Take It In”, a twelve track journey through spiritually inspired instrumental performances. In the liner notes, Chris quotes Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel – use words only if necessary” as the basis for this work. In Chris’s words he is, “Trying to create music that does not rely on the crutch of spoken (or sung) language. Trying to express the Holy in sound and melody. Trying to avoid cliché and embrace musical vulnerability.” “Take It In” achieves these objectives and more. Although the songs are predominantly suited for reflection and listening enjoyment, there are a few surprises. Track three, “Reelin”, jumps out as a very rhythmic and up beat change of pace wrought with Irish overtones and flare. A brief piece entitled “I Would Be True” is a step back in time with a sound that is rarely found today. From Chris’s earlier performances and projects comes “Level 3”, a complex piece that highlights the God given skill and ability that Chris possesses.

It is very easy to listen to this CD and as much as I see it as a tool of reflection for the listener, I also see the application of this work in weekly worship settings. Every congregation that offers music as a part of worship should put this CD in the hands of their sound technician. Using these songs as a way to enter or exit the services as well as providing a backdrop for scripture readings provides one more tool to the arsenal of a quality sound man, especially the song “All Creatures of our God and King”.

- KingCat Music

"Everyday With You Review"

"Everyday With You" by Christopher Ames is a powerful adult contemporary album centered around love, family, and the journey through life. Christopher's voice is intimate and pleasant and has a great quality that lends itself well to the style. The production value of the album is very good and the arrangements are mellow, well-layered and very appropriate for the sound. There is a lot to hear in each and every song. All in all the songs are well thought out and well performed. This is an enjoyable CD for the entire family. Highlights include the title track "Every Day With You," a beautiful story with great lyrics and a great vocal performance. "Legacy" features a nice Rhodes organ progression and gets pretty powerful when it kicks in. "Pictures of Us" is another great story with a positive message and a strong groove. If you enjoy inspirational adult contemporary songs that will have you reflecting on your life and family, you'll enjoy this CD.


"Everyday With You Review"

His voice is charming; his music is refreshing and new. The latest CD out by award winning singer/songwriter Christopher Ames is already proving to be an extraordinary inspiration to couples everywhere. I, personally, was impressed with Christopher’s compelling performance on what has become my favorite song on the project, Last Word. I also enjoyed the title cut Everyday With You as well as Pictures of Us. If you want to spice up your marriage with godly romance, I recommend you turn the lights down low and listen to the softer sounding melodies, Linger and For You.

Whether you’ve been married fifty years or five, I recommend this—sure to become a classic—CD.

My Favorites: Everyday With You, Last Word, Pictures of Us, Send Angels Tonight

Copyright 2008 by Reviewer Darlene Osborne for

- The Christian Online Magazine

"Everyday With You Review"

Christopher Ames has won several KCCM Awards. His most recent one was presented to him at this year's event held in April when he won for best, 'Acoustic Rock artist of the Year.' In 2006 Christopher was also awarded with the, 'Spirit of Unity' at the Momentum Awards. The award is presented to an artist recognizing them for their outstanding commitment to both community and fellowship.

Christopher co-wrote the songs found on this release along with several other very talented people, including Bob Halligan Jr. of Ceili Rain, and Whiplash Recording Artist, Jill Parr (who helped write the title track). The release also features a new arrangement of the popular John Denver wedding song, "For You."

Everyday With You is the 5th studio release from Christopher and it's a concept album centered on love and marriage. Through the songs found on it you'll take a musical journey from the early dating stages to the marriage, children, and what comes afterwards, both good and bad.

It's no secret that marriage's today have about the same chance of ending in divorce as they do lasting for many happy years. So this is a nice refreshing release that tries to show just how special marriage can be when you really are in love and truly believe in your wedding vows.

The songs found on Everyday With You are a blend of Contemporary Pop along the lines of a Steven Curtis Chapman like sound. The first several tracks fall into the middle of the road tempo wise. Track's 5 and 6 pick up the pace with much livelier beats provided by a Hammond B-3 that lights thing up musically.

Track-9 "Tired" is an acoustic guitar ballad that deals with the bad times in a marriage. That point when things just aren't working out and having that feeling telling you to just leave but you keep thinking about your wedding vows, especially the, 'both through the good and bad times' part.

Track-12 "Pictures of Us" is probably one of the most touching songs dealing with sitting around with your children looking over your wedding album and pictures reminiscing over your past.

Track-13, "All Again" talks about looking back over your marriage and even though there might have been some tough times you would still do it all over again.

This release would make a nice gift to a young dating or newly married couple.

- Christian Activities Magazine

"Review from Country From The Heart"

The instrumental sounds are peaceful and have the Glory of the Psalmist shining through each cut on the CD! The ministry of the Psalmist is one that has an anointing that is a treasure & a blessing to sit and listen to. I found myself entering into worship and the Peace of the Lord came upon me. God Bless you Christopher & your family, stay centered in Christ! I look forward to see what level you will soar to next.

Country From The Heart & Drama Free Radio LOVES Christopher's new CD.
- Adrianne Kennedy





For many years Christopher Ames has been cutting through the issues that can divide and distract us. But the commitment to his faith, and to his family, allows him to find light in everyday challenges.

Christopher Ames uses his music to get to the heart of faith and to tell the story of his journey thus far. He's a simple guy. An earthly guy. A loving husband. A dad... But when he's performing the music that comes from the depths of his feel like he's your best friend too! Perhaps this is the reason why he was chosen as Favorite Acoustic Rock Artist of the Year at the 2005, 2008 and 2009, 2010 KCCM Awards, Songwriter of the Year at the 2006 and 2009 KCCM Awards and ARTIST of the Year at the 2006 KCCM Awards. Christopher Ames was the first ever recipient of the SPIRIT OF UNITY AWARD presented at the 2006 Indie Momentum Awards in Nashville, TN. Although much of his music is inspired by The Beatles, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, and John Denver...Christopher Ames puts his own creative mark on his music whether it be an original composition or a cover tune.

Chris blends the raw sounds of an acoustic guitar with honest lyrics born of a life filled with both thorns and grace. "Every life holds places of brokenness and mine is no different. But through grace-we are loved... and our wounds are being tended." These expressions are easily heard in his CD titled BELIEVING BEYOND THE SHADOWS. With music, Chris shows there is a light stronger than any darkness and even when we can't see the light we know we have to hold on and believe. Christopher Ames has been blessed with significant radio success with several tracks from BELIEVING BEYOND THE SHADOWS. Rev David R Grate of the American Christian Music Exchange recognized BILBO and THE BOYS as a top pick song for Father's Day 2005. THE REMNANT also achieved critical acclaim and was a finalist for SONG OF THE YEAR at the 2006 KCCM Awards.

In 2006, Christopher Ames released an instrumental CD titled, TAKE IT IN. This CD is inspired by the quote by Francis of Assisi that reads "Spread the Gospel whenever you can, use words only when necessary." The CD includes original acoustic compositions along with an assortment of traditional hymns and cover tunes with Christopher Ames' arrangements. Whether it is the upbeat pop song titled GROOVY, the celtic flair on REELIN, the laid back sound of TAKE IT IN, or the craftsmanship of Level 3, Christopher's instrumental CD is spiritually rooted in each original tune. In 2007, Christopher Ames received a MOMENTUM AWARD for Instrumental Artist of the Year for his work on TAKE IT IN.

In 2008, Christopher Ames releases his 5th studio recording on the Remnant Music Group label, and industry professionals are calling it “his best CD to date”! EVERYDAY WITH YOU is a cohesive collection of songs that chronicle the journey of life and love in marriage. Stylistically presented with a pop/rock sound, this project is a multi-faceted scrapbook of memories, hopes and dreams. In addition to his own songs, Christopher Ames also has several co-writes with some notables including Bob Halligan Jr of Ceili Rain, and Whiplash Recording Artist, Jill Parr (who helped pen the title track). There is also a new arrangement of a popular wedding song written by John Denver. EVERYDAY WITH YOU is sure to win the hearts of audiences from young adults just starting their journey to those celebrating marriage milestones. Songs from this CD have received recognition in the ISSA Awards (International Singer/Songwriter Awards) and the Songdoor Songwriting Competition.

In 2009, Christopher Ames released LEAD US INTO CHRISTMAS DAY. This upbeat, Christmas radio single is sure to become a classic favorite as it helps remind us all that with each Holiday season HOPE is just around the corner! The song received airplay on 125 radio stations nationwide and in 9 countries internationally.

In addition to his commitment to music, Christopher Ames actively supports the work being done at Remuda Ranch, Ophelia's Place and other National Eating Disorder Awareness organizations. Christopher has a personal testimony with this subject as his own wife has been struggling with an eating disorder for many years. Christopher offers a different perspective on this issue. His thoughts come from the perspective of husband and father and how he has had to deal with this disease in his own family. Many men may choose the path of abandonment, but Christopher shows how commitment can help lead to healing. And much of that healing for him comes through music.

Christopher Ames has an endorsement partnership with BREEDLOVE Guitars.