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"christopher ANTON - "Your Perfect Tragedy" Review"

- DJ Rock on Anton's Solo EP "Your Perfect Tragedy" (Nov 18, 2008) - DJ Rock

"christopher ANTON (Information Society) - "Synthesizer" LP Review"

"...Christopher Anton does a very good job establishing himself vocally....nothing short of spectacular in putting this into the album itself. Songs like "Burning Bridges", "Back in the Day", and "Werk It" are well-crafted and a lot of fun."
- Matthew Willis, Grave Concerns on Information Society's "Synthesizer" Album (Aug 30, 2007) - Grave Concerns

"christopher ANTON (Information Society) - "Synthesizer" Review II"

"Synthesizer--Another highlight of the CD, and probably my favorite new Information Society song. True to its name, this song is a prototypical synthpop song, exhibiting all the qualities that I love about the genre. Creative lyrics, cool and catchy synths, good beat. Easily 5 stars"
- RB, Synthpop Reviews on Information Society's "Synthesizer" (Sep 09, 2007) - Synthpop Reviews

"'Fade to Grey': Christopher Anton Releases New Version of Techno Classic, Re-Envisioned for Dance Music Enthusiasts"

2010 marks the 30 year anniversary of Visage's original dance pop masterpiece.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) December 27, 2009 -- Christopher Anton’s new release, the digital Maxi-Single “Fade to Grey” has captured the techno inspired synth pop sound of his former top hit band Information Society. Anton offers a new spin on Visage's 1980 dance track for the 30 year anniversary of its release.

“Fade to Grey is a brilliant song. My producer and band mate Nick Tutone has changed it up a bit...It's reconfigured and aggressive”, Anton said about the release. “I was inspired to do this song because I believe there is a large audience that has yet to be introduced to this track which did very well in Europe in the 80's but failed to register much here in the U.S.”

Anton's new release is a culmination of electronic music influences from Depeche Mode, to La Roux, the latter of which has reintroduced electronica into the main stream for the 2010's. Anton's label, San Antonio based Mirror Piece Records, plans to follow up “Fade to Grey” with a full length Christopher Anton album entitled "Destination: X” this Spring.

“Fade to Grey” is produced by electronic industrial music producer Nick Tutone, and also features Anton's band mate Donna Jean on the spoken word portion of the song.

“Fade to Grey” will be available as a digital release on January 12th exclusively at The release will include three versions of the track, including a remix by Astrotek with a bonus music video produced by audio visual pop artist Falcotronik included with the download.

Available exclusively at: - PR Web

"Your Perfect Tragedy EP Review"

Ever since Anton's "Your Perfect Tragedy" CD was delivered by my mailman, I have been hooked. His style contains the elements of synthpop that keep me coming back for more. His work, at times, has a rough edge to it... it's not overly polished (a compliment) and it feels almost organic, like rock music. The lyrics make me feel something. I am reminded of Mesh, if only because there is a very masculine, almost angry tone. The beats pound and the voice is in the mix, not on top of it all (like Erasure, or Pet Shop Boys), but rather a part of the music, like its own instrument. - Like Sugar

"Rolling Stone Mexico Junkie/Anton Review"

I'm Lost in You

La inquietud es una virtud que mantiene a Isaac Junkie de un lugar a otro del planeta uniendo talentos en su electronica. En "I'm Lost in You" invita a Christopher Anton, quien desde el ano pasado es el cantante de la memorable banda Information Society, para que su experiencia le de honores al tema. Su voz, intercalada con la de Isaac, logra una cancion que recuerda a Depeche Mode bajo un marco ritmico palpitante con ambiente electronico.

-Alex Carranco A. - Rolling Stone

"DJ Concept Mexico - InSoc Review"

Information Society

Originaios Minneapolis Minnesota, Information Society, es una de las bandas pioneeras del synth-pop electropop. Se for-maron en 1883 por Kurt Harland, Paul Robb, Amanda Kramer y James Cassidy. La banda se desintegro tras una exitosa carrera y tras haber hecho llegar numerosos singles al top del Billboard, como "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)" y varios sencillos que duraron semanas enteras entre los 10 mas vendidos en ese momento-"Walking Away" "Think", y "Peace and Love Inc." entre otros- los cuales todos recordamos o por los menos hemos escuchado: Respondiendo a las peticiones de los fans, Paul Robb, el genio detras de Information Society, ha vuelto con un nuevo disco: Synthesizer y una ueva formacion: Paul Robb, James Cassidy y en la voz Christopher Anton. Con varios temas coescritos por Paul y Anton.
- DJ Concept

"Oscillator- (InSoc EP feat. Christopher Anton) Reviews - Amazon"

Super Fantastic, June 29, 2007
By Gavin S. Richmond (New Orleans, LA USA)
InSoc gets together after years apart and release a sweet little EP. It has some gnarly remixes, especially track number four which is a reworking of "Back In The Day" and sounds quite a bit like a Daft Punk-esque type track. If I had to describe the sound of the CD, it would be part classic Depeche Mode, part modern glitch subtones, and everything good about Information Society wrapped up in one tight little package. The ASCII art used for the CD's graphics are just the icing on the cake. It reminds me of the days upon days I spent logging on to BBS sites via my Amiga 500 while listening to them back in the day. I love this disc!

Well-Worth the Wait!, July 5, 2007
By Doctor X
This very solid EP proves that Information Society has still "got it" when it comes to catchy, perfectly crafted, danceable tunes. Easily earning 5-stars, this EP is delicious no matter how you slice it.

Great. Great. Great., July 9, 2007
By CarlWoodward "Journalist" (Dallas, Texas)
I've been a fan of this groundbreaking synth outfit for years, and it's a thrill that they're back with new material. It's great stuff, and highly recommended.

Information Society are back, July 10, 2007
By Timothy J. Schultz (Iselin, NJ United States)
WOW !!!! I just bought this EP and have all of INSOC past albums but had thought that this would probably be a worthless attempt at a comeback. I was sooooooo wrong. This EP has the energy of all the previous albums and them some. Very catchy tunes and highly recommended. I can't wait for the full album to be released. I think the best part was that I did not even know they were working on an album until I stumbled across their new web site at Oh by the way, the new vocalist Christopher is awesome. He has the same type of voice that Kurt had so it makes their new material really feel like genuine INSOC. It really is WORTHLESS for us to resist INSOC.

- Various

"Former Information Society frontman Christopher Anton releases solo debut 'Destination: X'"

Former Information Society frontman Christopher Anton has released his first-ever solo-album titled "Destination: X". Mirror Piece Records is giving you the opportunity to make your own remix of the song "Lovefix" from Anton's new solo album "Destination: X". Included in the download are remix packs of vocals and select samples. The remix contest began on July 4th and final entries must be submitted by October 1st. Mirror Piece will award $300.00 USD for the best remix, as chosen by the band.

"Destination: X" was preceded by the Richard Broadhead penned single "A Shattered Mind". You can view the video of this rack below.

Anton has been working on "Destination: X" with producer Nick Tutone since 2008. The pair, along with band mate Donna Jean scored a club hit with their remake of the Visage classic "Fade to Grey" on Mirror Piece Records earlier this year. More news at .
- Side Line Music Magazine

"New Album By Christopher Anton Reviewed"

I have to thank Clive Farrington of When In Rome, Clive got in touch with Chris about getting a track or two played on my Radio Show. I featured his cover of the Visage track "Fade To Grey" and an original song called ""True Love (Angel Eyes)".

Chris very kindly sent me a copy of his brand new album "Destination X". I have to say and be honest and did n't really know what to expect with this album but was more than pleasantly surprised, read on to see what I made of the album.

"I Want To Be Broken" to me as a really heavy Depeche Mode influence, especially in the vocal delivery, great harmony vocals, some great synth sounds, especially like the pad & string sounds used on this track. Certainly nods towards the darker side of Depeche Mode, a great track to open the album.

"A Shattered Mind" continues the "Dark" theme of the album, a very upbeat track and grows in strength as it develops, lots of interesting sounds on this one which fuse together very well and a good strong chorus makes this another excellent track.

Really love the synths that open the track "Entropy" and again think there are shades of Depeche Mode on this song as well as elements of Visage. The chorus makes this track but the middle 8 is just fantastic, what a beautiful melody and sound.

"All You Wanted" is full on pop electro with a cacophony of electronic sounds that certainly drive the song, the chorus again is so catchy especially with the dominant synth backdrop. One of my favourite tracks so far and a very commercial song.

"Imitation Of Life" draws on the influence of Depeche Mode and Chris actually sounds like Dave Gahan on this track! A slower paced track with a very impressive chorus, this would fit on any of Depeche Mode's recent albums without a doubt, it reminds me a little of their track "It's No Good". This is a superb track .... another massive favourite.

"You Need Love" I struggled with , music wise I liked it but it did n't suit the vocals over the top, personally I would have preferred this as a totally instrumental track.

"True Love (Angel Eyes)" was featured on the July Edition of my Radio Show and is a track I really like, bordering on synthpop this one with some nice catchy sounds and another great chorus section. A nice punchy rhythm section and some neat sequencer touches.

"Lovefix" has some very nice catchy synth lines over an electro backdrop, throw in a few "Acid" sounds and you have a great pop song, I really liked this track, especially the sounds and mix of the track. The rhythm section of the song was one of the other stand out features of this track.

"I Am The Inside" has a heavy Depeche Mode influence both in the style of the track, vocals and sounds used, this is brilliant, has a dark edge to it and packs a punch, absolutely love this track.

"State" starts with some nice pads before it quickly catches your attention with it's melody, great vocal on this track which is a bit of an electro ballad and the instrumentation is to die for if you like Vince Clarke, the middle 8 is awesome with it's strings, this has everything, one of the standout tracks on the album and one of the best songs I have heard in a long time, expect this to be played on my Radio Show in August. .... love it it it

"Feel Me" has some "Vince Clarke" touches in it, it's an upbeat track with a very clever catchy chorus, nice sequencer section in the middle 8 and great instrumentation, Chris can certainly put together very strong middle 8 sections in his songs ands this track delivers again on that score. Another brilliant track. Such an excellent warm feel to this track.

The album closes with the track "Wasteland" which has quite a haunting beginning and develops in to quite an interesting track with lots of surprises with inticate melody lines and great use of sounds.

Wow what can I say, firstly, this most definitely exceeded my expectations, with the exception of the track "You Need Love" which to me is out of place on the album, every track is really excellent even after one listen, it's got everything as far as I'm concerned and a word about the production, stunning job!

The track "State" is simply one of the best tracks of the year for me! I would most definitely recommend that you buy the album just to hear that track.
- Myspace Music Show by Gary Hunter

"christopher ANTON Artist Interview"

Interview: Christopher Anton

By: Julie Johnson

Date: 8-1-2010

“Music for shattered minds, love addicts, & the dance floor..."

Grave Concerns E-zine was first contacted by Christopher Anton in the late 90’s when he was in a band called Psuedocipher. Since then Christopher Anton became lead vocalist with Information Society in 2006 -2009 and recorded both Oscillator”and “Synthesizer”with the band. Now in 2010, marks the year of Christopher Anton’s first solo release. The album, “Destination: X” is out now on his very own label Mirror Piece Records. Destination: X is much more a main stream endeavor than Anton's past work with his band Information Society while maintaining Anton's new wave roots.

GC: Hey Christopher, can you give us a brief summary of your musical career?

Chris: Hi Julie and Grave Concerns it's great to chat with you again!

Chris: I became interested in electronic music at a young age. I started my first band, Blue Accent, when I was about 17. Around 1998, I formed Pseudocipher, which was a synth-rock act, that received a flash in the pan great response on college radio. We recorded a couple of Albums, played extensively in SoCal. From there I went on to front the successful Depeche Mode tribute band “101”. My time with “101” gave me invaluable live performance experience. In early 2006 I became the new lead singer of Information Society. We recorded the CDs, “Oscillator” and “Synthesizer” and played a series of shows around the US and in Brazil. From there I started working with producer Nick Tutone on my solo work with a very “back to basics” approach to dance music. This leads us to where I am currently with the release of my first full length solo album “Destination: X”.

GC: I remember when we first talked back in the late 90’s when we were talking about your band Pseudocipher and the first release with that, what happened with that project?

Chris: We dissolved that project in about 2005. We had a fantastic lineup in Pseudocipher with Jon Siren(drums), and Natasha Cox(keys) both from Mankind is Obsolete. I was very proud of what we had accomplished, it was an ambitious approach to electronic rock, but shortly after we had recorded “Fragments of Empathy”, I was ready to get back to my synthpop origins.

GC: Now, 12 years later, you are releasing your debut full length album "Destination: X" which is going to be released July 20th, 2010? Can you describe the sound and direction you have done with this album?

Chris: I would describe “Destination: X” as a dance album. Of course it still has its dark moments but our intentions with it were to make something new while consciously embracing synthpop. There's a little bit of everything for everyone on “Destination: X”!

GC: For you, what kind of story is being told through your songs on Destination: X?

Chris: The common thread is that life is a culmination of events that have led you to this moment, and this moment is your destination: x. Its a romantic album in that sense, but at the same time whimsical, sometimes angry, other times happy, just like life.

GC: I noticed this is your first solo album, why did you want go solo over starting a new band?

Chris: “Christopher Anton” is my solo project but it is also functioning as a band. The core members being myself, Nick Tutone(keys, production), and Donna Jean(bass, vocals, keys, percussion). We're sometimes joined live by Dimitri Hammond(keys), DJ Hans 242(samples), and Jon Siren(Drums). When Nick, Donna, and I started into this endeavor we considered a few different band names. But we ultimately agreed that we already had momentum going as “Christopher Anton”, so we stuck with it.

GC: Do you feel this is your best effort to date? Is this your peak?

Chris: I do consider this to be my best, but I don't think it's my peak as an artist. I feel as ambitious as ever and I will continue to learn and grow.

GC: I see that there is a song called “State” that was written for your wife, so what did she think of the song??

Chris: She was touched. There is a very strong emotional component to that song for me. It came from a very fragile and sincere part of my being.

GC: What was it like working with Nick Tutone, and how is the album different because of him working with you?

Chris: Honestly, the album would not exist without Nick. He 's an incredible electronic music producer. We have a very complimentary working relationship. Nick made “Destination: X” happen.

GC: Was it easy to keep new wave roots into the making this album?
Chris: Absolutely, I am so influenced by new wave that at this point I'm sure whatever I work on is going to include that element.

GC: Is it hard to go back and listen to “A Shattered Mind,” as it seemed like a different time period for someone close to you? Can you tell us more about how this song hit home after you heard the lyrics that Richard Broadhead wrote?

Chris: ASM is such a beautifully written song about memories and regrets. I think anyone can relate in a personal way. Richard will be releasing his solo album on Mirror Piece Records in the near future as well.

GC: What are your plans for after this release on July 20th, 2010? Will you be going out on the road and playing some shows this summer and fall?

Chris: Opportunities have been knocking, we're working on the US, South America, and Europe.

GC: “Fade to Grey” was the first single that came out in January of 2010, how well was that perceived?

Chris: I have received so many unexpected compliments about that song. We charted and reached #1 on in Europe with that single.

GC: Back in 2008-2009, you released an EP "Your Perfect Tragedy," is that still available to buy?

Chris: Yes! Its available on iTunes, amazon, bandcamp, and many other online digital music retailers.

GC: Are fans that followed you while you were in Pseudocipher, embracing this new release? Have you kept up with your fans from that time period?

Chris: Yes, many Pseudocipher fans have stayed with me through Information Society, and into my solo career. I expect it was confusing for many but I've received nothing but supportive emails all through these transitions.

GC: As you have been building up to the release date for this release, what kind of preparation and promotion have you been working on?

Chris: My record label Mirror Piece Records is running a remix competition at the “Destination: X” micro site ( , it's called “Remix Your Lovefix”. “Lovefix” is a fun song from the new album. There are also two brand new music videos for “Destination: X” at the Christopher Anton youtube channel The videos “A Shattered Mind” and “Feel Me” have been doing very well and we have received a lot of positive feedback. We will be doing a series of live dates for the release too, as I mentioned before.

GC: Is seems like the physical CD is slowing dying out, do you plan on releasing the album through digital download mostly or physical copies?

Chris: You are correct, CDs are not relevant anymore but there is still this preconceived notion about CDs being the defining factor that makes an artist legit. There will be a physical release for “Destination: X” soon but initially this is an exclusive digital release.

GC: What is your take on digital downloads, is it the way to go?

Chris: We are at a very peculiar time in music. We are seeing the end of an era, and the role of a record company is completely different from what it was ten years ago. The product side seems to be evolving into apps, and other types of merch. I can't imagine that most 20 year olds are talking about which CD they're going to buy next.

GC: How have you seen the SynthPop scene change? Where do you see it going, and where do you fit into it?

Chris: It seems at this point we've gone full circle and we're currently on the crest of an exciting time for synthpop, I think it's important to remember that its roots were founded in bands like OMD, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and bands like that. I love the recent resurgence with artists like, La Roux, and Tenek. I definitely think that what I do is aligned with what synthpop enthusiasts want to hear.

GC: I know that A-Ha is parting ways, but I just heard the new release from Andy Bell, and that was great. What Synthpop, new wave artists are you currently listening to?

Chris: Lately I've been listening to Anything Box, Recoil, Provision, and The Smiths, along with When in Rome(UK), and London Exchange.

GC: I know that back in 2006 you auditioned for Information Society. You probably felt you had to fill some big shoes, how did you prepare for this audition? Why did you want to be their new frontman?

Chris: Paul Robb came across a cover version I did of “What's on Your Mind” and contacted me. We had some discussions about reforming Information Society. I was a bit intimidated at first, but Paul and James were very supportive. I had worked hard as an independent musician for years to get to that point, and at the time Paul approached me it seemed to be my next logical step. I was honored to be a contributing member of such a well respected and accomplished band.

GC: In 2007, Information Society made a huge comeback with the first release in 10 years called "Synthesizer.” What was it like being part of such a big comeback? Were you nervous how people would react to a new vocalist?

Chris: It was fantastic working on “Synthesizer” with Paul and James. It was surreal to be a part of it. I was nervous at first but the response from the fans at the live shows was incredible. Everyone was excited and happy about the return of Information Society, even in Brazil I received such an overwhelmingly warm reception. I love the fans in Brazil!

GC: When people came out to see the band on tour during 2007, what did you know you had to do to make the crowds go crazy when they heard Information Society’s big hits?

Chris: I actually performed the older songs cautiously. I was representing Information Society, I approached them with much respect to the original singers, Kurt, and Murat.

GC: Are you currently active with Information Society? If so, can we expect anything new? Is Information Society even together anymore?

Chris:While I suppose that it is possible we may reform the Anton/Information Society lineup at some point in the future, right now I'm focused on releasing my album and touring as a solo artist.

GC: Looking back on your year with Information Society, what have you taken from that and put into your own new music which is about to be released?

Chris: Being in Information Society helped my studio approach immensely. Paul Robb is a master at what he does. Being able to work with him opened my eyes to so many song writing and recording techniques that I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

GC: Besides making music, what other things interest you?

Chris: I have been active in an organization that Donna has started up called “Visible Hope United”. It's designed to spread awareness and support for “invisible” illnesses, such as, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, etc. We have seen some very positive feedback from our efforts there. We are in the beginning stages of planning a large music event that will include participation from musicians and artists worldwide. Ha! I guess that's still music related. I can't seem to get away from it!

GC: In the end, what do you want to be best known for, Christopher Anton solo artist or frontman of Information Society?

Chris:I suppose I would like to be known as both, because I've been an artist in both roles, but my ultimate goal is to be a positive musical influence regardless of the title.

GC: Anything else you would like to add and tell our readers about Christopher Anton?

Chris: I would like to say thank you to all of my incredible supporters, and a big thanks to you Julie and Grave Concerns. I would also like to let everyone know that “Destination: X” will be available on July 20th 2010 at The micro site ( is updated constantly with news and information, including the remix competition by Mirror Piece Records. Information on Live shows, new releases, and other Christopher Anton related websites can be found at

The video for A Shattered Mind available now on Christopher Anton's YouTube channel The album Destination: X will be released by Mirror Piece

Records on July 20th 2010 at

christopher ANTON (official website) - Grave Concerns

"Destination : X Review"

Artist: Christopher Anton
CD Title- Destination: X
Label: Mirror Piece Records
Reviewer: Julie Johnson

Date: 8-01-10

Destination: X is the first solo release from Christopher Anton .The debut album was just released on his own label Mirror Piece Records in July, 2010. You may have heard of Christopher Anton before because he started off in the band called Pseudocipher and became the frontman of Infornation Society from 2006-2009. Christopher can be heard as the vocalist on “Oscillator” and “Synthesizer” from the band. Even though this is his solo effort, it also in a way is band as well with Nick Tutone (keys, production), and Donna Jean (bass, vocals, keys, percussion). Anton is sometimes joined live by Dimitri Hammond (keys), DJ Hans 242 (samples), and Jon Siren (Drums) who we know is from Mankind is Obsolete. My first impression of Destination: X was that it was solid-intelligent synthpop that should not be missed. The album is full of catchy electro-pop hooks and at times haunting melodies lurk in such tracks as “Imitation of Life” and “Wasteland”. The production work from Nick Tutone is outstanding and has given so much life to the album. After listening to the first song, “I Want to Be Broken”, I noticed it had a darker flare but had brilliant synthpop melodies whirling around. I also feel that some Depeche Mode influence has been tucked within the tempos and darker themes through the album. The next track, “A Shattered Mind,” tells a story of a dark past. It probably is the most painful track that address’s substance abuse of a friend and what was going through Anton’s mind at the time but it was written by Richard Broadhead. It is also one up the more upbeat tracks. This track offers a very catchy chorus. For example: “Don’t you feel you lost out”? “Don’t you feel that you crashed out” “Don’t you know that you lashed out?”, “Do you know what you left behind?”…. ‘A Shattered Mind” are some of the heartfelt, yet painful lyrics. The track is very emotional while embracing danceable synthpop melodies. If you like emotional songs, I would also check out the song “State”, which was written for Christopher’s current wife. Besides taking you on an emotional journey, let’s not forget that this is very much a dance album which again can be heard through tracks like “All You Wanted” and “Feel Me.” I just love the song, “All You Wanted,” especially the break in the main melody where the synths and drumming take over for a little more- angrier and edgier melody in the song. That part alone is one of my favorite parts of the new album. Some of my other favorites and recommended tracks for listening and dancing would be: “Imitation of Life,” “I am on the Inside,” “Feel Me” and “Wasteland”, which showcase beautiful synthpop melodies that are whimsical, romantic and sometimes angry. The only part of the album I was sort of confused with was the track “You Need Love”, although it is suppose to be an instrumental, there was some vocals with the repeating, “You Need Love,” along with a few additional vocals. So, for me either make it more of a song or keep it as an instrumental track. So, not sure what that was all about. Overall, what I love about Destination: X is that is a very sincere release with a great clean synthpop sound. I am definitely looking forward to see what is next from Christopher Anton. Christopher Anton has a great voice and is someone who remembers his new wave roots and how to incorporate the roots into his music to make it into something new and fresh called Destination: X.

Please visit Christopher Anton at: or - Grave Concerns


* Pseudocipher (Pseudocipher) (1998)
* Fragments of Empathy (Pseudocipher) (2003)
* Oscillator (Information Society) (2007)
* Synthesizer (Information Society) (2007)
* Your Perfect Tragedy (Christopher Anton) (2008)
* Modulator (Information Society) (2009)
* Fade to Grey (Christopher Anton) (2010)
* Destination: X (Christopher Anton) (2010)



christopher ANTON
Synth. Dance. Music.

Christopher Anton (born 21 July), is an American singer and songwriter. Anton is known for being the vocalist of the Synthpop band Information Society, as well as the synth rock band Pseudocipher. Recently, in 2010 Christopher Anton has gained popularity as a solo artist in the dance genre with the release of his dance single “Fade to Grey”. Anton has just followed the success of “Fade to Grey" with a solo album entitled “Destination: X”.

Pseudocipher, 1998-2005

Christopher Anton founded the alternative synth-rock band Pseudocipher in 1998. The band initially began by recording a collage of electronic synth-pop and rock inspired pieces. This origin inevitably led the band to two releases. These were; "Pseudocipher (Self Titled) " in 1998 and "Fragments of Empathy" in 2003. “Fragments of Empathy” (aka FOE) was produced by the French Brothers in Burbank, CA and was released on Gem Tree Records. For FOE, Anton was joined by Jon Siren (drums) and Natasha Cox (keys) of Mankind Is Obsolete. The success of Fragments of Empathy saw the band sharing the stage with acts such as, Berlin, Real Life, Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), and Anything Box.

101, 2003-2006

In March 2003, Anton auditioned for and was chosen as lead singer and front man for Adolfo Valencia's Depeche Mode cover band, "101". Valencia (guitars, keys, and vocals) and Anton were joined by Oziel Rufio (keys and vocals) and by Anton's Pseudocipher bandmate, Siren (drums)[2]

Information Society, 2006-2009

In January 2006, Christopher auditioned for, and was selected as the new lead singer for the synth pop band Information Society (What’s on Your Mind - Pure Energy) (Think). Anton began recording with Paul Robb and James Cassidy (two of the band’s original members) in January 2006 with Anton co-writing several tracks along side Robb. The sessions lasted until Jan 2007 and the results were twofold; an EP entitled “Oscillator” and its counterpart, the full-length release “Synthesizer” both released in late 2007. The two releases marked the first new music from Information Society in 10 years. "Synthesizer" is a nod to the band's electro-dance origins with tracks "Burning Bridges", "Back in the Day" and "Baby Just Wants" and also reached the top 5 on Germany's DAC album chart.[3] During 2006-2007 Anton performed as front man for Information Society, which included shows for crowds in numbers up to 20,000 in Oregon, California, New York, New Jersey, and Brazil. In late 2007, Anton recorded and released the international dance track “I’m Lost in You” which was written and produced by electroclash pioneer Isaac Junkie from Mexico City. In October 2007 Anton joined Isaac Junkie in a sold out performance at the Club Ultravioleta in Mexico City.

Solo Career, 2008-2010

In November 2008, Christopher Anton released his first solo material, "Your Perfect Tragedy"(EP). To create the EP, Anton teamed up with producer Nick Tutone, and began performing live with Nick Tutone (Keyboards, Synthesizers) and Donna Jean (Keyboards, bass, percussion). In 2010 Anton released the dance maxi single “Fade to Grey” which immediately charted on the top 30 at reaching the number one position in its second week on the chart.[4] Anton's full length album entitled “Destination:X” is planned for release in 2010.