Christopher Arruda

Christopher Arruda

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

One part Thom Yorke's (radiohead) haunting croon, one part Sufjan Stevens' heartbreaking phrasing, a dash of Bon Iver's uncompromising dedication to the song finished with a dash of Sarah Slean's bombastic piano.


Christopher Arruda came very close to never making music again.

Having spent his late teens and early twenties fronting popular rock band The Lady Esther and touring with ambitious post-rock outfit Open, Parachute!, the twenty-six year old artist spent a year and a half trying to live what he thought was a normal life. “I had a job, a girlfriend and a home. I’d given up on music because I’d never been able to succeed. I really thought I had all the ingredients to be happy and then all at once, I woke up and realized I’d become so afraid of failure that I’d stopped living at all.”

This revelation spawned an explosion of creativity. His debut record “God Hates a Coward” was recorded almost immediately in Victoria, B.C. over the summer of 2009. It was a personal statement for Arruda – a record about hope – about standing for something – about stepping over the edge and taking a chance. While the initial plan was to sell the record at a few local shows, the collection was so well received amongst his peers that a music video was shot for the title track in April 2010 followed by a tour of Western Canada. Christopher returned home to even more good news – he had been selected as one of the top 20 BC acts to participate in the prestigious Peak Performance Project put on by Vancouver’s 100.5 The Peak FM.

His momentum continues to build. By cementing a foundation in Western Canada and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals through the Peak Performance Project, he is an artist poised on the edge of finally reaching his full potential. His performances are bold and varied. One moment a boisterous shout and the next a soft whisper, he strives to connect with his audience through unbridled fervor and a captivating presence. The material also continues to pour forth – a collection of intimate and raw demos entitled The SWAIN EP was released September 5th 2010 to outstanding feedback. The SWAIN EP has already sold out of it’s limited pressing.

With success stacking up behind him, Christopher Arruda is the young Canadian artist to watch. “Find Someone, Build an Empire”, his second full length record is being written with plans to record in the summer of 2011. A national tour will follow. Christopher has been fortunate enough to share the stage with such artists as Thrice, Tegan and Sarah, Acres of Lions, Said the Whale, Hey Ocean!, Maurice, Protest the Hero and Theset. He is available for interviews, on-air performances and all general media inquiries.



Written By: Christopher Arruda

There is nothing to hate about you but your charm.
Button up blouses and paint decorate your pale face.
You have made a career of eyes up and stride past.
You must cater to those with some flash!

Oh, you're a princess.
No, you're a queen.
Wait, you're destroyer - can't you be in between?

She spent her early years worshipping a shadow.
In the orient she'd learned how to claw, how to growl!
After her latest wreck she crawled back to homestead
where she ripped up my chest and she fed!

The storm is drawing near and you've walked out on us to brave the rain and the icy shame.
You've torn your halo off and locked it in a box to hide behind the walls you've climbed to escape fate.

God Hates a Coward

Written By: Christopher Arruda

sprout some new wings, come back strong.
God knows that I've tried to save you.
but your soul still drowns sour in our loss.
in your battle you've pulled back from me.
so now I choke back the words "won't you stay...?"
because I know that if you could, I couldn't.
your heart won't forgive us this choice
in your war you have pulled from the truth.

Oh dear, I know that I told you I'd be there to hold you straight through to dawn...

but I can't.

CJ Somers

Written By: Christopher Arruda

You weren't supposed to know.
my meadow sweetheart is in the ground.
I took my guilt out for a walk
and left it hanging from a tree.

I couldn't help but spit on you even though you pulled me through.


God Hates a Coward


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Winter Killed Begbie
CJ Somers
Olympus at Noon
We'd Be Good Men
Find Someone
Build an Empire