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Christopher Arruda

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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"CD Review - God Hates a Coward"

There are times in every man’s life
when he is beset on all sides by
loss, bewilderment, abandonment,
and cowardice. There are men who
succumb to the likes of these, and
refuse to pull themselves out of the
mire, and then there are those who
challenge the notion of what it really
means to be a man, confront it, and
make it their own.
Christopher Arruda’s debut
solo album is a detailed account
of such a war within, and clearly
articulates the struggle of a young
man reaching out for a sense of
normality and knowledge of self.
Arruda has grown up at the fore-
front of Nanaimo’s independent
music scene as the frontman for lo-
cal legends such as The Lady Esther
and Open, Parachute!, and perhaps
it is this leap into unknown territo-
ry without the safety net of a band
around him that creates his coward-
ice to overcome.
God Hates a Coward was re-
corded this past summer in Victo-
ria B.C. by David Sponaugle, and
is both sonically and conceptually
sound. From the delicate acoustic
guitar of “o-eight/o-seven/o-eight”,
to the boisterous swing rhythm of
“Lank Chop,” Chris has wrapped his
turmoil up in a blanket of layered
piano, electronic soundscapes, and
soaring harmonies. Lyrically, the al-
bum focuses on the central concept
of cowardice and moves eloquently
from moment to moment, chroni-
cling the journey taken to grapple
with the issues that shake us to our
Tragic, moving, eloquent, and
sonically pleasing, this album is def-
initely something to sit down and
truly listen to from start to finish.
There will be a God Hates a
Coward record release concert and
listening party at The Queen’s fea-
turing Arruda, Brandon Mason,
Cory Friesenhan, and Rorschach,
on Oct. 18 at 9:00 p.m.
By Jeff Hammond - The Navigator - Jeff Hammond

"Radio Review"

"One of the most complete albums I've heard in a long while. It's dark and poetic yet colourful and hopeful at the same time. There's a vulnerability to Chris' voice that sucks you in and keeps you drawn until the very last chord of the record, at which time all you can do is exhale and say, "wow." A truely unique talent. God Hates a Coward is simply fantastic. - -Graeme Tait - On-Air DJ/Host of 'Modern Rock Review' on 106.9 The Wolf

"Radio Review"

-Haunting, uplifting, melodious, infectious.
These are words that could be used to describe Christopher Arruda's first solo project. Overflowing with talent, Chris is easily an "artist to watch" over the coming years. His voice control, and comfort level playing his keyboard, blends effortlessly into a musical mosaic that becomes "God Hates A Coward".
- Matt Fogarty - Creative Writer/Co-Host of 'Mixtape' on 106.9 The Wolf

"CD Review - God Hates a Coward"

"Everything about the album is amazing. (God Hates a Coward) is definitely a must have album in your music collection, regardless of what genre of music you enjoy!" - Moving On Magazine - Sarah Etoile


God Hates a Coward




Christopher Arruda came very close to never making music again.

Having spent his late teens and early twenties fronting popular rock band The Lady Esther and touring with ambitious post-rock outfit Open, Parachute!, the twenty-six year old artist spent a year and a half trying to live what he thought was a normal life. “I had a job, a girlfriend and a home. I’d given up on music because I’d never been able to succeed. I really thought I had all the ingredients to be happy and then all at once, I woke up and realized I’d become so afraid of failure that I’d stopped living at all.”

This revelation spawned an explosion of creativity. His debut record “God Hates a Coward” was recorded almost immediately in Victoria, B.C. over the summer of 2009. It was a personal statement for Arruda – a record about hope – about standing for something – about stepping over the edge and taking a chance. While the initial plan was to sell the record at a few local shows, the collection was so well received amongst his peers that a music video was shot for the title track in April 2010 followed by a tour of Western Canada. Christopher returned home to even more good news – he had been selected as one of the top 20 BC acts to participate in the prestigious Peak Performance Project put on by Vancouver’s 100.5 The Peak FM.

His momentum continues to build. By cementing a foundation in Western Canada and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals through the Peak Performance Project, he is an artist poised on the edge of finally reaching his full potential. His performances are bold and varied. One moment a boisterous shout and the next a soft whisper, he strives to connect with his audience through unbridled fervor and a captivating presence. The material also continues to pour forth – a collection of intimate and raw demos entitled The SWAIN EP was released September 5th 2010 to outstanding feedback. The SWAIN EP has already sold out of it’s limited pressing.

With success stacking up behind him, Christopher Arruda is the young Canadian artist to watch. “Find Someone, Build an Empire”, his second full length record is being written with plans to record in the summer of 2011. A national tour will follow. Christopher has been fortunate enough to share the stage with such artists as Thrice, Tegan and Sarah, Acres of Lions, Said the Whale, Hey Ocean!, Maurice, Protest the Hero and Theset. He is available for interviews, on-air performances and all general media inquiries.