Christopher Bohn

Christopher Bohn


Christopher Bohn creates deeply crafted songs filled with warm melody, deftly-picked acoustic guitar, and the stories and images of our collective history. His performances are resonant with emotion and personal experience.


Christopher has been making music since his adolescence. A young fascination with punk rock and grunge propelled him onto the stage at 15 with his bands Fanboys and Side Project. His taste for punk rock was quickly overtaken by a love and resonance with jazz (particularly the deep and terrifying spirituality of John Coltrane) and the experimental rock of Radiohead.

Over the years, the melodies and simple chords of folk music have threaded their way through his songs. All of these influences have been wrapped up into a deep, urgent Americana.

Christopher shares his love of music through teaching the use of music, songwriting, and sound for health and wellness. He is co-director of the St. Francis University Universe of Song, where he teaches songwriting. He released his third EP A Conspiracy of Sleep in May of 2008.

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Run, Rabbit Run!!!

Written By: Christopher Bohn

Bring the funeral mourners
Dress them
And wash them in their tears

Heaven is for children
And I have
No business here
Because I’ve been around

You believed in me
Then everything changed

The colors of our kitchen
Turn cold and strange
In early morning light

Oh, mama please
Send me underground
With the lantern I stole
Cinders in my mouth
Stars on my soul

Remember by the river
We laid down
And breathed the evening air

We mingled our bodies
I believe we’re still lying there
Sweet words in our mouths


The buzzing of her words
So sweet you taste it on your tongue

You went to see your mother
She said
Run, Rabbit, Run!!!
The dogs are on the hill


Wolf Cub

Written By: Christopher Bohn

Wolf cub, tanned and lovely
Jumping through your mother's yard
Kerosene in your hair

Staring, swearing like a school boy
Watching as she held your brother
Christ-like in her hands

Standing like a beacon
Shining brightly
Running up hiding
Safe in your daddy's arms

Patient, waiting like an angel but the
Devil kept on barking til you
Struck down all you made

Laughter, wild horses running over
Rocks and fallen branches in your
Heavy little head

Gazing, deep into the water
Searching for the revenant you
Met once as you slept

She slid right behind the curtain
Dripping with the liquid that you
Spilled there while you wept

Victoria, Amen

Written By: Christopher Bohn

Rise and put up your hair my darling
Slowly like a child
Wear your love like a wreath of wild flowers

Through the rain I can almost hear you
Breathless with the dawn
And I lay like a thief upon the cross

Victoria, please
Victoria, amen

In your dreams what is on the edges?
Shadows starved and wild
When you wake are you not forgiven child?

Night will come like a wave upon us
Hold me, hold my arm
This is how I will keep you safe from harm


Conspiracy of Sleep (EP) 2008
Our Songs 2005
My Songs 2003

Set List

1. Wolf Cub
2. Victoria, Amen
3. The Lane
4. John Parks
5. Feverfew
6. Another Little Lie
7. Parsifal
8. Run, Rabbit, Run!!!
9. Oh Mother, I
10. Myth of Progress