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Christopher Caouette

Colchester, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Colchester, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band World Celtic


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"Review of “Ring Of Dragons:”"

"I think I've finally found the perfect soundtrack for Anne McCaffrey's famous Dragonriders of Pern series. On ‘Ring of Dragons,’ lushly textured synthesizers paint evocative pictures of the power and beauty of these fantastic creatures. Christopher Caouette's compositions offer a wonderful variety of musical experiences. He includes elements of classical, Celtic, world beat, pop, and electronica into a powerfully energetic blend that's all his own. From soft, romantic ballads to full progressive electronic celebrations, this is music for riding dragons. Listen to this music on headphones and imagine soaring through the clouds on a moonlit night."
-Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer - New Age Retailer

""Alandar" by Christopher Caouette"

Christopher Caouette's "Alandar" is a fresh mix of orchestral, Celtic and new age music. His style is heavily influenced by the film industry, a fact that become abundantly clear as you listen to the CD. However, the music is not just Film Inspired, it is Film Quality as well. When I first heard "Alandar", I honestly thought I was listening to a sound track from Hollywood, perhaps for a little known movie that had recently come out. I was floored when I visited this talented artist's MySpace page, and found out that Caouette not only creates masterpieces like this on his own, but produces them as well.

"Alandar" is what Caouette describes as “Epic New Age Music”, a term which certainly reflects the feeling of the album. This music is incredible, fitting quite happily into a slot that I didn't know existed between Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. A very pleasant surprise, this theme based music sports intuitive names such as Ships of Alandar, Mysterious Lands, or my Personal favourite, Lament of the Seer. The only disappointment for me is that there is no incredible fantasy based movie to go along with it!

This music is definitely easy to listen to, with an enduring sound that can be listened to anywhere. This album has the potential to be used anywhere as a true setting enhancer, and personally, I could see this being used Sunday Afternoons at my house when I'm Gaming with friends. I would definitely suggest checking out Christopher Caouette's incredible CD, "Alandar"! This timeless beauty is another one that should be in your collection. - Sound - Music Reviews


Official Releases

Ring Of Dragons - 2002
Dragonwind - 2002
Faerielore - 2005
Alandar - 2009



New age music bland? “Not if I have anything to do about it!” says Connecticut-based composer and multi-instumentalist Christopher Caouette. “Epic New Age” is the term Christopher uses to describe his overall style. As heard on his many releases, it is a fresh mix of orchestral, Celtic, and New Age music influenced heavily by the film industry.

Caouette, classically trained in piano, has been composing and recording his style of New Age music since 1986. In 1999, his artist-owned label, Inner Force Music (IFM), was formed and saw the release of Ring Of Dragons, which charted on New Age Reporter. Ring of Dragons received great reviews, and Caouette engaged in a short tour in support. The follow-up CD, Dragonwind (2001), was released on the well-known New Age label, Etherean Music, and included a 15-minute computer animation music video. Later returning to his own record label, IFM, Christopher released Faerielore, which was the first album to also be digitally available worldwide. It continues to do well.

Christopher Caouette grew up in the verdant hills of Northern Connecticut. Trained for many years in classical piano, he demonstrated a love for electronic music from his mid teens onward. He plays multiple keyboard instruments, guitar, a variety of wind instruments, and percussion, and has many performances to his credit. His opus includes dozens of self-produced albums, and he is as comfortable engineering as he is at the keyboard.