Christopher Charles

Christopher Charles


This emerging artist is taking the live music scene by storm. Christopher Charles creates real music down to its richest essence by writing heart felt lyrics and delivering soul searching performances. If your seeking a musician to move the crowd, this unforgettable performer is hard to pass up on.


As the soulful sounds of Christopher Charles drift through the sold out concert theatre, the audience takes in a young artist delivering an unforgettable musical experience.

The heart felt melodies and soul searching lyrics are instantly recognizable as the classic struggle of man versus self. Melted into his song list are the reoccurring themes of love after loss and hope after despair, leaving an optimism that captivates an audience as diverse as the City of Hamilton he grew up in.

Essentially a self taught musician, Christopher Charles is a gifted soul with a fiery talent. Picture a young singer/songwriter/instrumentalist learned in the melodious teachings of James Taylor, Sam Cooke, Brian McKnight and Phil Collins while paying tribute to his roots of Guyana, inspired early in life by the likes of Bob Marley and Steel Pulse. "I would like my music to be considered classic, timeless, and easy listening with a touch of soul," Charles starts. Together with his soulful voice, structured melodies and adroit songwriting skills, Charles's music is as inspiring as it is introspective. "Every word that I write has to have meaning," Charles goes on to say. And it is his personal life experience and family roots which currently colours Charles' spiritual and optimistic outlook on life. "There were times of hopelessness but anytime I write a song I always try to leave that hope and optimism because it is there... it’s just that fight in you to keep going on.”

This emerging artist has built a solid fan base and created industry buzz by performing at festivals, colleges, major fund raisers, and showcases both as a singer songwriter and with the accompaniment of a supporting band. He plays both the piano and guitar and writes, composes, and produces all his own material. Charles has meticulously crafted a unique style which translates the trinity of love, life and music the masses. Christopher recently demonstrated his natural gift to blur musical boundaries by producing and featuring on the song “Love Hurts” with Hip Hop artist Chuckie A, which has received heavy rotation on Much Vibe, over 100 000 combined YouTube views and college radio support.

Indeed, the cosmos of Christopher Charles is one where acoustic soul, R&B, roots and jazz collide to construct a powerful singular genre. The only thing superior to listening to Christopher Charles' music is listening to it live. "You've got to open up and let it out," Charles says of performing on stage. "I feel that songwriters have a duty, so you must give all of yourself. When the audience listens to me I want them to know that I'm being completely honest and open." Charles has crafted a sound which distills this distinct honesty with musicianship down to its richest essence. It's all there, the languages of life, love and music… Just listen!


Love Hurts

Written By: Produced and Co-written by Christopher Charles


im on the block wondering do i ever cross your mind?/
cuz in times things change and it cant be rewind/
but if i could, i probably would, try to live it again/
back to those first days when you were more then a friend/ ya
i think about it, and i cant even lie/ uh huh
you broke my heart and i cant even cry/ why?
cuz i dont know how you got me this way/
but i finally have the courage to say/ i miss you.
did you know? i thought the world of you huh/
my homies tellin me im soft, but i loved u so wha/
and i guess you never understood the things that i do../
but a chins gotta eat on the streets for me and you/
i know its tough, cuz i was lost in the game/
and so everybody talks when you surrounded by fame/
but when it came down to us, you were first, better or worse/
now we're nothing but a memory, its real, love hurts/


when you love somebody
that it hurts your body
and you have to watch and let them up and walk away
oh the pain will make you feel
like you'll never be the same
but i guess i've come to realize that sometimes love hurts


i gotta wonder what you dealin with now/
ya, its been awhile, im still missing your smile/
cuz when my days got gray, you were there for me to hold/
made a chin feel warm inside when it was cold/
but i gave you my heart and you tore it apart/
now we're back to the beginning, no louis and clark/
and i aint mad sweet miss, i still wish that you bless/
just remember dont forget together we was the best/ hah
i cant believe how did things done change huh?/
from a friend, to a lover, to a stranger/
and you dont know how the hell i feel/ girl
but thats the way love goes, thats for real/ huh
...i thought alot of things through/
but in the end, you cant depend, on nobody but you/ true
star crossed, we eventually lost/
theres no ice box here, its potentially frost/ so tell mee


when you love somebody
that it hurts your body
and you have to watch and let them up and walk away
oh the pain will make you feel
like you'll never be the same
but i guess i've come to realize that sometimes love hurts


2008 "Live at the Westside Concert Theatre"

July 2008 Music Video Single "Love Hurts"
Produced and co written by Christopher Charles
in rotation at Much Music and Much Vibe

Set List

Classical Intro 6:47
Wait for me 5:53
Georgia 3:42 (Ray Charles cover)
Can't Always Be Your Superman 4:12
Now That You Need Me 4:44
Tattoo Me 3:46
Beautiful Smile 4:35
Can't Love You More Me 6:16
Change Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Turn The Lights Down Low (Bob Marley)