Christopher Day

Christopher Day

 Yeppoon, Queensland, AUS

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Bills Bills Bills

Written By: Christopher D. Day


(C) 1991 – 2011 Christopher D. Day


Bills... Bills... Bills,
30... 60... 90 days,
Bills... Bills... Bills,
I've had enough, but I got to pay!
(alternative line) I wanna pay 'em out but there's just no way!

Verse 1

I've had the measles,
I've had the mumps,
Took the pills and I cured the lumps,
But there's a bug goin' down…
Some say it kills!
It's spread by the post,
It's called ‘The Bills.’

Verse 2

The man with the cash said, ‘Yeah sonny...
You got what it takes… you can have the money.
A car, a boat, a holiday,
If you sign on the line, it's yours today!
You never have to worry 'bout the hidden cost...’
Yeah, I've got my whole life to pay it off!

Verse 3

When my time is up,
It's the Judgement Day,
And ‘The Man’ rings up...
‘You'll have to pay!’
Well I gotta trick, it never fails,
When he knocks ‘onna door,
"It's in the mail!"

(Mocking extra chorus)

Well c'mon babe, don't be shy,
Dig deep in yo' pockets and open wide,
Don't let ‘The Bills’ get next to you,
'Cause our love gonna see you through.

Middle 8

Moonlit stars and warm summer nights,
In each other's arms our hearts unite,
Remember babe… how it used to be?
In Love we trusted, we were free!

Verse 4

But money comes, and money goes,
And where it goes, only heaven knows,
Times got tough, payin' bills was hard,
I had to use my credit card,
So I asked for more, and what did I get?
Sometimes I wonder... Is there life after DEBT?"