Christopher & Drummond

Christopher & Drummond


2 orchestral principal cellists playing delightful classical cello duets. Drummond and Christopher epitomize the dignity, charm and charisma of Offenbach's melodic cello duet style. They arrive at the plate and knock a home run. Every time. It just works.


Ruth Drummond is interim principal cellist for the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra in Shreveport, LA. She won the audition to fill the space left by Paul Christopher while he takes a one-year leave of absence to play for the Nashville String Machine in Nashville, TN. Ms. Drummond earned her degree in music from the University of Kentucky. She has many distinguished honors including principal cellist for the Shreveport Summer Music Festival, Aspen and Breckenridge Festival seats and summer studies at Oberlein. She is Conductor of the Shreveport Youth Orchestra, which she adores; and Ms. Drummond has perfect pitch.

Paul Christopher is currently a visiting fellow with the prestigious Nashville String Machine in Nashville, TN. He is on one-year leave of absence from his position as principal cellist of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Christopher earned his Masters Degree in Cello Performance from the University of Memphis. Besides his mastery of cello technique and expression, he is an exceptional teacher and a great spokesman for classical repertoire (with a notable partiality to Offenbach!).


CD1: "The Gift of Melody"-Jacques Offenbach Cello Duets Opus 49, #1-6 & Opus 50, #1-3. Released October 22, 2004. Several selected tracts have received radio airplay: Tr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 22 & 23.

CD2: "The Perfect Gift" -Jacques Offenbach Cello Duets Opus 50, #4-6 & Opus 51, #1-3. Currently in progress, due to be released October 22, 2005. One track has already received radio airplay: Tr. 10!

Set List

Offenbach Cello Duets.
CD1: Opus 49, Duets #1-6 and Opus 50, Duets #1-3
CD2: Opus 50, Duets #4-6 and Opus 51, Duets #1-3