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""Christopher Giles: Interview with a rising star""

Singer/Songwriter, Christopher Giles is a local artist fulfilling his higher purpose. Without a doubt, he is humbly sharing his talents that are fueled by his passion for music and his love of God and family. Christopher’s own determination and perseverance are also contributing factors in the amount of success and blessings that he is receiving. With several singles already up on iTunes, his music is already being heard around the globe. You can purchase his singles, “Start It Over”, “Where Ever You Go”, and “Need You To” on iTunes. They are

It was around 9 or 10 years ago when Christopher made the choice to become a singer, after doing karaoke. “My brother was a drummer, so I was always around music, and always had a passion for it,” said Giles. “I was moved by music both emotionally and physically, so looking back it was probably just waiting on me to come around. God had the plan all along, I was just missing it!”
For someone who just recently decided to become a singer in the last decade, Christopher has done exceptionally well performing all over Central Florida with various bands. He is currently the front man for the Orlando-based band, One Wild Nite, and performs with Breakfast Club Sandwich. In addition to performing, Chris has a gorgeous wife and a beautiful family that keeps him on his toes. He talks about it all in our interview.
Q: Who have been your mentors throughout the years, and who do you look up to personally and professionally?
A: I have had a few people who have greatly influenced me musically, or had their hand in helping me achieve in my vocal development. My brother Toby was a huge musical influence, and is still very supportive, sincere, and someone I call to this day to get feedback and a dose of reality. He has played since we were kids, been signed to labels, and has so much knowledge to provide. He's also my big brother. Who else would I go to? Also, a good friend of mine, Jeff Harris, who is a singer/song writer/guitarist, was the first person to not only encourage me, but to get me on stage! It was a very prominent moment for me musically. We were out, he knew the band, I mentioned I wanted to sing and get in a band, so he asked them to let me get up and sing. At that point, I'd never done that, so to get up in a crowded bar, with a band I didn't know, and try to sing a song I thought I knew... hehehe... you can imagine the fear! Jeff said something that still rings true today. He said, ‘One of two things is going to happen. You're gonna hate it and never do it again, or LOVE it and wanna do it every night!’ As you can see, I fell into the LOVE category! The rest, they say, is history! And lastly, I have to mention my guitarist, one of my producers, and great friend, Rusty Wilmot. He has taken me to an entirely new level of music through insight, feedback, honesty, encouragement, and investment. Rusty is a renown producer/guitarist who has had a Billboard #1 produced album, and I am so fortunate to be able to share the stage with him, learn from him and call him friend! He has toured, He has played with people we've all heard on the radio, but yet he engages me and tells me that I, ME, am just as good. It is honestly hard to fathom. He is an amazing guy, with out-of-this-world talent, and I am so thankful to be able to work with him. He provides feedback on my vocals, my performance, and in life as well. Not sure I could have chosen better mentors, color me blessed!
Q: What is your musical background? Who have you trained with? How have you learned and improved upon your craft?
A: I have NO musical background... Hehehe. My brother a drummer, and my mother singing in the church choir are about all I know in that regard. Once I decided to join a band, I then began looking for ways to grow my skill-set. I have done some vocal training with the famous Jazz singer/songwriter Katherine Farnham, as well as local teachers Dave Martin and Ron Feldman (Jani Lane). It gave me a good foundation to add to my drive to be better. I used those fundamentals and sought online examples, articles, and exercises that I still do today!
Q: How long have you been performing with One Wild Nite? When and how did OWN form?
A: One Wild Nite began back in December 2011 with Rusty Wilmot and I discussing what it would take to create a performance based, Vegas style, cover band to appeal to the masses. We both had thoughts on what it would take, the songs it would require, and the stage presentation it would demand to truly give a national feel to a local band product. To quote my previous bassist from Almost Unknown, ‘If you look like the crowd, you should be in the crowd!’ Rusty and I then started the band with the mindset of creating ONE WILD NITE for our fans!
Q: What are your favorite memories performing? What experiences and shows stand out to you the most, and why?
A: I am extremely high energy, so I feed off the crowd. Being fortunate to play the Full Moon & Jagermeister stages during bikefest, and stages like that in Sanford & Leesburg is pretty incredible. To be the maestro in getting a few thousand people to sing a chorus with you is pretty much euphoric. It's about the fans, so to be in the middle of a big crowd of people is amazing!
Q: Tell me all about your latest project and solo endeavor! How long have you been writing? How would you describe your style?
A: You begin to know there is a plan, a higher power, and spiritual director when a guy whose worst subject was English in school, becomes a writer. I began writing songs as a worship director, which actually was a result of writing daily devotions. I wrote from the heart, from spiritual insight and leading, and for some reason I am able to express emotions in my writings. Once I had truly given myself to the idea of being a singer, it was then my artistic side that began craving the idea of my personal voice. Every Artist has a voice; it's just expressed through different mediums. God had directed me to music, thus it will be my method of inner reflection.
As far as style goes, I'm not sure what to label it, or even if I would want to. I have influences, and experience singing styles from Christian Contemporary to Heavy Metal. My style was born from writing from the heart, and I'm not sure anyone expected what came out. I'm a loving guy I suppose, and one of deep reflections and personal introspection. So, those who truly know me are possibly not surprised. When you're in love with being IN love, that will be your anthem! I was always a big R&B fan. I actually still am and that is probably the biggest style I still gravitate to today. I can sing Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I attach to soulful, passionate songs I can feel in my heart.
Q: What inspires your music? How would you describe your writing style?
A: Writing songs, for me, is extremely organic. I prefer to have the music coordinated, written, or at least an idea to start. From that I listen to it over and over, and vibe off its feel and allow it to attach to my emotions. From that I get a basic sentiment, the reflection of a thought, a time, a feeling by which to tell a story. Words, writing, and phrasing is easy for me... not all, but for me it is... so, once the topic has been grown, it's then just typing out a story for my listeners. It's funny, cause I write for me, and those who want to hear. My devotionals were the same. If God puts something in my heart, and I then am inspired to write from that, then it's also a new story for me... I'm just the vessel creating it!
Q: What are your goals for the next year or so? Where would you like to see your career take you? What do you hope to accomplish?
A: My goals are a bit generic or vague, believe it or not. I guess because of my spiritual grounding, I just desire to create, invest, and put forth effort in the pursuit of finding my path. My goals are not related to my future per say, but for right now. I desire to be a great Dad, a great husband, a hard worker, and to enjoy my love of music. We've all heard the phrase, ‘Find something you love to do, and make a living at it!’ So, if I could have my way, I'd be singing every day and spend the rest of my time investing in others!
Q: What else would you like to add? Please talk about anything I didn't cover or expand upon anything.
A: I'd be a selfish man if I did not give credit where it is due. I am a man, a singer at times, but just a man. My notoriety from my music pales in comparison to those who continue to support, encourage and invest in me. My wife is one of the most incredible, creative, sacrificial, smart and beautiful people I've ever been fortunate to meet. She is my muse, my rock, and the one who inspires me to do what I do. My friends, fans and family give me the opportunity and encouragement to step out of the shadows and seek to grow to new heights. They allow me the time and focus to share my heart, and choose to receive it. I'm forever grateful! And without the love of the Lord, I would be a lost, selfish, angry, and delusional soul who never would have amounted to anything. I am because He is! The Lord allows me, uses me and opens doors for me, which my only repayment is giving Him the credit and glory!
- The Examiner


Where Ever You Go - Single
Need You To - Single
Start It Over - Single
I Wanna - Single



Chris's Love for music began like most, at a very young age. Music was a way to escape, connect with, and provide a sense of belonging to the world around him. Chris’s brother started drumming as a teenager, thus providing an opportunity to see music from a different side. Instead of just admiring and/or gravitating to a specific song or genre , he was able to appreciate music from an artistic creative view as well.. Chris’s romantic and passionate nature led him to Soul and R & B, still being his favorite genre to this day. His larger than life personality, desire to move and be moved by the power of music also led him to appreciate the rock genre as well. These influential aspects of music have manifested into soulful, passionate lyrics with a powerful delivery.

Chris’s on-stage presence is an extension and reflection of his heart-felt connection with music and his desire to perform at a level that will make the crowd feel like they are part of the show. Chris’s artistic nature fuels his desire to share, inspire, and evoke thoughts and emotions in those around him; that, combined with his spiritual foundation as a believer in Christ motivates him to lift others up with love and encouragement. As a believer, his goal is to reflect the Lord in his writings, thoughts, decisions, and of course his music. He set out to create, not realizing the depth of Love that would come through in his original works.

Chris has been performing live music for many years, as well as working with various producers such as Josh Cobb/Rockbot Studio's who has produced such artists as "All Things New" and "Say Never", as well as Rusty Wilmot who has a #1 Billboard produced album in 2012 with "Blood on The Dance Floor" to his credit. Chris’s experience as the lead singer of a cover band has provided him the opportunity to play some incredible venues, and has played a role in allowing him to stretch his vocal ability by challenging his voice to emulate such artists as Bon Jovi, Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon.

Although Chris is driven by his passion for music and his innate ability to express himself through lyrics and live performance, he strives to maintain a healthy balance and give primary focus to being a husband and father first. Chris emulates the understanding that "Home is where the heart is", and success, in any particular venture, does not carry much value if you’re not experiencing it with those you love the most.