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Christopher Kastris


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Jackals & Thieves (Duet)

Written By: Christopher Kastris

-SHE SINGS- rock my world
You touch me and I tingle like a little girl
You steal me away from him
Each night I come to you and revel in sin

I...always leave her behind
She just isn't part of this secret world of mine
I know that it shouldn't be
But she and I no longer share a chemistry

And when we hook up our passions arise
But we have to beware of prying eyes

So we race with the wind, away and afar
Roll in the dark under a blanket of stars
Hide from the glare of the spotlight
And run like jackals and thieves --- into the night...into the night

You...are like a fantasy
You help me escape a life of misery
So I come to you each time
But cover my tracks from suspicious minds

And for your company
You bring out the feminine beast in me
Tear me from him and lead me astray
From all of the mundane day to day

It's a dangerous game and not our style
But it's hard to resist the call of the wild


There are those that know and those that don't
And those that do swear they won't
Tell a sole but I have my doubts
So until the day that the truth comes out