Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee


Christopher has been touring with Michael English since 2003. He is still traveling with Michael occasionally, and also making solo dates. The churches that he has sung at with Michael are now hosting him in concert; as they were both impressed and blessed by his vocal talent and his sweet spirit.


Christopher Lee is a fresh, emerging artist in the world of Contemporary Christian music. Although he is new to the Nashville scene, don't let this humble, vibrant singer from the nation’s capitol fool you. His heart felt emotion and power-house vocals make him a force, not to be taken lightly. Christopher's journey into gospel music started at the age of 4, when his family started their own group. The Peter's Family traveled most of the east coast, ministering at churches and other venues for nearly 15 years. "Those experiences were crucial for me. I was able to learn at a young age what life was like on the road, and what it really meant to be part of a ministry."

If you were to sit down and ask Christopher which artists inspired him to become what he is today, you would hear names like Russ Taff, Newsong, Gaither Vocal Band.....and the list goes on. But there was one person that stood out among the rest, Michael English. "I remember being a kid, locking myself in my room, and listening to Gaither Vocal Band records. I loved the harmonies, arrangements, and most of all THAT VOICE! It's funny, I always dreamed of becoming his "protégé.” Christopher's dream would soon be a reality when he and wife, Katie, made the move to Nashville in 2002. Leaving behind family, friends and a six figure income in Washington DC, Christopher soon realized that he would have to rely on God more than ever. "It took a lot of faith, but we felt like God was opening a door." Immediately, Christopher began looking for ways to be heard, but found that task to be a little more daunting than expected. One afternoon, Christopher’s wife came to him and said that she had been on Michael’s website, and discovered that he was looking for vocal talent. She urged him to send a demo, but Christopher was apprehensive. “When you’re an artist trying to find your way, the last thing you want is a childhood hero to reject you.” So, without his knowledge, Christopher’s wife sent a demo to Michael with a short letter attached. Nothing could have prepared them for the blessing that was to come.

Only two short weeks after the demo and letter were sent, Christopher received a call late one evening. Michael English was impressed with what he had heard and thought it would be fun to surprise Christopher with a phone call. “I had received hundreds of demos for my vocal search, but this one really grabbed my attention.” Christopher was shocked and amazed to see Michael’s name on the caller id. During their conversation, Michael invited Christopher to perform at one of his local concerts. “I wanted to see what he could do live, in front of one of my audiences, and he nailed it!”

Michael English has been mentoring this young singer now for two years. From traveling with Michael on the road, to recording sessions in the studio, Christopher has been a sponge. “I have learned so much from Michael these past few years, sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode.” Everywhere Christopher performs and ministers, the response has been overwhelming. It’s not just his talent that people are interested in, it’s his genuine testimony of faith, hope and life through Christ. Christopher’s growth as an artist doesn’t stop there. Several churches and venues are already requesting him to return and share God’s love through music. “I don’t know what the future holds, but I always want to be doing God’s will. He has brought me this far, and he will carry me the rest of the way.” One thing is certain, Christian music will be hearing a lot more from this exciting young artist.


Christopher Lee - self-titled, Produced by Danny Bunnelle, Executive Producer William Peters