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Christopher Pond

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Rock


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"Christopher Pond-The Book Of Laments"

Yet another self orchestrated and seamlessly produced indie-acoustic/ folk nod has come from the unassuming Illinoisan singer and songwriter, Christopher Pond.

As well penned as any great American Novel, Pond’s second full length album, The Book of Laments, lyrically depicts a near cautionary tale of a characters descent- leaving intricately woven instrumentals to lay the backdrop. With themes including deception, insecurity, and defeat, the album takes on a subtly duskier gradient than his previous recordings, while still sounding hopeful – if not danceable at times.

Maintaining a familiarity in his sound while accomplishing something inimitable; this is the album that nudges Pond on from emerging artist to evolved, leaving any notions of beginners luck back at his debut EP in 2008. - Kimberly Babin- The Examiner

"Local Indie-Folk Singer to re-release debut album on vinyl"

One local musician is on his way to changing the past for the better. Local indie-folk singer/songwriter, Christopher Pond is attempting to re-release his debut album, Color Scheme, the way it was intended to be heard…on vinyl. While it’s not saving kittens from trees, or raising awareness of some terrible disease, it is a worthy and straight-forth cause to myself and many music enthusiasts. While vinyl is making its way back as a preferred method of listening, it can be expensive to produce and out of reach for many new artists. That is why Pond is enlisting the help of others to raise funds for pressing, packaging and printing costs.

Pond’s first full length EP was originally released in October of last year. Waiting Room Records describes the album as “… indie/acoustic styles thrown in with a mix of rock/pop elements… and) heads in a deeper direction lyrically as well as musically while retaining the whimsical sentiment that sets the lyrics apart.” The 9- tracked album also features vocals by Molly Nixon, bass by Karl Keiser and Mandolin by Jay Larson.

Pond plans on utilizing income from upcoming shows, donations and the web to reach his goal of 1,600 dollars to be able to complete a limited pressing of 100 hand-numbered records. You can help by visiting his page at, or checking for upcoming shows. -

"Christopher Pond to Release New Album, Polar Bees and Bumble Bears, 8/24/2010"

Are you losing sleep mauling over glaciers melting, and polar bears floating on solitary little pieces of ice in that “Jack, I’ll Never Let Go” fashion? Well, me neither, but I may lose a little shut eye just to listen to Indie-Folk Singer/ songwriter, Christopher Pond, and his new global-warming inspired album “Polar Bees and Bumble Bears.” The new Album is set for release tomorrow 8/24 and will be available for download on where you can “pay what you want” for the tracks.

A slight departure from some of his previous recordings, Polar Bees and Bumble Bears is a bit of a concept album, poking a little fun at all the hype surrounding the Global Warming Catastrophe. Pond is “…All for everyone doing their own part (He drive’s a Prius, he he.), I also believe that we can't restore the world of our own accord, just attempt to preserve what’s left and be good stewards of what God has given us to take care of.” Another words, pick up your own trash, go to the extent of recycling if you want, but do it because it’s just good to do, not because a fear- mongering hypocrite scared you into it. I think that what Pond is saying, or rather singing, is something we all could use to hear. There may be more pressing issues and problems to focus on than “Throwing out our refrigerators.”

The new EP includes tracks titled “Warm Winters” and “Cold Summers” amongst an intro and instrumental. The track entitled No Spring reminds me of one of my favorite things; a musical off of the ABC television series, Scrubs. It’s funny, witty and wow, it was actually really good! While the slight, ok blunt, sarcasm of the lyrics and the deep concern for polar bears and recycling your pizza box are newer themes for Pond, the album still holds on to some of the staples that makes Pond’s music extremely listenable; a great voice, thoughtful lyrics, steady guitar and catchy melodies. If Pond had taken another stance and was really trying to squeeze tears out of the listener (for the polar bears or anything else) I am sure he could have. The music is quite charming and his voice expresses sincerity as easily as it does sarcasm.

Pond attributes the motivation of the album to be “…Inspired by my lovely fiancé, Robin, and her hour of research in a Panera one Sunday afternoon. In addition to her seeing the names of some of my instrumental piano pieces titled "Global Warming Sucks" and the like, she inquired about a global warming song. I was dumbfounded.

After that day at Panera, I shelved the research and the album idea for almost a year until I stumbled upon it one afternoon. The album's title had been relentlessly swimming in my head even before I started writing any songs for it. I even knew what the cover would look like and who would do it. The songs practically wrote themselves and the rest is history.”

Ponds other works include the, Less Words, More Meaning EP (2008) and his first full length, Color Scheme (2009). The currently un-signed artist is also hard at work on two new EPs he hopes to release in October of this year. You can find out more about Christopher, his music, and up coming shows on his website.

" top2 5 nominee!"

I'm nominated on indie-music's website for their top 25! Check out the link below! -

"Freedom Bags aims to raise awareness"

Written by Bryan Podell, Daily Vidette Staff Writer
Friday, 13 November 2009 05:10

A group of ISU alumni will be hosting Freedom Bags, a charity event that aims to raise money for two organizations, International Justice Mission [IJM] and Ten Thousand Homes, on Friday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m.
IJM is a human rights organization that helps victims of different social injustices such as sex trafficking and slavery.
Ten Thousand Homes creates homes for children in South Africa who have been orphaned.
According to Chelsey Stack, Ten Thousand Homes coordinator, Ten Thousand Homes aims to not only create homes, but also provide a family for orphaned children.
“We don’t just put up four walls for the kids. We find them a home and a family and make sure they’re well fed,” Stack said.
The event will be showcasing and auctioning off art, jewelry, books and other items to help raise money for the two charities. Christopher Pond, musician and entertainment coordinator, will be performing at the event along with Lynn O’Brien, a fellow local musician of Pond’s.
“We’ll be selling our own merchandise at the event and part of the proceeds will go to the two charities. We try and help out as much as possible,” Pond said.
Alongside the performers, two representatives from Ten Thousand Homes will be presenting a speech and a video about their work in South Africa. According to Hannah Whitaker, volunteer and IJM coordinator, IJM will not have any representatives there to speak. However, there will be a table set up with information available.
“It [IJM] is a large scale organization that deals with countries from around the world so it would be hard to get someone there to speak,” Whitaker said.
Tracey Battaglia, head of publicity for the event and professional photographer, will be auctioning off free photo sessions at the event to help raise money.
“Even if people don’t come and buy something, we at least want to inform people with what’s going on in the world right now,” Battaglia said.

- The Daily Vidette


Less Words, More Meaning EP (2008)

Color Scheme LP (2009)

Polar Bees and Bumble Bears EP (2010)

Close Your Eyes EP (2010)

Bach Is Spinning In His Grave EP (2010)

The Book Of Laments LP (2011)



Christopher's music is modern folk with indie, experimental, and pop-rock undertones. His lyrics come from a place of introspection mostly, as well as angst, sarcasm, frustration, defeat, infatuation, etc.

He started playing drums around age 12, then guitar at 15, piano soon after that, and now on to banjo and ukulele. He got an analog four-track recorder when he was 17 which changed his life forever. He has been writing songs, playing in bands, and recording albums ever since.

Pond was voted a “New and Notable” artist on and was nominated for the annual Top 25 list in 2010. "Angels out of Dust" and "Buried Alive" (Color Scheme 2009) both ranked on the Top 30 chart on by IAIRA in 2010. He currently finished a new record called The Book of Laments which was released on July 2nd, 2011. This was also recently nominated for the Top 25 list on