The Christopher Robin Band

The Christopher Robin Band


RockGrass: The music genre born from the sounds of Christopher Robin; the attitude and sound of Rock music infused with the fast beats of Grassroots music-Bob Marley and Tony Rice meet Jimi Hendrix


"From Fairfield, Conn. to a little apartment in San Francisco to Music City, USA - Nashville, Tenn. to the mapmakers - singer/songwriter Christopher Robin has seen and done it all, a traveled troubadour cut from the same cloth as the music legends he so reveres."- (Play Magazine)

Since he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play at the age of 14, his musical roots have included personal lessons from artists like Michael Hedges, Gregg Allman, Wayne Henderson and Garth Webber, yet his sound remains truly his own.

"All of my songs are true stories - I've had residency in seven different states - and there's been a lot of stories. They're about all the things I've done, from sailing on tall ships to being a cowboy in Colorado, to playing for Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses in Europe, or the Hells Angels in California, to your typical love-on-the-rocks kind of thing."

"After more than a decade of paying his dues and soaking up the wisdom of seasoned, storied performers, Christopher Robin is now poised to become one himself." - (Ct Post)

Throughout his career Christopher has been called a "Musicians', Musician". A title not hard to understand when you look at the list of artists he has shared the stage, performed or recorded with.

Additionally, Christopher is still called upon to sing and play guitar for the original "Outlaw Lady", Jessi Colter (Jennings).

With three CD's to his credit, the Christopher Robin Band continues to maintain an extensive national touring schedule.


1995 'Sinking Ship'
2003 '949 Steiner'
2009 'Truth'

Set List

We typically play a 3 hour non-stop show

Selection of Original Songs - from a catalog of 200 songs

Up at the River
Miss You Already
Little Madeline
949 Steiner
Southern Comfort
Back Down to Nothing
Take it Slow
I Want to Wake
I Can Still Remember
Long Way to the Top
Riding on a Dream
Little Less Regret
Your Song
Best of You
Strength of Just One Man
Hardest Goodbye
Dessert Rose
Peace or a Piece of Fame

Allman Brothers
Jimi Hendrix
Grateful Dead
Merle Haggard
Jerry Reed
Waylon Jennings
Bob Marley
Stevie Wonder
Van Morrison
Ricky Skaggs