Christopher Robin Band

Christopher Robin Band


Rockgrass: The music genre born from the sounds of the Christopher Robin Band; the attitude and sound of Rock music infused with the soul and rhythm of Grassroots music.


"Someday you will be one of the great don't ever stop playing." - Gregg Allman

"He's got a good attitude and a lot of talent..." -Willie Nelson

"Christopher Robin, probably one of the finest guitar players I ever heard..." -Raul Malo (The Mavericks)

"It's rare when you see the kind of response to new talent that we've seen from our audience since Christopher Robin came in to do our morning show. Not only a great and versatile talent, but a great interview with cool stories and the kind of media savvy that usually only comes from the grizzled veterans. Can't wait to have him back, and neither can our listeners!"-Neil Hedley- i95 morning show DJ

"Christopher is what an artist should be...You will hear from him in the marketplace and I know no equal." -Jessi Colter

"From Fairfield, Conn. to a little apartment in San Francisco to Music City, USA - Nashville, Tenn. to the mapmakers - singer/songwriter Christopher Robin has seen and done it all, a traveled troubadour cut from the same cloth as the music legends he so reveres" (Play Magazine.)

Christopher Robin's musical roots have included personal lessons from artists like Michael Hedges, Gregg Allman, Wayne Henderson and Garth Webber, yet his tone, feel, and sense of melody remain truly his own.

At the age of 16, Christopher Robin started writing all of his own music and now draws from his own catalog of 200 plus songs.

"All of my songs are true stories - I've had residency in seven different states - and there's been a lot of stories. They're about all the things I've done, from sailing on tall ships to being a cowboy in Colorado, to playing for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses in Europe, or the Hells Angels in California, to your typical love-on-the-rocks kind of thing." At the age of 18, he studied with independent luthier Brad Nickerson, building his own acoustic guitar to perform upon.
Christopher has sat in, played, written or recorded with many of this countries great musicians, and living legends. From these experiences Christopher has learned a variety of styles from rock, acoustic, folk, blues, country, bluegrass, even reggae from the legends and unsung heroes who have mastered their craft. Christopher's dedication to music and learning from others has made him the versatile player he is today. This dedication has also proved to be the corner stone in the foundation of his Rockgrass sound.

"After more than a decade of paying his dues and soaking up the wisdom of seasoned, storied performers, however, Christopher Robin is now poised to become one himself" (Play Magazine)

Christopher has opened for and shared the stage with artists including Joe Higgs, Clarence Clemmons, Gregg Allman, The Marshall Tucker Band, Shooter Jennings, Jackie Pearson, Reggie Young, Del McCoury, Jimmi Hall, Peter Yarrow, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Paul Thorn, Berry Oakley Jr., Loren Rowan, Bee Spears, Richie Albright, Mark Matejka, Big and Rich, Don Was, Tony Joe White, and Steve Cropper among others.

Additionally, Christopher Robin is often called upon to sing and play guitar for the original "Lady Outlaw", Jessi Colter.

With three CD's under his belt, Christopher and his band of all-star players, including his "Little Brother" Trevor Taylor, continue to maintain an extensive national touring schedule.


Long Way To The Top

Written By: Christopher Robin

There are those mornings that I lie awake
searching for a reason to rise
There are those moments that your mind can't fake
'Cause your strugglin' just to open your eyes

so don't you think too much
'cause the real feelin' and the meanin' will pass you on by

And it's a long, long, such a long long, way to the top
And it's a long, long, such a long long way, way to the top
But a not so, not so far to Drop
Back on down, back on down

So you roll on back over just trying to sleep
Hoping that soon there'll be a sign
About adventure in life
Not Monotony in minutes
Passed pondering on questions of why?

so don't you think too much
'cause the real feelin' and the meanin' will pass you on by

And it's a long, long, such a long long, way to the top
And it's a long, long, such a long long way, way to the top
But a not so, not so far to Drop
Back on down, back on down

Take It Slow

Written By: Christopher Robin

walk outside, listen'n to the highway
wishin' it was the ocean
comin' to wash me free

they say I could be the next best thing
but talk is cheap and nothin' comes easy

if it all fell apart today
I'd have only me to blame for things not going my way

take it easy
take it slow
all these days will come around
and just as fast, they will go

it's true you can't win 'em all
but think real big, and start out small

now listen to the same old sound
now let the highway be your key

in America, the land of liberty
it's all here to take, but nothin' is free

life's great failure is a man who stood tall
just givin' up and accepting the fall


life can take the strongest man
and bring him to his knees
the same pain can take the man of steel,
break him down, beggin' darlin' please

Up At The River

Written By: Christopher Robin


blue ridge blue ridge calling me home
get up off the couch and unplug the phone
kicking it down up at the clear water
i lay with her up at the river (x2)

in an old oak hangs a long long rope
where the kids all dance and smoke their dope
jump on out and swing on over
i lay with her up at the river (x2)

crickets sing and the bullfrogs shout
in the summer heat bare girls shake about
take her hand and lead her to the water
i lay with her up at the river (x2)

throw in your line life's simple things are fine
jump on a rock and you talk that talk
just sit tight those old fish will bite
i lay with her up at the river (x2)


1995 'Sinking Ship'
2003 '949 Steiner'
2006 'Truth'

Set List

We typically play a 3 hour non-stop show!

Selection of Original Songs - from a catalog of 200 songs