Christopher Ryan Jones

Christopher Ryan Jones


Singer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist, Christopher Ryan Jones, returns to the bluegrass scene once again better than ever. With one of the most entertaining and interesting performances to ever grace any bluegrass stage, he is backed by his dynamic band, The Bluegrass Mafia.


Christopher Ryan Jones' career over the last ten years has been interesting to say the least. Weather playing in front of crowds of over 20,000 or to small assemblies of just 30, he has been a favorite with audiences everywhere. The multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter is known not only for his musical ability but his hilarious antics.

There is one thing is for sure, Jones' mandolin playing and vocals have only improved with time. Often naming Bluegrass legend, Bobby Osborne and Country Music Hall of Fame member, George Jones, as his greatest influences: Jones' has developed a familiar yet individual sound.

Christopher attributes much of his success from the help of his band, The Bluegrass Mafia. This awesome group of musicians includes powerful players and talented singers in their own right, they create the framework for Jones' outrageous stage act.

With a unique sound, original songs, and Jones' unique humor, this progressive group is sure to be the center of much talk as they now work on a much-anticipated recording project. Playing everywhere from churches, music festivals, bars, and private parties, Jones' always finds a way to entertain audiences of all musical persuasions.

We are currently accepting bookings for the 2008 calendar, Christopher Ryan Jones & The Bluegrass Mafia, will be a great addition to your event. Hurry and book us now, slots are going quick.


The Greatest Love Song

Written By: Christopher Ryan Jones

I searched through the pages
Of old tattered music
Of songs, so real in the past
I blew the dust off the covers
Of dirty vinyl records
That were stored in an old cardboard box
I was searching for the music
To the greatest love song ever written
To express how I felt about you
But after days of searching
I finally realized
What I thought all along to be true
The greatest love song ever written
Has never been written
Cause no ones ever loved like I loved you

More love than has ever
Been put down on pages
Or recorded by any mortal man

So I wrote this song to tell you
What I've always wanted to tell you
I want to spend my life with you
Then the greatest love song ever written
It can finally be written
When someone sees the love shared between me and you
I want to spend my life with you


It's All Good (2001) Out of print.
Hello In There: A Tribute to John Prine (2007)
Old Brush Arbors (coming 2008)

Set List

Offering a variety of sets to best fit your event:
1. Two (2) forty-five (45) minute sets (ideal for Bluegrass Festivals)
2. One (1) ninety (90) minute set.
3. One (1) forty-five (45) minute set.
4. One (1) sixty (60) minute set.
5. Other options available.
Song selections depend on the number of sets and the time allotted. Other variables include, type of event (i.e. churches as opposed to a festival or bar).
Most secular venue sets will include popular requested songs, The Greatest Love Song, All That's Left To Say, and others.
All sets are a mixture of songs, instrumentals, and comedy bits.