Christopher Sheridan

Christopher Sheridan

 East Moline, Illinois, USA

Music that grabs your attention, makes you think and stirs the emotions. Comparisons include Damien Rice, Dave Matthews, Moody Blues, and REM. He wears his heart on his sleeve telling stories of hope, love, heartache, war and spirituality. He captivates audiences with honesty and raw feeling.


Christopher Sheridan grew up surrounded by music. Since birth he was heavily influenced by his mother's gift as a classical pianist and violinst. He was raised listening to music such as James Taylor, The Moody Blues, The Byrds, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. As he grew older he began branching out and listening to many genres of music from folk to heavy metal. He believes that "good music" can be within any style of music, so long as it has meaningful lyrics. Leaving his home state at the age of 20, Christopher began his search for the truth of why we're here and where humanity going in it's current state of evolution. During the first years of leaving home he delved into sound related studies such as meditation, chakra therapy, and reiki. Realizing the influence sound had on the mind and body gave him a definitive way to write music almost as a form of remedial treatment. He stated that "Everything is sound. God created the Universe with sound. If you wanna move somebody, do it with music."

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I Think It's Time - 2010 Available on