Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith


My name is terribly generic, but my music isn't. If you enjoy the spaciness of Pink Floyd and the introspective, delicate crooning of Paul Simon, you will probably enjoy my music.


'Earning Keep' as an album and concept came to be over a three year span. Even as Christopher Smith was recording and touring in support of 2010's 'The Beckon Call', the catalyst of change, a greater departure and band based recording was coming together in the interim.

While 'The Beckon Call' came out of circumstance and felicity, the new album was to be a planned change of course, one of aesthetic renewal. Earning Keep' is an everyday act of survival, as much as working towards an honest paycheque to striving for relation and meaning. Moving towards visceral and tangible departures, the album’s theme speaks of the process as much as the topics at hand. Something solid and grounded among ever-changing circumstance, like a funeral pyre vs. brick and mortar. A cairn in the shadow of cathedrals, the songwriting could earn something beyond a living, and that maybe the underestimation of simplicity that restructuring one's craft was as noble a pursuit as a security and stability.

That restructuring of starting from the base and foundation of ones work plays heavily into 'Earning Keep.' Smith wanted a cohesive sound built off not only simple pop idioms, but as well a more band oriented sound. The songs contrast those lush, texture-based pieces with sparse, minimal piano ballads and harsher, stark noise.

Never one for stagnation, Smith has pursued the presentation of his music to many varied ends. From his early work in traditional singer songwriter methods, to larger, more orchestral based works, the music, both as a live entity and recorded based medium, is in a constant state of flux. Working with strings quartets, horn sections and choral arrangements, it is Smith's desire to challenge and re-interpret his material as for a way to etch out the right fit for the individual song. In many cases, songs were stripped of all recognizable features to end up in an entirely different place than where they began.

'Earning Keeps' resonance lies in its ability to combine the physical essence of the phrase with the many human parallels that run throughout it. It is a work of contrast and ubiquity, where roles subvert and the structure of class and ones pursuit of love and identity there-in fold and envelope each other. It is a means to an end, as the work defines the finished product; they are one in the same, the process honoring the outcome, the journey longing for destination.


Earning Keep - 2012
The Beckon Call - 2010
Keepsake - 2009