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Christopher Stewart



Staring at a receding shoreline from the deck of an ocean liner, dreams that begin at the bottom of a well, and a junk drawer of memories: Christopher Stewart's songs are pure pop, but they all come wearing disguises. Covering rock licks and twisting vocal melodies with shiny metaphors and odd rhymes, some dive deep into other worlds, some are portraits of strangers and some are simply (but never simple) love songs.

While basing himself out of Portland, OR; Boulder, CO and lately Seattle, WA; Christopher has rarely slept under the same roof for a year. His worldwide treks, punctuated by summers spent guiding river trips throughout the American West have informed his unique musical voice that is pop, but pop littered with footnotes to a wide range of styles. Christopher's song-writing sounds something like a Neil Young collaboration with The Eels, only produced by Brian Eno; while blending a vocal gruffness similar to Bob Dylan and a vulnerability reminiscent of Elliott Smith. His lyrical style digs deep into his experiences, but never directly; instead, he stretches them beyond their meaning and into his own subtle, introspective vocabulary.

In 2007, Christopher Stewart self-released the lo-fi EP "Escape Control Return Home". Being favorably received among friends and fans in the Seattle area, it has been described as, "Kind of like if Louden Wainwright III joined Radiohead...[the] song writing [has] some really dark and clever undertones that sneak up through the acoustic tapestry. Smart, simple and mezmerizing." (Basil Harris, "Awesome").

In Seattle, Christopher Stewart has played The Conor Byrne Pub, The Blue Moon, The Rendevous, Gallery 1412 and C.H.A.C. (as a member of the 14/48 house band).

Christopher Stewart is currently preparing to record a full length record in March, 2008 and to follow it's release with a west coast tour in Summer, 2008.


Escape Control Return Home, EP, March 2007

Set List

Mostly originals with the occasional cover, Christopher "pretty much wings it" when it comes to deciding on a set list.