Christopher Whitney

Christopher Whitney


Passionate, Relative & Original define this writer/artist's "EAGLE esque" style. A jazzier kind of country meets could say ; "MOO-town" Blending real life writing , soulful ballads and soaring melodies with small town southern charm!


Managed and produced by Samuel Mathews of New Sound Productions Seattle WA.
Moved to LA/Palos Verdes Valley area of Southern California just out of high school
Performed at various Churches, coffee shops and songwriter venues from Palos Verde Valley in California thru Texas, Florida and living on Music Row in Nashville, TN for 2 yrs. networking while honing writing and performance skills.
Founded the "Southern Draw Band" (Dallas/Ft Worth Tx) in 1997 - 1999 ( they are still gigging ! )
Graduated from "Cover Bands" to independent music showcases in Texas, Florida and Nashville

Notable Appearances: w/my band Southern Draw:
1997-1999 numerous appearances w / local Radio Stations 99.5 "The Wolf" & 105.1 " Young Country" at
Local Venues and festivals mostly in Dallas/Ft.Worth and a Grand Finale in Nashville Arkansas
Joined Jay Johnson in 1999- WRITING & PERFORMING all original music with local success
AAA Venues/Radio Promo & Festivals across Texas
Released "Deep in the Heart of Texas"a songwriter's collaboration C.D. produced by "Texas Great" Tommy Alverson
( Uno Mas Cerveza ) in 2001

Discovered by Jim McBride and Jerry Salley at The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in Perdido Key Florida (Jim and Jerry are Nashville writers for "Johnnny Lee, Alan Jackson, Reba Macintyre, Steven Curtis Chapman" who's hits include; "Looking for Love" (in all the wrong places) "You can Bet Your Heart on Me" "Chatahoochee", "Little Bitty" "His Strength is Perfect", "Hiding Place"

Notable : on-air live performances w/Jay Johnson
KBEC 1390 Waxahachie, TX
KHYI 95.3 Dallas TX
KATP 101.9 Amarillo TX
KCUB 98.3 Stephenville TX
Open for The Derailers / PoorDavids Pub
Open for Bruce Robison / Poor Davids Pub
Rockzilla Awards Show and Americana review w/ Cooder Graw and Rev. Horton Heat
Shiner Sundays at Love & War in Texas
Live broadcasts on KHYI 95.3
Love & War in Texas w/ Jack Ingram
Summerfest at Baja Beach w/ 99.5 "The Wolf" 2001
Pickin' in the Pines Music Festival- Pine Mills TX 2000-2001
The Golden Light - Amarillo TX
The Blue Light - Lubbock TX
Americana JAM Music Festival 2000 & 2001with artists such as Pat Green & Miranda Lambert
Tommy Alverson's Annual Family Gathering Music Fest '00 - '01
Wild Wild West festival- Dallas TX
Raz on the Braz Music Festival '00 - '01
Wildscape Farms Festival - Ft. Worth, TX
Thirsty Armadillo- Stockyards in Ft. Worth TX
Ricks on the Bricks - Tyler TX
White Elephant Saloon- Ft. Worth Stockyards CD Release w/ Tommy Alverson
Texas Music Nation Celebration MUSIC FESTIVAL

Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in Perdido Key, Florida ( Floribama )
Characters Songwriters Cafe in Perdido Key FL. regular performer- Owned & hosted by Larry and Gale Book ( NSAI Reg. Dir. )
Currently working and recording in Seattle with various artists/engineers including Sam Matthews of "Bryan Duncan and NehoSoul"
Sal Salvador, Troy Kelso, and Sound Media Productions Recording Studio ( Seattle ) and other Nashville artists! includin Leah Corbitt.


Sad December

Written By: Christopher Whitney

©2005 Blue December Music (SESAC) ®PUBLISHING

written,arranged & performed by:Christopher Whitney

Acoustic/Adult Contemporary


Last December
You said we'd always be friends
I guess it's clear now,... I'll never see you again
It took some time but I'm finally learning how to let you go

Sad December
Wish I could go back in time
Start all over,.....take my heart off the line
Could not believe you would ever want to leave
Guess some things just were'nt meant to be

We had so much fun, carnivals and setting suns
The way you looked at me with that smile in your eyes
Will the anguish and the tears simply echo through the years?
Maybe someday I'll leave your memory behind

Do you remember?
You said you felt the same way too
But what I meant was ...I said I'd be there for you
You drove away and left me for a fool

In the dying embers
Burning slowly through the night
Well I surrender and though this feelings not right
There's no use fightin' it, I've gotta get on with the rest of my life

After all is said and done, you will always be the one
The way you looked at me with that smile in your eyes
Will the anguish and the tears simply echo through the years
Maybe someday I'll leave those memories behind

It was the last December I'd ever see you again.

So Long Ago

Written By: Christopher Whitney

© 2005 Blue December Music (SESAC) ® Publishing
Contemp. Christian


Once and for all time eternity reclaimed mankind
With a little child and a love that was divine
And there he died for you and me, I was blind but now I see
What I could not believe so long ago

This man, he worked with wood, this man was so misunderstood
A simple man of faith but when he spoke the earth obeyed!
Even those who knew him well could not believe this man so frail
Would rip away the veil so long ago

And as they laid him in the grave,
It was from this he had come to save,
and so to conquer death and hell,
Love prevailed.

Said I'd never stray but like a child wanders away
From a still small voice telling me to make a choice
Shall I live or shall I die? apart from you we can't survive
It was written in our lives so long ago

All my life I've heard it but now I understand
Why someone so long ago
Would ever come again......
Do you believe in him ?

My Shining Star

Written By: Christopher Whitney

When I look into the stars above
I'm reminded of the night I fell for you
And as I walk along this path
There's no turning back
Not since I found you my Shining Star

And there you are just like a Shining Star
One look at you and I go crazy
Darling you are so near and so far
The one that could save me
From another lonely night

(Music Break)

When I look into your loving eyes
I can't describe the way this feels inside
Images of you and me where I wanna be is
Where ever you are my Shining Star

And there you are just like a Shining Star
I wish I might I wish I may
If I had one wish today
Don't you ever go away
Don't you ever go away my Shining Star


"Southern Draw Band" produced by: Chris Whitney (1998)
"An acoustic compilation" Chris whitney ( 2000 )

"Deep in the Heart of Texas" produced by: Tommy Alverson ( 2002 )

Currently in the studio recording a new CD due out SPRING 2009 Produced by Sam Mathews @"Reign On Me" Productions which will feature Sam and fellow recording artists such as Walter Finch of Bryan Duncans touring band.

Set List

50% original material / 25% covers / 25% fellow songwriters material
1 - 2 hrs depending on venue
3 song- writer/artist showcases
covers consist of anything from John Mayer to James Taylor and The Eagles to contemp. christian