Denis Harting

Denis Harting

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Red-hot firy transcultural, spiritual urban music, with edgy beats and cutting-edge lyrics. I have a powerful crystal-clear voice and my music is all about bringing enlightenment, empowerment and joy to all, to heal the body, mind and soul! It's altogether moving, uplifting and inspiring.


Music has found its new Vision.

"How can such a big voice come out of such a small man?" Still amazed and carried away by the power and rarity of what she just heard, the new 'groupie'
immediately moves heaven and earth to share her discovery with whoever will listen, going easily through numerous safety gates. The girl is no regular audience, she's herself an amazing singer working as a back vocalist for another stunning performer: Mariah Carey. But still her reaction should be no surprise to Denis. Mariah Carey or Jane Doe, the response is always unanimous : they’re strikingly dazzled from first hearing his voice.

Indeed, like those snake charmers, Denis’s voice has the soothing effect of a dolphin therapy mixed with an exuberant charisma that has already led our little Montreal guy to the highest spots, going from Madison Square Garden for a music festival to Athens in the frame of the Special Olympics 2004. Cause yes, Denis is blind. But Blind only to better see, to open and use his 'real eyes', and to share his Vision with a world who certainly could benefit from his rich and broader perspective on Life, from what may just be the greatest Secret, in fact, that gives everyone the ultimate freedom and power to be, have and do whatever they truly desire!

Denis doesn't believe in Fatality and never considered himself as a victim, and neither should you: "I believe, no I assert, that we are all both actors and creators of our own realities. Life can seem hard but it is only for you to recover the amazing power you hold in the very palm of your hands and of which you probably have no idea. All that happens is nothing but blessings in disguise, that which we have ourselves magnetized, consciously or not." No question: Denis is definitely a committed performer, dedicating his artistry to make a difference in people's lives.

He is actually working on his debut masterpiece, a very unique conceptual multimedia and theatrical musical review and its companion album, called “Annyo”, that should have some kind of earthquake effect on the chilly music industry and much beyond. Cause although mostly made up of classics, you can be sure that “Annyo” will not feature any classics, but only the most powerful, uplifting and inspiring ones to date that best carry the depth, strength and clarity of the messages and concepts that want to be imparted through this grandiose production. Besides, the whole thing will be spiced by a few of Denis’s own creations that should certainly also shake some people’s comfort. Cause Denis is no new-agy kind of crap. His lyrics are smashing, his sound, edgy: "I'm not afraid of being commercial. It's the best way to reach people. I want them to dance on my songs, sing on my songs, make love on my songs… Then somehow they will fully grasp my message and start to make changes in their lives."

With his mix of world beats, soul-flavored sounds inspired by his idol Stevie Wonder and more surprising and aggressive r&b joints Beyonce and Cie would better off be inspired by, Denis Harting is ready to spread his words and wings on the waves, and sweep the world. Will you be ready to listen?


Denis Harting’s journey begins on a hot June day, in a Montreal hospital. The verdict is undeniable: he is blind, and will grow up orphaned, his mother being too young to raise him. A tragedy for most of us, a blessing in disguise for the little boy… From a foster home to another, Denis proves to be, despite a hard and dark environment, a very happy and lively kid, with an inner world surprisingly colorful. A universe he conveys in sci-fi and adventure stories full of the visionary themes he embraces, which will inspire the birth of the “prophet” artist he will become later. His writings are very popular and allow him, as a teenager, to earn his first awards. But it was only the beginning…

Indeed, if there’s a place where Denis really belongs, it has to be under the spotlights. With a rare gift to capture the attention everywhere he goes, he becomes aware of the hypnotizing power he holds on people by covering all time classics during summer camps, and later, through some talent shows he mostly wins effortlessly. But, what was first a funny way of getting noticed is about to take on a totally different meaning…

We are in 1990. As Denis is listening to the radio, as he always does, a voice dumb-strikes him to the core of his being. Her name: Mariah Carey. The song: “Vision of Love”. Deeply moved by the young artist’s vocal mastery, soul and message, Denis realizes it’s time for him to take the next step towards his dream.

Inspired by this new energy, Denis starts showcasing as much as possible, improving his vocal technique with the internationally reputed vocal coach, Philippe Parent, and records a few cover demos. Over the years, fearless and ready to take on any challenge, we can see him one day as a vocalist of a homeless people choi


Real Eyes

Written By: Denis Harting aka Christos

The worst sin that’s ever been committed
Is to worship division
The worst crime we’ve ever perpetrated
Is to market discrimination
I’ve long given up on such primitive crappy stuff
Because I se through my third eye
That we are all the same beyond illusions
None other than gods in disguise

What is this regulated bullshit
‘Bout segregation and bigotry
What makes us think that way, who pulls the strings
What kind of matrix is underneath

Chorus :

Brothers and sisters
This is the wake-up call
For us to open our real eyes
So that we finally realize
That all differences
Rhyme with appearances
It sure is not reality
In the eyes of divinity

What’s this fightin’ all about, can ya tell me
When we’re all interconnected
Is it fear of losin’ our identity
Or just the fear of the unknown
We are taught to live in uniformity
To think in terms of right and wrong
But doesn’t beauty rhyme with diversity
The rainbow makes every color glow

Who’s to say that your greatest soulmates
Are not the ones who seem different than you
Life don’t give a damn about color lines
‘Bout cultures, religions and other taboos

Repeat chorus

We’ve played different games
Each time under different names
Like actors playin’ different roles
In many different movies
So why should we discriminate
When we’ve all been black, white, red and yellow
We’ve traveled through all times and nations
In the course of our incarnations

We’ve been rich and poor, male and female
Have come as homosexuals and straights
If only we could remember this
Then maybe we can hope to live in oneness

Chorus repeated


Written By: Denis Harting aka Christos and Peggy Roux

Have you not realized
Or did you minimize
All I said, THINKIN’ it was just sweet lies
Why did you disappear
Leaving me with my tears
Didn’t you care or did you act out of fear

Though I try to pretend
You’ve never been a friend
Lingerin’ memories of you keep on hauntin’ me
Then I think to myself
I should look somewhere else
Yet I secretly dream you’d come back to me

Chorus :

Why do you leave me stranded
Spellbound and so devoted
Webbed in your charms
In your invisible arms
I’m just filled of your so loud silence

Tell me did I hurt you
Did I somehow fail you
For you no more wanting us to be friends
Or are you to protect
Feelings you can’t accept
Pledging never to see me again

I’m so lost and confused
Why d’you always refuse
To come through with your true explanations
You pretexted distance
And far stranger reasons
Not to give in to this sacred union

Repeat chorus

Bridge :

This thing we shared
Was so pure and cutting-edge
We were torn between fear and fascination
Still have this sense
We’ll be subconsciously led
To collide once more and end this negation

Shouldn’t we quit playing games
Of love too filled with shame
Like this lifetime when it was forbidden

If you were to face me
Would you still resist me
Or would we crash in love like in England
To me there’s no mistake
You and I are soulmates
May this song bring back a new alliance

Last chorus :

Please don’t you leave me stranded
Spellbound and broken-hearted
Webbed in your charms
In your invisible arms
I’m just filled of your so loud silence


Written By: Denis Harting

I need your evil love
My heart is beatin’
For the touch of your velvet gloves
How I’d wish to taste you
Like a nice and sweet treat
From the dairy store
Can I please
Take a sip from your love fountain
So I can beg for more


So let’s go on-an-on
Till the break’o’dawn
Till the light of day
Finds us chillin’ again
As you turn me on
Ain’t no time
For wastin’ time my baby

You are my fantasy
My body’s quiverin’
I dream of you so viciously
Will this obsession for you ever end
Cause without you there
I just don’t care
I just can’t eat
I’m losin’ sleep
You’re the only food
That I’ll ever miss

Repeat chorus

What have you done to me
To make me so enraptured
You put your spell on me
And you made me prisoner
Could it be we’re fallin’
I hope you’re not playin’ games
Feels like we’re meant to be
It may be a choice we’ve made
Can we get together
Can I be your only first
Would you come to soothe my hunger
And I’ll come to quench your thirst

Repeat chorus till the end

My Truth

Written By: Denis Harting & Sandra Chavannes


Let them talk
Let them walk
Let them fall and dry their tears
Let them see
Let them feel
Let them rise above their fears
Let them cry
Let them try
They shall learn in their own time
They shall know will we sow so shall we reap
And that we make our own reality

I was wondering what made me feel so very all alone
I used to cry myself to sleep through lonely nights
Why did I feel such a stranger and in a world that’s not my own
Always feelin’ out of place and never right

Was I one of my kind
With no one else to find
Spending each and everyday
With my complicated mind
Where are those just like me
Where the hell do they hide
When all I see
‘s they misunderstand and judge me

Repeat chorus

Is it just the color of my skin or the way I wear my jeans
Or is there something within me they can’t define
Is it just the way I do my dance or my walkin’ on the street
Are they jealous of the way I lead my life

Won’t you please tell me why
I sense fear in their eyes
And I just can’t explain
What makes them feel the way they do
So I shall speak my truth
For then they’ll know my roots
It’s such a game
Filled with so much shame


Why can’t we just know life’s what we make it
And the world we live in is all illusions
I hate to feel stranded in limitations
So I will feel no pain, no anger, I won’t quit

I want to take control
Just wish to play my role
I won’t care
I’ll free my soul, yes I will dare

Repeat chorus

Jammin’ till the end

Rainbow Lady

Written By: Denis Harting

Rainbow Lady
You brighten up my world
The magic of your colors
Bathes my sky
You give me strength
To spread my wings and fly
Cause you’re the beacon
Through my darkest nights

And now I dare tell you
What my heart’s been wanting to
For so long

Chorus :

Rainbow Lady
Multicolored girl
Keep on glittering upon this world
Cause you’re so beautiful
So special and so rare
So let me sing this song to say I care
For you

When I hear the words
Of those who treat you cruel
It just breaks my heart in two
But they’re just fools
An angel’s smile
And a voice beyond all times
Everything in you
Is moving me inside

And if we tear down this wall
Could we then answer this inner call
To come together
And finally surrender

Repeat chorus

Sometimes I have this fantasy
That you and I are friends
And we are strong together till the end
Hand in hand

Chorus 3 :

Rainbow Lady
Multicolored girl
Keep on glittering upon this world
Because you are so beautiful
So special and so rare
So let me sing my song to show how much
I love you

I’ll be there for you


Written By: Denis Harting

Sittin’ beside my tears
With my lonely thoughts of you
Thinkin’ about the love we made
But what did it mean to you
I stand alone
With questions in my mind
As time goes by
And leaves me here to cry

Chorus :

Don’t look at me dismayed
Just turn your eyes away
Don’t hear me when I say
I love you
Please don’t apologize
For leavin’ me aside
Maybe was I too naive
Thinkin’ that you’d never leave

Only one night of love
Has lifted me to the sky
But the landing has been tough
As the dream suddenly died
My lips still feel
The blaze of your kiss
And my skin longs
For the touch that brings me bliss

Repeat chorus

When we’re close we can’t deny
But when we’re far you’re tryin’ to hide
Pretending there is nothing there
But I can feel you’re only scared
How many lifetimes we have run away
Will we avoid eternally
Or will we stop this vicious game
Before I finally go insane

Repeat chorus


I have no album or single released yet, but as mentioned above, there will be one out in 2010 or early 2011, in the frame of the Annyo project. Meanwhile, I have six demo songs available along with this EPK and one more on my other web page on myspace.

Set List

I mix originals and covers. As covers, I do mainly classic and modern soul R&B hits. I can also do classics in other genres, but I make them my own, with a definite soul flavor. I never do the exact same songs, I like variety.

Depending on the context and needs, sets can last anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. I can either do a whole show all at once or say up to three sets. Again, I like to be flexible.