christos Karpathakis

christos Karpathakis

 Kardinya, Western Australia, AUS

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Lap It Up

Written By: Christos Karpathakis

Lap It Up
The punishment's coming on thick and fast,
I feel like I'm standing in a nuclear blast,
My hormones are prancing like a horse on parade,
You can ask me for anything and I'd just say Ok.
The pain is so great I don't hesitate,
I just Lap it up X4
Cos I'm a fool for you.

I've got so many feelings I just can't control,
Got a motor revving up deep down in my soul.
I feel just like an Elvis and a Jerry Lee show.
I see only doors I walk into walls.


You turn me away like you don't have the time,
Don't answer my calls like you don't have a dime.
You flirt with my friends til they all start to shine,
I'm in such a mess but I really don't mind
I' so out of focus I'm technically Blind


Where Ever You Go

Written By: Christos Karpathakis

If you ever choose to take a trip on a ship up to the Moon,
Book a crater for two with a sunny view,
no need to hurry back too soon.
I want to be with you where ever you go

You and I on a flight through the night while moon beams trickle down through the trees
Distant stars guide our journey at sea far from home to our destiny,

If you decide you've got to go to the desert in the Sun,
I'll go with you in my asbestos suit and I'm sure it will be fun,
I want to be with you where ever you go.

Repeat chorus twice,

Mummy On The Run

Written By: Christos Karpathakis

In the heat of Sun, Light of Moon,
Carter and Co looked for King Tut's Tomb.
In the Valley of Kings, It was quiet as a mouse,
Somebody tripped upon a step,
Tutankhamen's House.

The step uncovered they searched some more,
Dug through the earth to find a door opened the door gazed into a room ,
Gold that glittered,
Tutankhamen's I presume,
Consider Mummy's feelings on your journey to success remember dear old mummy said always do your best take care of your poor mummy there is surely nothing worse than Disturbing Mummy's slumber and incurring Mummy's curse.

When lord Carnarvon proposed a toast to Tutankhamen our Absent host his mummy shouted do not disturb a silence followed that was superb.
When they recovered it seemed a dream . but for the sound ofg a distant scream a shadow slipped out to the dunes a howling wind played a haunting tune
A museum they opened , Trinkets displayed,
People cued for miles mummy stayed away, did she visit the Sphinx or was she on her own,
If carter comes to find me, I'm not at home.