Christos Mythos

Christos Mythos

 London, England, GBR

Lou Reed, Jack Johnson and Johnny Cash getting together at a New York penthouse, meeting the city cowboy.


Imagine Lou Reed, Jack Johnson and Johnny Cash, getting together at a New York penthouse meeting the city cowboy.
Music is about creating moments. At this very special moment you get the chance to connect with your audience. It is the moment where the chit chat stops and everybody is listening.
With the help of Depeche Mode drummer and songwriter Christian Eigner, who played all the drums, his debut album was recorded and produced, released online in jannuary 2010.
The mission: Live your own life and stop being afraid of doing so, there is nothing to be afraid of and nothing to lose.
The vision: Step by step going from one level to the next by playing live wherever there is a chance and evntually get bookings at small places and at big venues up to Wembley Stadium ?
One day.....


album 'drift away' released january 2010, song 'drift away' with airplay on local radio 'antenne austria' as well as IMRadio international