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Christ With A K

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Just the one album ninteen tracks. Four songs can be heard online at and a few B-sides and first takes can be heard on theres also the odd song that was too shocking for the album there.



Well it started off about 4 years ago on a drive over to a friends house, I was humming a tune and then I added some words to it. I got to his house and said "Hi I got this idea for a song" Shorty thereafter which we had that and a few more songs done, most of the time it was me pretty much writing the music and the songs and then he'd add little filler bits with either his guitar, piano or uke. We played our first gig at an open mic night in Cork. We were not sure how the crowd would react as the song was we were going to play was about me having sex with my sister(a joke obviously) however they reacted brilliantly and lapped the whole thing up there must have been about a hundred people there, not bad for our first time, they even wanted an encore so we played a further three songs. We didn't actually have a name thought out before we went on stage, I suggested the Christ Punchers as we had been watching an episode of the simpsons where Homer starts a motorcycle gang and thats a name that is suggested for the gang as Flanders is unhappy with the current name. We deemed this a little plageuristic and went with The Khrist. Ya get it Christ with a K. I explained at that gig that we were called Christ With A K as in Khrist and that was all well and good. However when we supported a band a few weeks later everyone pronounced it Crist, much like that comical moment in that Tom Hank's film The Wonders, where everyone called them the O' Neders as they spelt there name Oneders. So anyway long story short, it became 'Christ With A K' and will remain thusly so. We began recording an album last year (2005) with out own money so we'd own the whole shabang, now rather than doing it half arsed we decided to do the whole thing properly. About halfways through recording Sam(who was the friends whose name I only just realised I forgot to impart) decided that he no longer wanted to be in a band that he had no ambitions for fame and would much rather just play guitar for fun and at home rather than in front of an audience on a stage. This kind of delayed things a little, but no matter, I soldiered on and finished recording it a few weeks ago, I currently await my fundage to build up so I can afford to get it mastered and have a thousand copies made and then post em' around to companies, people and stations. This year Sam actually joined me on a small tour, we supported Ten Past Seven on their album launch. It was fun and each gig was as good as the last, though I had no false impressions of him making a full return. No, its me on my tod and I've got dreams and aspirations that need fulfilling and there are crowds out there that have yet to be assaulted by my brand of merriment and humour.