Christy and Emily

Christy and Emily


An avant garde piano wizard and a strip down indie rock guitar player meet in the form of two cute girls with gentle voices. The music is sweet and creepy.


Emily Manzo attended the Oberlin Conservatory and focused on contemporary and avant-garde composers. Christy Edwards started playing guitar in her early teens, getting her first education from a Metallica tablature book. Some influences for them include John Fahey, Eric Satie, the Carter Family, John Cage, the Velvet Underground, Brian Eno and the Mammas and Pappas amongst many others.


Child of the City

Written By: Christy&Emily

I am a child of the city,
I lay my head there to sleep
But I am in love with the country
And I'm going there to meet my one True love.

I met my love in the city,
On the corner of youth and old age.
Hand in hand we walked the streets, The streets of Come What May.

Come what may,
Let fate decide our way.

But my lover he was a pilgrim,
A believer in "absolutes".
Blind was he to sublety,
How evil walks with good.

He went in search of forgotten coasts
But nothing is what it seems.
They say he cried an ocean,
An ocean full of dreams.

For every flower wilting,
Another seed will grow,
Around the lands that are buried
Beneath our roads of stone.

I am a child of the city,
The kind you always meet,
But I am in love with the country
And I'm going there to meet my one true love.

I know, the "greens", cannot keep
The air from getting heavy.
We who have no bounderies
Will bind ourselves down.

Golden Rings

Written By: Christy&Emily

I had a dream of all the things, bought with money, GoldenRings, and if evil had a face it was looking back at me.
In a room with many doors, all the riches I could own, I felt hands around my throat woke up washed in sweat and fear.
When you say the name, it's not the same.
When you pray for them, pray for me.

No Rest For The Wikkid

Written By: Christy&Emily

There's no rest for the wicked, no rest for the wicked.


Although Christy&Emily have recorded a demo (with guest drumming by Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) they have yet to put out an official release. A former band of theirs, the Lil' Fighters, which included Walter Martin, keyboardists for the Walkmen, released two self produced full length albums, "Boys and Girls" and "Freedom School".

Set List

A typical set runs 35 to 40 minutes long. Two covers are currently being played, the Mammas and Pappas "Gotta A Feeling" and the Schumann piece "Of Foriegn Lands and People". The following originals are also in rotation:
Lover's Talk
Child of the City
Golden Rings
Bleeding Heart
Paper Love
Thunder and Lightning
No Rest For the Wikkid
Rise & Fall
Two Hearts